SoS: August 25, 2014 - August 31, 2014

Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by crackstar, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Have a safe trip, Bruce! :)
  2. lindyhopper66

    lindyhopper66 Well-Known Member

    Bartman 504
    H.I.S. synthetic brush
    Barrister & Mann Fougere soap
    Annick Goutal Eau du Sud

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  3. Stroker

    Stroker Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jeff! :)
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  4. Jayaruh

    Jayaruh The Cackalacky House Pet

    Supporting Vendor

    Dove Men's Face Wash
    Kiss My Face Cool Mint
    Tweezerman Badger
    Fat Handle Tech w/ Utopia handle
    Wilkinson Sword Stainless
    Thayers Rose Petal WH
    Mennen Skin Bracer AS

    I mixed things up today. I saw someone put a big handle on their tech razor, so I broke out my Fat Handle Tech and matched it with my Utopia handle. I also broke out my Tweezerman brush that hasn't seen action in over a year. The Kiss My Face Cool Mint face-lathered very easily with my Tweezerman Badger brush. Two passes with my Gillette Tech with Utopia handle and a Wilkinson Sword Stainless blade gave me a close, comfortable shave. After a cold water rinse, alum block, and a final cold water rinse, I finished off with Thayers Rose Petal WH and then Mennen Skin Bracer after shave. I am clean, smooth, and refreshed...
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  5. FatherofSquirrel

    FatherofSquirrel A right jolly old elf

    No shave to day.
    Cut the heck out of my face yesterday. Bad blade maybe. Only second time using PIF won shave stick.
    Horrible shave. Had to let it heal.

    That and we had chemical munitions training today. Exposure to Fox Pepper spray and CS (tear gas) are bad enought without my face being torn up.

    Will try again tomorrow. Have a great night all.
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  6. HolyRollah

    HolyRollah BaconLord

    Evening Shave for Tomorrow
    Tonight, eine große Rasur mit der Henckel 'Blue Steel'— I love this blade, just not crazy about the skinny scales. I see a new set in this razor's future. ;)
    Still undecided about the Petal Pushers scent, too—lather is quite good; I just find the scent a bit too….weiblich.
    I guess I'm just hard to please this evening….;) Love the Marlborough aftershave. End on a high note….:happy036:

    Have a great Friday, all! Mine starts early!
  7. Ryan B

    Ryan B Knight of the Soapocracy


    Oh my god... This is one of the worst shaves I have ever had. I had two days of growth to shave off. I put a new Gem Stainless blade into my ER 1924. I lathered up with the Aspis Ice Rain and the misery started.

    The Aspis cream lathers very well, but that's about all it did for me. There was no slickness, no cushion, and no menthol. It was very deceiving. My neck was all torn up and there were a few missed spots on my face. I only got one pass done before I said enough was enough. I had to get out my alum block, which burned my neck like hell. I said a few bad words as I splashed on the Fine American Blend too, since it burned so badly. This cream is very lucky it's not ending up in the trash. However, I have no patience for it. I'll give it away.

    Bulgarian creams work very well for a lot of people, but all the ones I have tried have been a dud.
  8. Bird Lives

    Bird Lives Future Root Beer King of Turkey

    Hey man, wrong should be heading north to Seattle.....Maybe we could hook up and I could get you to show me the vintage razor porn too hot for prime-time.....heh,heh....

    Well Frisco it is...Does sound like a stellar idea...Please have a bowl of that great Chowder for me too, would you? Lets many bowls will that be? Just have a great time and return home safe and sound....We want the lowdown and pics upon arrivial....;)
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  9. Bird Lives

    Bird Lives Future Root Beer King of Turkey

    Ahhh Man! I hate it when that happens....:( Sorry to hear this....Just chill, and hopefully tomorrow will bring a better shave....Tomorrow use all your favorite stuff...:happy088: And put that cream in solitary...:char039:......Let us know what joys tomorrow's shave brings.... }:^)
  10. Bird Lives

    Bird Lives Future Root Beer King of Turkey

    Williams Mug Soap
    Omega 10029
    1924 EverReady (Shovelhead)
    GEM Blue Blade d2
    Vaseline Intensive Rescue Repairing Lotion
    Pinaud Clubman/Virgin Island Bay Rum

    Oh Joy.....Seems like my shaves just keep getting better, and better...... I'll take it....}:^)
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  11. Recklesstr

    Recklesstr Arkoholic

    Friday Morning Shave
    Gillette Super Speed
    Blade: ASCO (3)
    Brush: Isana Men Pure Badger
    Soap: Arko with 2 drops of Tea Tree and 4 drops of Lavender Oils.
    Cologne: Tariş Lavender

    My technique improved on this razor and I got used to this Gillette SS. Now I don't get any weeper anymore on this razor, plus I got a BBS.
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  12. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD


    Large Horsehair Barbershop
    Super Speed/Rapira day 5
    Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic SS :love055: :love055: :love055: :Animatedfrozensmily: :Animatedfrozensmily: :Animatedfrozensmily:
    Lubriderm Unscented Moisturizer :love055: :love055: :love055: :love055:
    Stirling Glacial Wintergreen WH :love055: :love055: :love055: :love055: :love055: :Animatedfrozensmily: :Animatedfrozensmily: :Animatedfrozensmily: :Animatedfrozensmily: :Animatedfrozensmily:
    Givenchy Pour Homme EdT

    Back to the Stirling soaps which I love so much - the MITA delivered beautifully for me on the lather, menthol effect, and skincare. This soap also has such a nice scent which reminds me of the tropics. The Glacial Wintergreen witch hazel is one of Rod's best creations and I never thought I'd find an aftershave product that's colder than the Rubby Dubby Doo, but here it is. BBS again with so little effort. ;) :D

    Have a great long weekend, folks! :)
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  13. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    Last night's shave, 2+ days growth

    cool water soak
    Schick Eversharp Hydro-Magic injector
    Aramis shaving soap
    Omega brush

    2 pass DFS

    Menthol/alum WH

    This morning: Burt's Bees Bay Rum balm. Weather here feels to me like the tropics compared with Ohio, so it seems to fit.
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  14. John Beeman

    John Beeman Little chicken in hot water

    hot shower w/Murray & Lanman Rose bar soap
    ShaveSecret PSO
    Gillette Super Adjustable (9) 3 passes
    Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum Black (5)
    Burma Shave boar
    Cyril R Salter Wild Rose cream in a warm mug
    Thayer's Rose Petal w/aloe
    Murray & Lanman Rose cologne (sample)

    Maiden voyage for my recently acquired (yesterday) 1969 gold Super Adjustable. I really like the looks of this razor and can't stop admiring it. The gold and black is very appealing to me such that I may need to buy a special stand and brush to complement.
    Surprisingly mild shave. I was expecting it to shave like my Slim but that wasn't the case. I'm anxious to try some different blades in it.

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  15. Bobcat

    Bobcat Well-Known Member


    Prep: Hot Shower-Stirling Cocoa Butter Bath Soap
    Soap: Cold River Soap Works-“Original” Bergamot & Bay
    Razor: Gillette FH Tech/Maggard MR1 Handle
    Blade: Personna Med Prep (3)
    Brush: oscar11 TGN 2-Band Finest-24mmx50mm
    Aftershave: Fine American Blend

    WTG-XTG-ATG (adjusted angles for my beard)

    CRSW “Original” Bergamot & Bay-a “Top 5”. MR1 handle on my Fat Handle Tech with a Med Prep. Another smooth, close, nick free shave. I finished with Fine American Blend.

    To my fellow U.S. Members, have a great Labor Day Weekend!!


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  16. moz68

    moz68 Well-Known Member

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  17. LifesShort

    LifesShort Well-Known Member

    Friday, August 29, 2014

    Prep: Warm shower, Proraso Pre Shave
    Razor: Schick G8 Injector
    Blade: Personna (2)
    Lather: Williams Mug Shaving Soap
    Brush: Oscar11 w/ Omega 20248 Knot
    Post: Witch Hazel, Cetaphil Lotion
    Aftershave: Old Spice

    The only difference between the products used yesterday and the ones used today is the soap. As usual, though, the Williams performed admirably. This is only the second time that I have used the Schick G8. I used it yesterday and got an excellent shave without using any pressure. However, by mid-afternoon I had some stubble. I tried again today, this time using a little pressure and I can feel that I got an even better shave than yesterday without any irritation. I hope that the shave lasts longer than it did yesterday.

    Have a great day!
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  18. Jasman

    Jasman Well-Known Member

    Frey's Day:

    Prep: Hot shower, Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub, TSD Jasmine Sambac preshave balm
    Brush: Simpson 56 Best Badger
    Croap: RazoRock One-X
    Razor: FaTip Piccolo
    Blade: Bolzano Superinox (1)
    Passes: WTG, XTG (1, 2)
    Post: Cold water splash, Bloc Osma Alum, Dickinson's WH, RazoRock One-X AS splash
    Cologne: Le 3e Homme de Caron by Caron

    Within five hours of yesterday's shave, I was noticing '11-o'clock shadow,' so I reasoned that more than just poor lather was at play. As a result, I basically changed out everything today, using a different facial scrub, brush, lather, razor, blade, and splash. It had obviously been a little while since I'd last used the FaTip/Bolzano combination, as the relatively rusty technique caught me a minor weeper on the Adam's Apple. Otherwise, all went well, with a comfortable 2-pass DFS that - so far as I can tell at this point - is likely to actually remain a DFS for the day.
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  19. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    Feather Portable
    Gillette Silver Blue
    Oscar11 Semogue SOC
    AoS Lavender SC
    Superior 70 Bay Rum
    Bigelow Lemon 1099 EDP

    Pretty much the same shave as yesterday and another good one.
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  20. RaZorBurn123

    RaZorBurn123 waiting hardily...............

    August 29, 2014
    Friday! Friday! Friday!
    Prep: Hot shower. Axe Boost Energizing Face Wash
    Razor: iKon DLC Standard
    Blade: Balzano
    Lather: Stirling Coconut
    Brush: Semogue 1305
    Post: Alum. Dickerson WH
    Aftershave: Aqua Velva Musk. Axe Shield Sensitive
    Haven't used the iKon DLC Standard in awhile, it's a great razor! I'll use the OC next week. Stirling Coconut, LOVE it! I need to start using all the Stirling soaps I have.
    Go out and get it!
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