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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Tommynick, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Tommynick

    Tommynick Well-Known Member

    I recently picked up a slant on e-bay which is now sitting in Barbicide. The blade of choice seems to be a Feather. I was curious if anyone has used any of Gio's blades in the Slant ( Sputnik, Astra) and their impressions.
  2. Will

    Will Nevermind

    I have not, I can tell you that a Derby works great for me.

    I have yet to try his sample pack, it is on my "to do" list. :D
  3. DragonBoy

    DragonBoy Team Player

    Ill second the Derby in a Slant - works very well.. :cool:
  4. I would start with the blade you normally use. Blade choice in any razor is very much personal preference.

  5. Leisureguy

    Leisureguy Read My Blog

    I agree: use your current "best blade," whatever it is. FWIW, I have used the Treet Blue Special (a carbon steel blade that I like better than the Feather) in the Slant---great shave. Also Astra Superior Platinum, a stainless that's my go-to blade currently.
  6. Bronco

    Bronco Mac Daddy

    I'm a slant newbie as well. So far I've tried the Crystal and the Wilky UK, both gave super shaves. It took a little practice with the slant but it really does give a great shave.
  7. rick

    rick I'll make ya SCream!

    stay away from the Feathers

    ........unless thats your favorite blade ;)
    I like the Derbys in mine.
  8. Smedley

    Smedley New Member

    Feathers are my personal favourites so far.

    I have yet to give the Slant a good week's worth of shaves to see if I can optimize my 'techneek' with it. Say, now I have something to look forward to next week! :rofl
  9. Tommynick

    Tommynick Well-Known Member

    Day one with the slant. I loaded the Feather blade. I took my time and light pressure as Leisureguy points out in his postings on the Slant. Nice close shave. I had some weepers on my neck but no major problems. The Feathers and the Astra Superior are my go to blades at the moment so I will rotate these over the next few weeks. I also bought some Gems a few weeks back so I am learning the Jr as well. I made a lot of progress thanks to all the good advice in the various Forums since January.

    I bought blades from Gio prior to the samplers but can't wait to try the Treet Blue special that everyone has seemed to like.
  10. Leisureguy

    Leisureguy Read My Blog

    Good work with the Slant. Properly handled, it gives a lovely shave.

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