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Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by MullersLaneFarm, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. TraderJoe

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    Need help understanding something....

    If a soap is 100% or 115% coconut (or anything else), how is there "room" for lard/milk/etc.?
  2. Mama Bear

    Mama Bear New Member

    This is a fair question and I can understand the confusion.. That refers to the oil portion only. When making soap you first will make a mixture of lye and liquid... most soapers use water, Cyndi uses fresh milk from her Jersey Cow and there are many soapers out there who use Goats Milk also.

    Then you make a batch of your oils... different oils have different properties and good soapers are always looking for the perfect combination for conditioning, moisturizing, lathering etc...

    Then you combine your oil mixture and your lye/liquid mixuture to make soap... Lard would be considered to be an oil by the way

    When using 115% Coconut, it means that Cyndi is jusing only coconut oil and adding an extra 15% to her total weight of oils to superfat. This is not a typical recipe for Cyndi, it is a special one that she makes only for me because I LOVE my coconut soaps and can't find them in the US... Thank you Cyndi.
  3. Mama Bear

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    Cyndi will be looking for 'official' testers for this soap gentlemen.. be aware that cold process soaps need to cure for 6 weeks after they have been made before they can be sold. This will give us plenty of time to put a list of guinea pigs, um, er testers..... :D together..

    Being a tester means alot more then just getting a free shaving soap tho.. so be sure you want to spend the time giving Cyndi feedback before you commit... If there are special scents that you want that I carry, I can always get some of that off to Cyndi also... :D
  4. fuerein

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    My favorite scents tend toward the more citrusy. Lime is great, I also like the Yuzu (an asian citrus) from Honeybee Sue, and the Medici soap from tryphon has a nice scent to it as well that is supposedly some type of european citrus scent.
  5. Smedley

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    Fire up the orange and patchouli and menthol! Put me in line! Send out the pre-orders! i.e. I want to buy some of it. :drool
  6. MullersLaneFarm

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    I was not pleased at all with the 3 test batches I made this past weekend. So it is back to the drawing board this weekend. I'll be taking the shaving soap I make for home use and incorporating lanolin in one of the recipes.

    As for the failed batches - I'll be milling these and trying to recover them for some purpose (waste not, want not)

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