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Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by Will, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. Olivia

    Olivia New Member

    Today I've used a very aged avocado oil soap from my early days.
    Somehow it found its way out of the depth of my tiered baskets in the test department (bathroom).
    First I wasn't sure what it actually was. Just liked the shape and the big bubbles. No shaving soap for sure. Scent had faded but once I had lathered some off, the texture came out and then I knew what it was. Must be about five years old. I love aged soaps.

    Weleda rosemary shampoo for the hair. Great stuff for sure but not for every day. Guess it would dry out too much.

    Fragonard's Eau d'Hongrie afterwards. Actually its a men's EDT but its so nice!
  2. Will

    Will Nevermind


    Great to have another Lady in the SoS posting, I am sure JoAnna will be thrilled!

    BTW Fragonard's Eau d'Hongrie, well if the Ladies love it I must pick some up. :D
  3. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD


    Omega brush
    Parker 22R/7 AM day 2
    Ingram shaving cream
    St-Ives Intensive Relief moisturizer
    Anherb a/shave gel
    Visit de Azzaro edt

    freezing cold, enjoyable shave from Ingram, with a beautiful chilling finish from Anherb. Rene, du weisst ich liebe dich, mein teuer Bruder! Das durfe ich nie vergessen, Boubi!

  4. Olivia

    Olivia New Member

    Mottern Man, TomH has it, too and likes it quite well. Hooked him up cause Fragonard is my favourite suppplier for years. You can't go wrong with any of their perfumes.
  5. madmedic

    madmedic Resistance Is Futile


    Merkur 1904/ 7am Blade
    Kent BK4
    Erasmic SC
    Alum Block
    Anherb AS Conditioner

    Pashana Original Lotion

    One of the great advantages of this constantly reminds me of shaving gear which I have allowed to fall by the wayside.
  6. berzerkeleyan

    berzerkeleyan New Member

    Princely Gear

    Em's Pre-Shave Oil
    Omega SC
    B&B Finest Brush in horn
    Dubl Duck 5/8 Goldedge SR
    Crystal Stick Alum
    Thayers Rose
    Penhaligon's Elizabethan Rose EDT
    Nickel Creek "Why Should the Fire Die?" (2005)

    Great brush, great razor. Great great great!

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  7. SSLSTudio...

    SSLSTudio... Forum Debugger

    Shower Azzuro gel.

    Muhle superbadger
    JF Fraser cream
    Dovo 5/8 swedish steel 1st pass
    Gillette Thin handle/Sharp 2nd pass
    XS Pour Homme as
    Thayer W/Hazel
    Alum VGH.
    Greek as balm
    Eau Du Tsar spritz on the chest.

    -> Love the picture Manuel:signs107
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  8. Jim

    Jim The Goose Is Loose


    And of course my Olivia's after shave balm!
  9. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Saturday: Mama Mia!

    Omega brush
    Parker 22R/new Sharp
    Mama Bear Old Spice type shaving soap
    St-Ives Intensive Relief moisturizer
    Anherb a/shave conditioner
    Aqua Velva Musk a/shave/cologne

    Sue, that soap is fantastic, my dear--it smells EXACTLY like the Old Spice shave soap I used back in the 70's and 80's! :D

  10. Edcculus

    Edcculus Resident Bay Rummy


    Gillette Slim Adjustable
    C&E Best Badger
    QED Cedarwood and Pine shave stick
    Pinaud Clubman Bay Rum A/S
    Proraso ASB
    Clubman Bay Rum splash for the smell
  11. TraderJoe

    TraderJoe Pink Floid

    Saturday AM:

    Pseudo Method Shave:

    TJs PreShave
    SR 3124
    HD Slant
    Sharp V2
    OO cube + Em's Unscented SC
    Thayer's Original
    Aqua Velva Classsic
    Weleda ASB

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  12. DragonBoy

    DragonBoy Team Player


    Dovo 5/8
    Gillette Aristocrat
    MP SuperBadger
    QED Bay Rum :cool:

    Aco AS
  13. Will

    Will Nevermind

    Slim w/ Sharp
    Omega Boar
    TJ's Preshave
    Olivia Amber Cream
    Thayers WH
    AV Classic
    Proraso ASB
    Pinaud Clubman EDC :D

    My face is feeling better now!
  14. Baloosh

    Baloosh Duder

    Bay Rum Saturday!

    Holy CRAP what a shave...

    Hot shower
    SR 3124
    '61 Fatboy w/ Derby Extra blade (Day 1)
    QED Bay Rum soap
    Pinaud Bay Rum A/S splash
    QED DaVinci Water
    MamaBear's Menthol A/S balm
    SCS Bay Rum A/S balm
    SCS Bay Rum w/ a Twist EdT

    The Derby blades, while not the sharpest, are mighty fine. They allow me to experiment (with minimal risk of cuts/nicks) with the settings on my Fatboy... MUCH more so than the Feathers do. I started at "3" on the Fatboy, and ended up at "7" for the final pass and T&C.

    The Pinaud Bay Rum burns like a mo fo, and then it's all like :cool:.

    Rockin like Dokken baby. Amazing what a great shave can make you feel like.
  15. berzerkeleyan

    berzerkeleyan New Member

    An underrated band. ::git
  16. Will

    Will Nevermind

    Thanks for the Dokken!

    Now I got that song "Dream Warriors" stuck in my head :rofl
  17. berzerkeleyan

    berzerkeleyan New Member

    Ugh! The beginning of the end. At least they redeemed themselves with "One Live Night."
  18. Padron

    Padron Active Member

    Hot Shower

    C&E BBB
    Mitchell's Wool Fat / Taylor Avacado ;)
    6/8 Smith Wedge / Chandler Sword :D
    Thayers Rose WH
    Nivea ASB
    Tabac Cologne

    1st shave with the Sword BBS in 2 passes :D

  19. berzerkeleyan

    berzerkeleyan New Member

    Joe C did you right, huh? :D
  20. Padron

    Padron Active Member

    Yes he did Manuel :D , how do you like your Double D?
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