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    I have the following for trade - conus only:

    New & Unused
    Deluxe Shaving
    - Mods
    Eufros Select - Agarwood
    First Canadian - Grand Valley Vetiver
    LA Shaving Co - Vanilla Eucalypus Mint
    Maggards Platinum - Tobacco & Leather
    RazoRock - Don Marco
    Sapone di Paolo - Cremoso V.1
    Sapone di Paolo - Arrancione

    Lightly Used (Most no more than 1-2x)
    B&M - Rhapsody
    Ballenclaugh - Hot Barrel Rose
    Caties Bubbles - Saturday Morning
    Country Club for Men - La Habana
    Entre Bullets et Moi - Razz Bocket Mango Folie
    LA Shaving Soap - Santa Monica Bay Rum
    LPL - Rose du Pushkar (100g tin)
    LPL - Original (100g tin)
    Maggards - Lilac
    Meibner Tremonia - Strong & Scottish
    Mickey Lee - Grand Havana
    Mikes Natural - Vétiver
    Mystic Water - Lilly of the Valley
    Mystic Water - Bay Rum
    Mystic Water - Raspberry Lemon
    Mystic Water - Sweet Briar
    PAA - Bay Rum
    RazoRock - XXX
    RazoRock - Mughetto di Bologna (Shave Stick)
    Reef Point - Test Depth
    Reef Point - Submariner
    Sapone Di Paolo - Albera
    Shaver Heaven - Forbidden Forest
    Shaving Shop - Barbershop Poivre Rose
    Shaving Shop - The Savoy
    Soap Commander - Gusto
    Stirling - Margaritas in The Arctic
    Tiki - Set Sail
    TSE for Men - Cherry Bomb
    TSD - Energy
    TSD - Sub Zero
    WSP - Mahogany
    Esbjerg - Grapefruit Old Formula (About 60-70% Remaining)
    HTGAM - The Beach (About 90% Remaining)

    Soap & Aftershave (Would prefer to trade these for different Soap & Aftershave Combos)
    B&M - 42 Soap & Aftershave (Used 2X)
    Beaver Woodwright - Jolly Roger Soap & Aftershave (Used 3x)
    Beaver Woodwright - Barnacle Bob Soap & Aftershave (Used 2x)
    Sapone Di Paolo - Terroso Soap & Balm (Used 2x)
    Stirling - Ozark Mountain Soap & Aftershave with Menthol (Used 1x)
    Tallow + Steel - Classic Soap & Aftershave (Used 3x)

    Open to any offer but some of the soaps I'm looking for are:

    Asylum Shave Works - Royal Fougere, Vetiver Bourbon
    B&M - Fern, Cool
    Castle Forbes - Lavender
    CRSW - Lavish, Kauai, Cypress, Le Chypre Sombre, Honeywood
    Crown & Crane - Thuringian Forest
    Dr. Jons - Flowers in the Dark
    Fine - Fresh Vetiver
    Labelle - Fig Tree
    Le Pere Lucien - Italian Barbershop
    L&L - Shag
    Meibner Tremonia - Dark Limes, Himilayan Heights, Warm Woods
    Mickey Lee - Reunion
    Nanny Silly - Moroccan Sands
    Oleo Soapworks - Montrose Beach
    OSP - Fougere
    Pannacrema - Pure20 DFS
    Phoenix & Beau - White Chapel
    Reef Point - Admiralty, Fougere Santal, Dragons Blood
    Route 66 - Sea & Citrus, Lumberjack, Lavender Woods, Cavendish
    Saponificio Varesino - Cosmo, Felce, Manna (Tins Only)
    Savonnerie du Bon Berger - Orange Lavender
    Shannon's Soap - Valley Parkway, Haymarket Vétiver
    Soap Commander - Passion, Influence, Optimism
    Stirling - Sandpiper, Pearberry, Dunshire, Coconut Lime, Pharaohs Dreamcicle
    Tallow + Steel - Rainforest, West Coast IPA
    Tabula Rasa - Steam Punk
    Talbot - Iliahi Ridge, Holland Glen
    The Grooming Dept - Aether
    The Shaving Shop - Vanilla Fougere
    Tiki - North Shore
    Turtleship - TE Java
    Wickham 1912 - Russian Leather, Cashmere, Classic 24, Club Cola, Buddha Wood
    Wholly Kaw - King of Oud, Vetivertal, Dark Vetiver (Tallow only)
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