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What Material Would Be Best For Scales

Poll closed Nov 13, 2007.
  1. Desert Ironwood

    3 vote(s)
  2. Kauri

    2 vote(s)
  3. Purple Heart

    2 vote(s)
  4. Yellow Heart

    1 vote(s)
  5. Curly Maple

    3 vote(s)
  6. Ebony

    1 vote(s)
  7. Cocobolo

    4 vote(s)
  8. African Amazique

    0 vote(s)
  9. Asian Cinnamon Burl

    10 vote(s)
  10. Bill's Choice

    22 vote(s)
  1. IsaacRN

    IsaacRN Active Member

    They are all actually pretty nice :)
  2. William

    William New Member

    Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice Bill's Choice :bounce
  3. Joe C

    Joe C New Member

    Truly inspirational. Can't wait to see the finished products. Stuff like this keeps me motivated.
  4. coolsimon

    coolsimon New Member

    Nice Cinnamon Burl

    well thats the one I voted for cinnamon burl, now thats a nice wood, I dont have alot of experience making scales but I love to see the patterns, thats why I like Laburnum...a definate pattern to it, plus I like have sides that dont exacly match ,pattern and grain , to me the way I like it if its for me then I go with individuality.

    Refering to a post that Bill replied to, he mentioned that he sees a personality in a razor and matches it to scales of different woods, that I can appreciate and aggree with.

    I have a few sets I will be showing soon but I do love Joe and Bills day...hmmm

    So there you have it I voted for the cinammon Burl cos its lovely...
  5. Bill

    Bill Man of Steel

    The good news is that the blades are back. The bad news is that I can't work on the razor until my shed is done. The shed is about 80% complete. Seeing how only members are going to be able to buy tickets, I just know all y'all are recruiting membership at the other sites so they have a chance to buy some as well...

    Hmm... wonder how many of :rofl I'll be seeing with that comment.
  6. mrcleanhead

    mrcleanhead Member

    hmmmm that reminds me Bill, I have to stop telling people where you have been hanging out these days until after Thanksgiving. :rolleyes: I guess I can still recommend your work and your website. Unless of course you have any links to the drawing on there?

    Hey do entries from your home state (no not Cali) get special treatment? And no I don't mean disqualification. :D

  7. Bill

    Bill Man of Steel

    Actually, I haven't told anyone but the Shave Den. I wasn't looking for attention. Just wanted to do something for this crew. I see no one else has posted on the other sites either, though... that would cut the chances of winning, huh? Where's the love? :D No links from my site yet. Y'all think I should do that?

    As far as Massachusetts... you guys keep voting in Kennedy... and you want special treatment?
    [​IMG] :D
  8. seamus402

    seamus402 You don't mess with Big Slim

    Can I come help you on your shed, I used to build power plants for a living, a shed will be easy.
  9. Bill

    Bill Man of Steel

    Oh sure, Jim... wait until I get to this point to offer. :signs062


  10. Woknblues

    Woknblues New Member


    I used to do shut downs in WY, UT and CO....
  11. Bill

    Bill Man of Steel

    Well, I started working on a set of scales for the Shave Den razor. They are coming along ok. Don't have pics yet... bummer.
  12. qhsdoitall

    qhsdoitall Wilbur

    Does this mean the shed is done? :D
  13. Padron

    Padron Active Member

    Sooo, inquiring minds want to know....What was the material chosen for the scales? Can't wait to see them :drool
  14. Bill

    Bill Man of Steel

    For the most part. The rest is painting. I can fit in a few razors now before I have to start on the furniture my wife says is necessary for me to get a move on.

    Would that ruin the surprise factor? Should I wait for the winner to post pics? This will be done in a week, or less, by the way.
  15. Bill

    Bill Man of Steel

    Oh, the scales are pretty much done. Unless I change my mind and go with another set.
  16. Issy

    Issy TheMadSoaper

    Last shutdown I worked on was as a Jamica

  17. Bill

    Bill Man of Steel

    My my... somebody's gonna like this razor. I thought about keeping this one for myself. Um ah umm mmm mmm! I will try to take a couple of pics tomorrow to show the progress. Of course, all this is for naught if the heat treat didn't come out right. Won't know that until the very last thing.
  18. Bill

    Bill Man of Steel

    Here we go...

    I had to take pics in my workshop, so they aren't very good.

    I made the scales a little different...

    Here's the match-up

  19. Woknblues

    Woknblues New Member

    That razor is looking mighty fine. I guess I will have to get used to people asking me "Hey, who is Bill Ellis, and why are you shaving with his razor?" when I win it..;)
  20. Padron

    Padron Active Member

    It looks Fantastic Bill! I really like the pin detail too :drool:drool

    What is the grind of the blade? and what size is it?

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