SoS ; July 2023.

Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by brit, Jun 30, 2023.

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  1. BroRat

    BroRat Well-Known Member

    Rocnel SE50 Artiist Club 2022 * Schick Proline * Yaqi Moka Express 26mm 2-band Badger
    Penhaligon's English Fern Tallow Shaving Soap (vintage) * Fine Italian Citrus Aftershave
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  2. Karl G

    Karl G Well-Known Member

    Big shave with the Perfection :happy036:

    Hot water preparation
    T&H Ultimate Comfort PSO
    Romera Wenge Chubby Manchurian Badger
    MSC Vintage Spice Shave Soap
    FW Engels Perfection 8/8
    Ethos Lisse Collection Lavender Skin Food Splash


    Happy shaving - Karl
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  3. stuartganis

    stuartganis Well-Known Member

    Gillette Flare Tip / Gillette Silver Blue
    Razorock / Mudder Focker
    Heritage Eveready 500E / Synthetic [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. Lockback

    Lockback Well-Known Member

    Preshave: Hot shower
    Soap/Shaving cream: Cremo Heritage Red
    Razor: Edwin Jagger DE89
    Blade: Shark Super Stainless (1)
    Post shave: Gillette Gel

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  5. chazt

    chazt Methuselah Shaver

    Saturday, July 29, 2023

    NDC replated FrankenTech / RE repro handle
    Gillette Wilkinson Sword blade !4x!
    Zenith olivewood short-handle unbleached boar :taunt002:
    Fine’s 3x milled Snake Bite shave soap
    Snake Bite / Pitralon Pure aftershave splashup

    Two passes, bbs-was. A most remarkable thing to report is how wowed I was after using the same blade four shaves! I have previously only been able to do so with Med preps. Thanks to Stan (@Chappy_Stan) for the share. Much appreciated :) It’s in the bank now - not willing to risk irritation just to stretch the edge.

    The Zenith brush is one of my current faves. It makes me smile :D :D It’s really good looking, ergonomically pleasing in hand, and the knot is a joy to use.

    Wondering if anyone else here enjoys Pitralon aftershaves. I find the Pitralon Pure reminds me of Pinaud Clubman. It’s similarly scented, perhaps a bit more complex?

    Have a great weekend!
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  6. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
    Saturday, July 29
    Klar Kabinett~~Declaration Grooming B14 Washington~~Feather AC/Schick Proline~~Invictus Aqua
    Have a great day!
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  7. Gian

    Gian Well-Known Member

  8. Str8 Shaver

    Str8 Shaver Well-Known Member


    Prep: Hot towel
    Razor: Weber ARC
    Blade: Astra SP
    Brush: Simpsons Duke 3 Best
    Soap: a new/ modified base sample soap from Alfredo..
    Post: CeraVe moisturising lotion..

    So, Alfredo was kind enough to send me a sample of his new soap base, designed to handle hard water problems.. well, he has succeeded.. a faultless shave was had, with top notch performance in all departments.. so good in fact, that I was doing extra passes just for the enjoyment of it... Kudos to Alfredo for this new offering.
    I can't wait to get my hands on a full soap..
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  9. James Kleinkauf

    James Kleinkauf Well-Known Member

    Sunday Shave 07.30.23
    RAZOR: Shield Meteor Anodised Titanium AC Razor
    BLADE: Schick Proline
    BRUSH: Oumo 03 Venus Kaleidoscope 26mmSHD Badger
    LATHER: OSP Dark Matter Shaving Soap
    POST: OSP Dark Matter Aftershave Lotion
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  10. brit

    brit in a box

    z-4 canadian tech/kcg
    ap shave co tuxedo
    cool wave

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  11. ram57

    ram57 Don't Open til Christmas

    Sunday SOTD

    Razor: 1941 Gillette Ranger Tech
    Blade: Gillette Nacet (D7)
    Brush: Oscar11 SOC Boar
    Bowl: Doug Smith 5"
    Pre-Shave Scrub: PAA Ice Cube 2
    Pre-Shave Balm: Vitos
    Shave Soap: P.160 Tipo Duro
    Butter: Saponificio Varesino Puro Burro di Karitè
    Aftershave: Floid Blue
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  12. palmolive fox

    palmolive fox The British Birdman

    SOTD: 30th July 2023.


    Shaving Recipe for today.

    Prep: Warm shower:/Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Body+Face Wash.

    Cold wet flannel to my face & head.
    Pears with Mint Extracts Transparent Bar Soap.
    Brush: Wilkinson Sword Synthetic.
    Face Lather.
    Lather: Nivea Men Body Shaving Stick.
    Blade: Personna Comfort Coated. (D2)
    Razor: Parker 24C.

    Cold water face wash with brush squeezing's, Cold Water Face Rinse./Alum Rub./Cold Water Rinse. /Homemade (~Spring/Summer mix~) Lemon, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Essential Oils.3 Menthol Crystals Mixed Together With 200ml of Care+Witch Hazel./Nivea Men 2 Phase + P&G Old Spice Original ASL Mixture + Body shaving Anti-Irritation ASL.

    A relaxing Sunday morning shave.

    A enjoyable 2 pass + pick ups close comfortable shave with no errors to report.

    Finishing the shave off with a few small dollops of Nivea Men Body shaving Anti-Irritation ASL.

    My face is feeling super smooth & smelling divine. ;)

    Stay safe, and enjoy your Sunday ladies & gentlemen. :cool:
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  13. ChiefShaver

    ChiefShaver Well-Known Member

    Hi Friends,

    Here my Sunday Shave (30.07.2023)

    Razor: PILS 104 NE // Blade: KAI // Soap: MSC Frosted Lavender // Brush: Nightdiver´s Honeystick // Aftershave: Ach.Brito Lavanda // Post: Nivea Skin and Beardbalm

    I hope you all are doing alright. The shave was a joyful, calming 3 pass shave. The soap has a good amount of Menthol and the Lavender shines through perfectly. A nice herbal Lavender. Good lather but i prefer Synthetic brushes where i ALWAYS get perfect lather. The Lavenda Aftershave smells heavenly and minutes after that i applied the Nivea balm which is maybe THE best balm i have in my den,

    Take your time, enjoy your shaves and stay safe and healthy.

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  14. Jayaruh

    Jayaruh The Cackalacky House Pet

    Supporting Vendor
    Lather Catcher Sunday's Cold Water Shave

    Cold Water Rinse
    ARKO Shaving Cream
    Semogue Excelsior 1305 Boar
    Superior Lather Catcher
    Personna GEM SS PTFE
    Clubman Pinaud After Shave

    The ARKO Shaving Cream lathered well with the Semogue Excelsior 1305 Boar brush. Two passes and touch ups with the Superior Lather Catcher Razor and a Personna GEM SS PTFE Blade gave me a close, comfortable shave. After a cold water rinse I finished off with Clubman Pinaud After Shave. I am clean, smooth, and refreshed...
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  15. awk-m4

    awk-m4 Well-Known Member

    Sunday July 30, 2023
    Brush: Semogue
    Bowl: Captain's Choice Copper Bowl
    Lather: Tabac
    Razor: Henson AL13+++
    Blade: RK Stainless
    Post: Osma Alum Block
    Post: Tabac

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  16. Yehuda D

    Yehuda D Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Sunday morning with some new stuff:

    L’Oréal Men Expert Facial Wash
    Yaqi 30mm Barber Pole
    Super Speed/Rapira day 7
    Captain Nemo Explosion de Cedrat SS
    Prep ASB
    Captain Nemo Kaffir Limon AS Toner
    Pe Re Ja Lemon Cologne

    Yesterday I received a gigantic package from Captain Nemo Shaving Supplies in Kolkata, India and this Explosion de Cedrat soap and Kaffir Limon were two of the items. The soap has a beautiful lemony scent, it’s vegan based like all of Abir’s soaps, it’s a pleasure to lather up, I was very pleasantly surprised to feel a nice menthol sensation, and the skincare is excellent. The Prep delivered so generously on the postshave care, and the Kaffir Limon aftershave toner not only smells great, it’s also quite cooling. Last but not least the Pe Re Ja cologne from Turkey smells so lemony and beautiful not to mention how refreshing it is. Three passes gave me a dynamite BBS shave that was fit for a king. Thanks so much Abir for your wonderful products and awesome service!

    Enjoy your Sunday - be well and stay safe![​IMG]

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  17. Gian

    Gian Well-Known Member

  18. ischiapp

    ischiapp New Product Bloodhound

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  19. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    July 30, 2023
    Blackland Vector
    Feather Pro
    Simpson CH2 Synthetic
    SV Felce Aromatica
    Shave Soap & Aftershave

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  20. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
    Sunday, July 30
    Klar Kabinett~~Vie-Long Beehive~~Feather AC/Schick Proline~~Royall Lyme
    Have a great day!
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