SoS: May 30, 2016 - June 5, 2016

Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by crackstar, May 29, 2016.

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  1. celestino

    celestino Friendly Neighborhood Wetshaver

    It's all for the love of the art, my friend! Sacrificing my gear and ordering brushes for my photos. It is all in a day's work, as they say. :D
    You also can be a bit more gentle and place them next to plants and flowers without any potential damage. :)
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  2. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    I like Pierre Cardin...unfortunately, my budget doesn't. Same goes for Kenneth Cole.
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  3. Boojum1

    Boojum1 Valet Parking Available Here

    Nice set up amigo! Love the Shambala.:love055:
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  4. ob1page

    ob1page Frozen in Phoenix

    Wednesday Shower/Shave
    Shower- Noxzema facial cleaner, Dr. Bronner's All-One Hemp Citrus bar soap
    Brush- RazoRock Tri-Colored
    Razor- Muhle R41 on a Maggard MR5 handle
    Blade- Gillette Silver Blue (1)
    Soap- Eli's Extracts Algiers
    Thayers Witch Hazel with grapefruit EO
    AS- Florida Water

    An excellent shave tonight. I'm back with the GSB, what a great blade. I haven't used the Eli's Extracts in a while and I don't know why. The scent of this cream is clementine and key lime, it smells fantastic. I had only tried this cream previously as a brushless cream however I messed with it a bit tonight and my tri-color found the sweet spot. I rubbed some on my face, wet my brush and went to town. It didn't go on thick but it stayed put, protected great and was incredibly slick. For my second pass, I just dipped the tips of my brush in and went at it again. Similar results. I had a few smalls areas to touch up and I just wet my face and there was more than enough slickness to catch the baby. The post shave feeling of this cream is fantastic. I didn't really need the Thayers tonight but sprayed a little on and followed with the Florida Water because I love the scent. Have a great day folks!
  5. Recklesstr

    Recklesstr Arkoholic

    Razor: Gillette Aristocrat No.16 [​IMG]
    Blade: Polsilver (1) [​IMG]
    Brush: Vie-long [​IMG]
    Soap: Proraso Green Tea & Oat [​IMG]
    AS: Fa Spicy Black [​IMG]

    First time with Polsilver but couldn't see any difference between permasharp and polsilver. I had a nice BBS. Have a great day!
  6. Salty Belle

    Salty Belle Well-Known Member

    And yet another great shot!
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  7. alfredus

    alfredus Well-Known Member


    Pre-Shave: Occams pre-shave soap, cold water
    Razor: ATT S-1 Colossus
    Blade: Ladas (1)
    Brush: Rudy Vey Shavemac
    Lather: Mike's Hungarian Lavender
    Post-shave: Alum, Barrister & Man Kyovu Original, South Australian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil​
  8. SRNewb

    SRNewb Well-Known Member

  9. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus Staff Member

    Psst.... Injectors are a gateway drug to straight razors. Proceed with care.
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  10. Eeyore

    Eeyore Well-Known Member

    I had another Fatip Grande shave today.

    If you had told me a few months ago that I would buy another razor, and that I would like it (almost) better than my trusted Schick Krona, I would not have believed you ;)

    I've been a one razor guy for ages ... must not feel into the RAD trap now suddenly

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  11. Lo'Gosh

    Lo'Gosh Well-Known Member

    SotD (Tue & Wed)


    Razor: Gem Micromatic OC (courtesy of @Marverel )
    Blade: Gem SE (2)
    Brush: Edwin Jagger Best Badger (courtesy of @Marverel )
    Lather: Synergy Shave Soap- Cavendish
    Post: Witch Hazel, Nivea Balm and Pierre Cardin for Men cologne

    This was a great shave. I'm really loving the EJ badger brush; it's just a wee bit "floppy", but it really builds a beautiful lather and it feels great when face lathering. The Synergy soap is one of my favorite brands, and I love the smell of the Cavendish; being a pipe smoker. This soap and brush paired together made a really thick, slick and protective lather! Built up easy and had more than enough for 3 passes (WTG, XTG, ATG) and a quick touch up. The Micromatic OC is definitely a cool little razor, and very well made. I did some research on it after winning it (thanks a bunch again Martin for the goodies =) ); and saw that a lot of people have some difficulty with the OC and that it can tend to be a "biter". Followed a few of the tips I found and have gotten great shaves from it, both this time and the previous time using it. It will take some getting used to considering the natural angle of it; especially going ATG, but so far, so good. Will be doing a 30 day rule/focus with it in the near future. Little witch hazel and nivea, and a spray of Pierre Cardin to finish up a great DFS!

    Razor: WSC Ebony
    Blade: Voskhod (2) (Courtesy of @rmcintyre84 )
    Brush: Edwin Jagger Best Badger
    Lather: Proraso Red (Sandalwood) (courtesy of @rmcintyre84 )
    Post: Witch Hazel, Nivea Balm and Pierre Cardin for Men Cologne

    Another great shave tonight! First time trying out Proraso shave soap; it's one of those soaps I've been wanting to try, and I'm VERY glad @rmcintyre84 chose it to send to me as a PiF winning (thanks again Richard for the awesome gear!); I LOVE this soap. I'm a fan of Sandalwood, but until recieving this soap, didn't have a good (in my opinion) sandalwood soap (and the Stirling Vanilla Sandalwood I have doesn't count, because it's a blend, and not straight sandalwood, lol). In fact, the Proraso is so good imo; that it comes out many notches above much more expensive Sandalwood soaps, like ToBS; with which I have never gotten a good lather. The Proraso however made plenty of thick, protective lather that smelled and felt great! Just let it bloom while I showered, then hit it with the EJ and BOOM! lather everywhere. And Voskhods paired with my WSC razor always give me a smooth, comfortable shave. Finished up with some witch hazel; no burn whatsoever; and Nivea balm.

    Pics up soon hopefully!
  12. Slow Joe

    Slow Joe Relishing his obsession

    thats a lovely razor, What is a BBS1?
  13. Tras Krom

    Tras Krom Well-Known Member

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  14. Slow Joe

    Slow Joe Relishing his obsession

    Thursdays Shave.
    I have not used the Milord Razor in a long time, and today it showed. I need to brush up on my technique with this razor, maybe i should go 30 days with just this razor.
    A bit of a rough shave today. Better luck tomorrow.

    Razor - Milord
    Blade - Wilkinsons Sword
    Brush Razorock Plissoft
    Lather Saponificio Varesino
    Aftershave Trumpers Sandelwood Skin Food
  15. tuxxdk

    tuxxdk International Penguin of Mystery

    You have nice gear. I see the SV is back in rotation :)
  16. ilts

    ilts Well-Known Member

    GOOD MORNING TSD!!! SOTD 06/02/16

    1920's Gillette Old Type Ball End OC
    Asco Super Stainless(1)
    VDH Boar
    Body Nature Stone Wash Soap
    Cold Water Rinse,Witch Hazel
    Gillette After Shave Lotion

    A truly great shave this A.M.everything worked together to leave my face dolphin skin smooth!!:happy088:

  17. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    Cobra Classic
    Kai Mild (2)
    DK7 with Druida Manchurian
    MW Eucalyptus & Spearmint
    Witch Hazel
    Myrsol F/ Extra
    Whipped Shea Butter

  18. Slow Joe

    Slow Joe Relishing his obsession

    Ha Ha thanks.
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  19. Douglas Carey

    Douglas Carey Wildman

    Thanks Mark. I really like the Shambala also, as does my wife. This is in direct contrast to Bay Rum. I really like Bay Rum, my wife doesn't. go figure. :)
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  20. Douglas Carey

    Douglas Carey Wildman

    Amazing looking brush Clint.
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