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Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by Las Medusas, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. moviemaniac

    moviemaniac Tool Time

    interesting combo of scents today:

    Slim Adjustable ('62)
    Feather day ?
    Kent BK4
    Wars SC
    Dominica Bay Rum
    Floris JF ASB
    Penhaligon's English Fern EdT
  2. Scorpio

    Scorpio Big Hitter

    No shave for me this morning. I am growing back my goatee by popular demand so I have to wait a couple of days for the outline. This thing is a chick magnet!!! :D

  3. Baloosh

    Baloosh Duder

    Tuesday AM

    Hot shower
    TraderJoe's Preshave Oil
    Red-tipped SuperSpeed /Feather blade (Day 4)
    B&B Silvertip Horn brush
    JM Fraser's cream
    Thayer's Lavender W/H
    Provence Santa Green Tea A/S splash
    Baxter's of California A/S balm
    Creed: Green Irish Tweed EdT
  4. Smedley

    Smedley New Member


    • Fat Boy/Derby (3/5/7)
    • MB Romance Silver soap
    • Alum block
    • Aqua Velva blue

    Closest shave ever! Hail the Derby!
  5. Jim

    Jim The Goose Is Loose

  6. rick

    rick I'll make ya SCream!

    ...on your 3/5/7 passes are they
    WTG / XTG / ATG passes in that order ??
    Or do you have a different technique ?
    .....inquiring minds wanna know. :D
  7. Kingpepper

    Kingpepper Active Member

    Old Spice pre shave wash
    C&E best badger
    55 SS red tip with Wilkinson day 2
    C&E Sienna SS
    Thayer's Lavender WH
    Avon Wild Country AS cond
    Wild country cologne

  8. Smedley

    Smedley New Member

    Exactly my methodology!
  9. qhsdoitall

    qhsdoitall Wilbur

    Tried the Proraso Green Soap in a tub today. Not worth my time. The cream is a much better option and Mama Bear Soaps are way better anyway.
  10. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD


    Wilkinson Sword brush
    Parker 22R/new Sharp
    Lavendor shaving cream (imported from Israel)
    Anherb a/shave conditioner
    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme edt

    when I was in the Israeli army in 1972, I used Lavendor cream, but I hated it--it seems like the formulation changed, because it appears to be quite nice now. A refreshing and cooling feeling, which Anherb really intensifies. ;) :cool:

  11. Will

    Will Nevermind

    Fire and Ice

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  12. TraderJoe

    TraderJoe Pink Floid

    (for) Wednesday AM:

  13. Will

    Will Nevermind

    Wish me Luck

    Lined up for Wednesday!

    That is Pinaud BR in the Decant.:D

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  14. Las Medusas

    Las Medusas New Member

    Miércoles, Mercredi, or Mercoledì, it's Wednesday.

  15. Baloosh

    Baloosh Duder

    (for) Wednesday AM

    Hot shower
    TJ's pre-shave oil
    B&B Silvertip Horn
    Gillette SuperSpeed Red Tip w/ Feather blade (Day 4)
    ToBS St. James cream
    QED Peppermint Hydrosol
    Provence Sante A/S splash
    Anherb A/S Milk
    Floris Sandalwood EdT

    .... like early morning in a Zen monastery...
  16. rick

    rick I'll make ya SCream!

    b4 work.....NO SHAVE

    Quick Shower
    Caress soap with Shea Butter
    Booths Almond oil
    AquaVelva Musk ASC splash
    Gingers Garden ASB w/ essence of AV musk
    dab 'O Ems Exotic Butter cream
    Brooks Brothers 1818 EdT
  17. DMS

    DMS New Member

    Personally, I love the burn................. :cool:
  18. madmedic

    madmedic Resistance Is Futile


    Merkur Slant / Euro Gillette Blade
    Sabini Faux Horn Brush in Black Badger
    Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap
    Alum Block
    Anherb Aftershave Gel
    Trumpers Limes Skinfood (for dry down)

    L'Occitane Eau du Badian EDT
  19. moviemaniac

    moviemaniac Tool Time

    wonderful shave today:

    Slim Adjustable ('62)
    Feather day ?
    MP best badger
    Sir Irish Moos SS
    Pitralon Classic
    Anherb ASC
  20. SSLSTudio...

    SSLSTudio... Forum Debugger

    Tuesday 23:30 shave

    Shower + VGH bath soap +Azzuro gel

    Kent BK8
    Proraso bowl.
    Gillette no 66/feather 7th/2 passes
    Adidas dynamic as
    Anherb gel.
    Proraso crema asb

    wednesday : No Shave before going to work.

    Aqua Di Gio EDT

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