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  1. Bird Lives

    Bird Lives Future Root Beer King of Turkey

    A wise man takes his wife's opinions of his after shave's and cologne's scents seriously.

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  2. Leo501

    Leo501 Well-Known Member

    Used Drakkar Noir today for the first time in years. I smell so good I want to take myself out to lunch!
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  3. brit

    brit in a box

    have a great time..:)
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  4. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

    Avon Mesmerize
    Pinaud Special Reserve
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  5. Bird Lives

    Bird Lives Future Root Beer King of Turkey

    Now you're talking! Enjoy every minute...

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  6. Macbeth

    Macbeth Active Member

    Vintage Guerlain Habit Rouge
    Aqua di Parma Colonia
    Terre D'Hermes ( tester samples)
    Guerlain Vetiver Vintage
    Tom Ford Tuscan Leather and Oud Wood
    Creed Royal Oud ( decants)
    I'm fresh out of fragrance funds for the moment!!!
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  7. Pattorashu

    Pattorashu Member

    My indulgence is HM (Hanae Mori), or Viktor Rolf Spice Bomb.

    If I'm not going somewhere special, my go to is B&BW Teakwood or Midnight (I think, we just got it)

    OR I love the combo of Captain's Choice bay rum balm and Pinaud Finest powder.
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  8. Ksblazer

    Ksblazer Well-Known Member

    I have such a big collection. I don't really have a signature scent. But I seem to reach for Dr. Harris Windsor the most over the last few years.
  9. Jim99

    Jim99 Gold Water Shaver

    I have many aftershaves, so I mix mine up every day. They’re all the usual commercial offerings, so nothing too exotic.
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