Slim settings compared to other Gillette razors

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by BigMark83, Sep 4, 2018.

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    You two can split it :signs136:
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    i remember another thread where a member compared other gillettes to settings on a fatboy. techs 2-3 ,aristocrats 4-5 and red tip 6-7. i could be off a little , i can t find the original post so far...
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    Haha, I agree with that! It is all about the wording - for you, they don't, but they can.

    Looking at brit's post above, you don't get a bad shave with a Tech, a better one with an Aristocrat and the best one with a Red Tip. You can get BBS in a couple of passes with any of them.
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    Article Team
    Sounds like something I wrote. I'll take credit, since I've said similar things. I think techs are a bit milder, 1-2, and most super speeds are about 3. Everything else I agree with.

    According to Gillette literature, the numbers are thousandths of an inch. Setting one is .001" and setting nine is .009".

    According to an old guy who used to do machine work for Gillette, they checked the tolerances with stacked blades. One was setting one, nine blades was setting nine. It's fairly accurate, within a blade or two in most cases.

    As for direct razor to razor comparison, it's hard because these kinds of things are so subjective. It's hard to compare a TTO razor to a 3 piece design.
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    thank you. i was hoping you would see this and set it straight,...
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    Yup. I gave you the props!
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    Nahh. The bloomer can have it. His poor bloomer club is such a dissapointment already....
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