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  1. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    I have a Crown&Crane soap in mind for down the road-Spruce.
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  2. EnglishChannel

    EnglishChannel Well-Known Member

    SOTD Sunday - November 12, 2017
    RAZOR: TopCare (Dorco Pace 6 Blade Handle - SXA1000)
    BLADE: TopCare 6 blade (Pace 6 Cartridges)- this blade had been used 5 times since it was put away maybe 6-7 years ago.
    PREP: Hot water wash Ivory Soap, hot water rinse
    BRUSH: NO - applied by hand
    SHAVE CREAM: Gillette Fusion ProGlide - Sensitive OCEAN BREEZE
    POST SHAVE: Hot water rinse
    AFTER SHAVE: Pinaud Clubman
    Another 5 minute 2-pass (WTG, ATG) BBS shave. YAWN! The key is very slow deliberate strokes with relatively heavy pressure.
    The Gillette gel gives great protection, slickness and glide. Allows me to use the pressure necessary to really feel the blades and achieve the BABY.
    'Nuff said.

    Enjoy your shaves this week.
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  3. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
    Sunday, November 12
    Vintage Old Spice~~Stirling 24mm~~'58 Adjustable~~Feather (3)~~Vintage Old Spice Musk AS
    Have a great day!
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  4. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    :happy088::happy088:. Shulton Old Spice rules.
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  5. Norcalnewb

    Norcalnewb Magnanimous Moos

    Thank you, Roby. Hope you're having a great day!
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  6. GarnerPW

    GarnerPW Well-Known Member

    12 November

    Pre-Shave: Hot Shower
    Brush: Omega Boar Brush 81064
    Soap: :La Toja
    Razor: Black Aluminium General w/ Stainless Steel Handle, Colonial Razors
    Blade: Schick Proline (1)
    Post-Shave: Cold Water rinse and Clubman Musk After Shave
    SOTD 12 Nov 17.jpg

    The wife and I went out of town for the weekend so today and tomorrows shave with be both travel shaves. I was looking for easy packing and choose a shaving stick and the General was ready for a new blade. I got two Schick Proline blades from a nice gentleman in a PIF on another forum.
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  7. Number six

    Number six Well-Known Member

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  8. 120inna55

    120inna55 Well-Known Member

    Storybook Soapworks - Shaken
    Kent V8
    Ever-Ready SE | Gem PTFE


    I've used Storybook Soapworks' "Shaken" soap four times, now, and the splash a bit more than that. I typically speak up right away when I encounter a fragrance I like. My delay comes out of my trying to discern the promoted "paper money" note (pun-intended). I haven't found it, yet. There is a little musk, that may be masking it from me, but more on that later. Shaken opens with a spicy note approaching cinnamon or possibly clove, but not quite. This stage is bold, but quite pleasant. As the shave progresses, the spice mellows to a more obvious tobacco that's accompanied by a clean juniper/gin note. Nearing the end of the shave, the overall accord warms up with a shrewd use of sandalwood and musk. At this point, the fragrance is absolutely exquisite, but it's one of those alluring fragrances that you realize there's more to be had if only the soap were the proper medium. Fortunately, the splash comes next, and with it are more subtle notes that cleverly fill out this already sexy fragrance. The tobacco is more forward and the cinnamon/clove peculiarity is probably the documented carnation because it does have some floral component. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I smelled a carnation, although I'm aware it's not an uncommon element in fragrances. I can detect a small amount of gun powder, but only because I'm tipped off to it. The juniper/gin note is more alcoholic than the soap. All of this is well-seated in a pleasant, but again, judicious musky and warm sandalwood. At some point, I get intermittent suggestions of new leather, but it's not documented. I get this each time I use Shaken. It's such an artfully crafted accord that it's possible my brain fills in facets of the story. After a couple hours, at best, the gin exits as does any remnant floral component, but the spiciness holds on longer than expected as does the tobacco and of course sandalwood. Alas, the "paper money" fragrance eludes me. This is a sexy fragrance, indeed. The only problem I have with it is that it just doesn't last long enough. Sure, four hours is a reasonable expectation of a single-duty aftershave splash, but there needs to be more of this. "Shaken" is a night on the town, so it should at least close a bar or two. It's my sincere hope that a Shaken EdP will some day see the light of day.
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  9. ram57

    ram57 Don't Open til Christmas

    Thanks Doug!
    I have to admit at first I was skeptical of the .38mm gap being able to provide me that close of a shave unless I do a 3 to 4 pass shave as I typically only do 2 pass shaves 90% of the time but Timeless wasn't kidding when they say don't be fooled the .3mm gap gets the job done. Somehow I still manage a great 2 pass shave and mild but very efficient like my Feather AS-2D and Colonial The General razors in which I get a very smooth two pass shave with no fear of cutting myself. Definitely a keeper for me.
  10. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
    Thank you Douglas.
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  11. NCoxSTL



    November 12 - Qshave Focus Blade Trial

    Razor - 1959 Gillette Fatboy
    Blade - [​IMG] (1)
    Soap - Arko
    Brush - Semogue 620
    Post - Alum

    While I gave the Qshave blade some shaves on the razor itself, I withheld judgement on the blade since the razor was new to me. So, starting tonight, three shaves for an "official Cartel blade trial" on this blade. It wasn't horrible in the Qshave razor so it's worth a bit of study. The company claims it's a Titanium blade made in the USA. That would be a rare find indeed. So, out of curiosity and the search for shaving truth, I emailed the company and asked about it. I received a rather quick response, something that is unusual for blade manufacturers, and here is their response:

    Hello Neal,
    Our blades are OEM products by Personna. All blades are imported. :)



    Clear as mud, right? Ok we have Personna which would make sense for a US made blade. But they're imported?! From where, South Carolina? I have asked for clarification, but my gut tells me that they are Personnas imported from Israel. Since Personna is an American company I suppose they could claim made in USA while bringing the blades back from the factory over in Israel. Hopefully we'll get a better answer from the mysterious Iris.

    So, on to the official blade trial. Arko for the soap, Semogue 620 just because and the Fatboy on 3 to start it mild. A couple of lather notes. I loaded from the Old Spice mug, not from a stick. What seemed like a very good lather with the Semogue wasn't as good on the second pass. I've used the synthetics too much I guess and didn't really load quite enough into the much smaller 620. The lather was still very workable, just a bit thin on the second pass.

    The blade is just a tad rough on the first pass but quickly smooths out as it is reducing the beard. Not thrilled with that semi-rough feel but at least it's effective. Second pass was smooth and the XTG was easily done. Some ATG on the neck and additional slide touch ups to finish with a DFS. The baby is in the distance but not close enough to chase. So not a bad result on the mild setting but not the best I've ever had. We'll call it a "high 'meh" result, how's that? Tomorrow I'll dial up to 6 and we'll see how it handles there. Have a great start to your week!

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