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Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by Yehuda D, Mar 31, 2021.

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  1. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    April 2, 2021
    Wolfman WR2 1.05mm
    Shavemac Flat Top D01 2 Band
    Mitchell’s Wool Fat
    La Toja Aftershave

  2. John Beeman

    John Beeman Little chicken in hot water


    hot shower with Aromas Artesanales de Antigua Neroli & Bergamot bar soap
    Truefitt & Hill PSO
    Parker Variant (3.5) 3 passes
    Mystery blade (2)
    AOS Bergamot & Neroli cream in a warm bowl
    TSD member boar
    Thayers unscented WH
    AOS Bergamot & Neroli A/S balm
    Crabtree & Evelyn Bergamot cologne

    Excellent shave today and then a big surprise.

    My normal routine after each shave is to remove the blade from the razor and thoroughly rinse everything. I do this because I generally have several razors and blades in rotation simultaneously; sometimes using the same blade in different razors. Then again, I might do it because I'm slightly OCD.

    Several days ago I decided to try a mystery blade from an unmarked vintage dispenser that I had in my collection. The package had no wrapping or markings so I have no clue for brand other than to assume a generic drugstore blade. If I acquire an open package I always examine the blades carefully to make sure there is no rust or damage and someone hasn't put used blades back into the dispenser. These looked fine to the naked eye and I proceeded to get a DFS using it in a Gillette Aristocrat.

    Today, using the same blade for the second time, I chose my Parker Variant and got an absolutely excellent shave. I rinsed after the third pass feeling for any needed touchup and there was none.

    Now for the surprise. I unscrewed the handle to remove the blade (and rinse everything) and not one but TWO blades fell out of the razor into my hand.

    Apparently they were stuck together so well that I didn't notice it and it took two shaves and an adjustable (clamp and bend) razor to cause the two to separate.

    My dilemma now of course is deciding if I should continue to experiment with two blades or if I should start a company and market my new multi-blade invention.

    Have a great weekend, fellow shavers!

  3. Yehuda D

    Yehuda D Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Friday morning:

    Neutrogena Deep Cleaning Facial Wash
    Yaqi 30mm Barber Pole
    Super Speed/Astra Green day 12
    Master Soap Creations Deep Blue SS
    L’Oreal Hydro Energetic ASB
    Bleu de Chanel Deodorant Stick
    Bleu de Chanel AS Splash
    Bleu de Chanel EdP

    Another one of Fernando’s brilliant creations - this Deep Blue soap proves that he’s a master soap artisan. The scent profile of this soap is based on Dunhill Blue which I think is a lovely fragrance, my beautiful Yaqi Barber Pole whipped up such awesome lather in no time, and the postshave feeling was great. The L’Oreal balm delivered plenty of additional soothing and moisturizing while the Bleu de Chanel trio left me smelling so sexy that my wife smothered me with kisses. The Astra Green blade is getting a bit duller but I still managed to get a fabulous three pass BBS shave!

    Enjoy your Easter weekend - stay healthy and safe!

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  4. Jayaruh

    Jayaruh The Cackalacky House Pet

    Supporting Vendor
    Friday's Shave

    Cold Water Rinse
    Barbasol Shave Cream
    The Bunny B-400
    TiBr Wabbit
    Personna Injector
    Aqua Velva 5 in 1 ASB

    The Barbasol Shave Cream lathered well with The Bunny B-400 by Tom. Two passes and touch ups with the TiBr Wabbit razor with a Personna Injector blade gave me a close, comfortable shave. After a cold water rinse I finished off with Aqua Velva 5 in 1 ASB. I am clean, smooth, and refreshed...
  5. Leo K.

    Leo K. Well-Known Member


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  6. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
    Friday, April 2
    MdC~~Simpson~~Böker~~Oud Maknoon
  7. jgreenepa

    jgreenepa Nasal Barbarian


    RAZOR: Ellis and Allan Stubtail 8/8 (Mug), Eclipse Red Ring (Dome)
    BLADE: Feather DE
    PREP: Cold water rinse followed by a scrub with Argan Oil
    BRUSH: MrEE LE Aluminum Handled SynBad Knot #005
    SOAP: Wholly Kaw King of Oud
    POSTSHAVE: Cold water wash with brush squeezings followed by a rinse with Humphreys Lilac WH. Finished with Osage Rub.
  8. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    SE SOTD-Fri, April 2nd 2021

    Razor: Kai style AC shavette- MFG 2018> excellent made razor, easy to work the face & good starter or daily Shavette AC razor.
    Blade: Kai Protouch guarded AC blades- excellent blade for learning on a Shavette or a seasoned shaver, safety guard helps me.
    Soap: Gillette Pure cream- nice scent and has great lather qualities.
    Brush: Yaqi red Zebra handle 26mm [​IMG] -excellent lather generator, heavenly cloud like tips, nice gentle scrub + excellent lather painter.
    Pre shave: brush wash whole face with CeraVe hand bar cleanser + a dollop of clear Aloe Vera gel on the cleaned beard area.
    Prep: Cold water rinse after each pass of 2 + pickups. WTG + ATG + pickups.
    Post shave: Razorock blue barber with witch Hazel + a dollop of Nivea balm.
    Results: CCS,DFS,BBS + no irritation + no weepers = [​IMG]excellent shave with my Kai style Shavette with a Kai protouch guarded blade.
    SE SOTD, Fri, April 2nd 2021.jpg

    Have some great shaves! Stay & think safe in these times!
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  9. jmudrick

    jmudrick Type A Man

    I'm the world's biggest fan of the Prismatic, and I knew from conversations with Doug that this would be a different razor, and indeed in terms of attitude and performance they have nothing in common. The Meta4 is a good solid mild razor, not the somewhat wild and funky thing the Prismatic is. I would have preferred an aggressive version as I don't think I'll opt for the Meta4 for my head shaves, it's simply too much work. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  10. ram57

    ram57 Don't Open til Christmas

    Thank you, gentlemen!
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  11. Silvestris

    Silvestris Well-Known Member

    Wilkinson, Yaqi & Kanion
  12. Number six

    Number six Well-Known Member

    2CAA2371-0865-473B-99FF-D438A8A63362.jpeg Great shave with some new gear.
    Alpha copper Outlaw, Oumo 2021 Ox- ace fan, Mammoth Embrace
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  13. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
    Nice to see you post, Chris. Hope you are well.
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  14. hins2jw0

    hins2jw0 Well-Known Member

    Fat Friday SOTD


    Not sure what to think of the feather guard blade with the 3 dot head... it felt like too much movement with the floating head system but the resulting shave was pretty close and smooth except for a couple nicks on the chin. I think I ended up applying pressure with concern for a lack of cutting... Shave #2 tomorrow.

    Happy Healthy Shaves all.


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  15. BBS

    BBS Well-Known Member

    Schick E3, Vintage Schick blade, shave 9

    Been at least a week since I've shaved. This razor plowed through the growth like nothing certifying it as a beard buster. BBS finish achieved.

  16. jtspartan

    jtspartan appropriately stimulated, via Netflix

    April 2nd SOTD
    RR .68 GameChanger Jaws
    APShave Silvertip / ‘21 MrEE LE
    Haslinger Schafmilch SS
    Dior Eau Sauvage AS
    Have a great night all!
  17. Number six

    Number six Well-Known Member

    All is well, thanks. Hope you are too.
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  18. Tim Spencer

    Tim Spencer Well-Known Member

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  19. ram57

    ram57 Don't Open til Christmas

    Saturday SOTD


    Razor: Gillette Toggle (S5)
    Blade: Gillette Silver Blue (D10)
    Brush: Semogue Owners Club Boar Taj Resin 24mm
    Scuttle: TheMudPlace Big Daddy Oiled Mahogany
    Pre-Shave Scrub: MRGO Lime
    Pre-Shave Balm: GroomingDept Chamomile & Lemon
    Shave Soap: Grooming Dept Mallard
    Post: Organic Shea Butter
    Aftershave: Black Ship Grooming Captain Joe

  20. celestino

    celestino Friendly Neighborhood Wetshaver

    Nice to see you posting, again, Chris. Hope things are well. :)
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