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Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by Yehuda D, Mar 31, 2021.

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  1. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
    Sunday, April 11
    MdC Fougère~~Simpson PL8~~Dovo 91~~Armani Code Absolu
    Have a great day!
  2. novicz

    novicz Well-Known Member

    Happy birthday Tim!
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  3. Jayaruh

    Jayaruh The Cackalacky House Pet

    Supporting Vendor
    Lather Catcher Sunday's Shave

    Cold Water Rinse
    Musgo Real Shave Soap
    Jayaruh #277 Badger
    Gem Jr. Lather Catcher
    Personna GEM SS PTFE
    Aqua Velva Ice Blue AS

    The Musgo Real Shave Soap lathered well with The Jayaruh #277 Badger. Two passes and touch ups with the Gem Jr. Lather Catcher razor with a Personna GEM SS PTFE blade gave me a close, comfortable shave. After a cold water rinse I finished off with Aqua Velva Ice Blue AS. I am clean, smooth, and refreshed...
  4. ischiapp

    ischiapp Well-Known Member

    SOTD 20210411 Rosso
    by IschiaPP @ Forio
    Bat71 PP73
    Prugno (Plum), Abalone, Oumo Mother Lode, 28x53x115mm, 66g
    Proraso Rosso Emolliente & Nutriente
    Prebarba & Sapone & Lozione Dopobarba
    Art of Shaving Sandalwood (sample, repack)
    Antichi Magazzini Giovanni Tafuri (CS) 36 *
    Carbon Steel, 20x76mm (-13/16"), 61g, Spine 5mm, Full Hollow,
    Square Point Muted, Mono Stab, Jimps Under, Two Pin,
    Resin Handle Thiers Issard style Revamp
    P. Frapin & Cie Parfumes Terre de Sarment EDP Vapo
    #Shave #WetShaving #WetShavers
    #ShaveOfTheDay #ShaveLikeaMan
    #ShavingSoap #ShaveBattle #Sandalwood
    #CutThroatRazor #StraightRazor #Vintage


    Full size:
    Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs - Little Red Riding Hood

    * Grazie a Klopp@ilRasoio​
  5. palmolive fox

    palmolive fox Well-Known Member

    Belated Birthday Greetings...:greet002:
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  6. Douglas Carey

    Douglas Carey Wildman

    Razor: ATT Single Edge w/ Bamboo Handle
    Blade: Feather Pro (1)
    Brush: Rubberset Aluminum 400 #4 AP Shave Co. Cashmere knot
    Soap: Nuavia Rossa
    Aftershave: Captain's Choice Sandalwood
    Bowl: Potters Choice KO Shave

    Beautiful day up here. Great shave with this equipment. The Above The Tie single edge with the Feather Pro are a great combination.

    4 10 21.jpg
  7. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    Thank you Gary.

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  8. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    Happy Birthday.

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  9. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    Great lineup and photo Amigo.

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  10. Douglas Carey

    Douglas Carey Wildman

    Thank you Clint.
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  11. jluc

    jluc smelling pretty

    April 11th
    Razor: Gillette Fatboy E4
    Blade: Ladas SuperStainless (3)
    Brush: Heritage Collection dubl duck/ gelled boar
    Pre-shave: PAA Cube
    Soap: PAA Astra Planeta
    PAA Galactic Witch Hazel
    PAA Astra Planeta Star Jelly
    AS: PAA Astra Planeta

    Good morning!


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  12. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    April 11, 2021
    Feather AS-D2
    Simpson CH2 Synthetic
    Fine Lavender Pour Homme Aftershave

  13. Karl G

    Karl G Well-Known Member

    Wonderfully close and easy shave with this lovely Leader :happy036:

    Hot water preparation
    Argan Oil PSO
    Monsavon Au Lait
    Shavemac 2-Band Silvertip Badger
    FW Engels Leader 13/16
    Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel


    Happy shaving - Karl
  14. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    Very nice brush, looks like it is nicely broke in with the splitting of boar hairs.
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  15. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    Sunday Schick shave, April 11th 2021

    Razor: Schick injector E type, Canadian variant- Mfg 1930's & 40's, excellent mid range and a joy to work around the face, lightweight and so some minor pressure might be needed at times.
    Blade: Personna SS PTFE (10) very sharp blade, great longevity, smooths out nicely.
    Soap: Speick, scent is a little spicy with excellent lather qualities, I like this hard triple milled soap.
    Brush: New Yaqi boar brush- 1st use lathering face, it shed some hairs prior with my break in method and I had a very good lathering with this brush today IMO.
    Pre shave: Brush wash whole face with CeraVe hand bar cleanser + a dollop of clear Aloe Vera gel on the cleaned beard area.
    Prep: Cold water rinse after each pass of 2 + pickups. WTG + ATG + pickups.
    Post shave: Razorock Santa Marie del Fiore with witch hazel + a dollop of Nivea balm.
    Results: CCS,DFS,BBS + no irritation + no weepers = [​IMG] Excellent shave with my Schick injector E2 type with a Personna injector blade.
    Sunday Schick shave, April 11th 2021.jpg

    Have some great shaves! Stay & think safe in these times!
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  16. Douglas Carey

    Douglas Carey Wildman

    Beautiful brush Amigo.
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  17. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    Thank you Doug.
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  18. jluc

    jluc smelling pretty

    Thanks, Ron.
    It's a gelled boar knot that up until recently has been giving me fits. I decided to use it exclusively this month to see if it would come around. Fortunately it has. Oddly when it was new it would not load and build a lather.

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  19. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    Razorock Lupo SS .95 & KAI Stainless
    Knothead 28mm Tux African Blackwood/Blue Resin
    Barrister & Mann Seville in Reserve soap
    Barrister & Mann Seville in Reserve a/s splash
    Calvin Klein Obsessed Intense eau de parfum
    A nice close shave. Great day and shaves to all...
  20. Smooth Steve

    Smooth Steve Well-Known Member

    04/11/21 Shave of the Day - Recovering from Covid
    Face Wash with Crabtree & Evelyn Indian Sandalwood Triple Milled Soap
    Crown King Planet 9 Shampoo/Conditioner Puck with Cider Vinegar, Yucca & Manuka
    Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements CUBE Mentholated Preshave Soap
    RazoRock Lime Essential Oil Shave Soap
    West Coast Shaving Green Honeycomb Synthetic Tuxedo Hair Shaving Brush 26mm
    Creative Flame Pottery Stoneware Shaving Scuttle
    RazoRock Wunderbar Stainless Steel Slant Razor
    Bolzano Superinox Blade - 4th Shave
    Lancaster Razor Works Tangerine Orange Black Sheep Shaving Towel
    Phoenix Shaving No Slip Grip Alum Block with Rubber Grip Band
    Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Alum Block Dry Dock System
    Thayers Alcohol Free Lavender Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera
    Dr. Jon's Shaving Soap Co. Essentials Lemongrass & Geranium Aftershave Tonic
    NIVEA Men Sensitive Cooling Post Shave Balm
    Schmidt’s Charcoal + Magnesium Mineral Enriched Natural Deodorant

    D IMG_8303D.jpg
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