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    My wife was in Florida for a few days and visited an outdoor market while she was there. She spotted a soap maker named “Soap Dudes”, so she asked him about shaving soaps. He pulled out a couple and my wife brought them home to me. One was Bay Rum, the other was called Aloe & Clover. I had my doubts when she texted me the pics, mainly because I’m not a fan of traditional bay rum scents. It turns out I was pleasantly surprised. The bay rum soap’s scent was nothing at all like I’d expected. No resemblance to traditional bay rum, whatsoever. It reminded me a lot of Ray’s of Colorado Bay Rum soap, which I was a huge fan of, scent-wise, but which is no longer available.

    But the real kicker is the performance. It was excellent. Great lather that produced an effortless shave. The next day, I tried out the Aloe & Clover. A very, very, light scent. Barely noticeable to me. Not sure if I like it or not. Still, I’m so pleased I got one of my favorite scents back in the bay rum. At $10 for a good-sized container, these soaps are a good deal.

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    Yes, that’s it.

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