SoS: September 18, 2017 - September 24, 2017

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  1. RaZorBurn123

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    As always a GREAT shave! Simply put. I don't do bad shaves.

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    Happy Birthday

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    Thank you! Shane did a great job all around with this one.
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  4. Burak Kucukler

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  5. DaltonGang

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    Today's shave was with a newly acquired, and honed, American Made wedge razor. I had a silently sharp, and smooth, 2 pass shave, that left me with a near BBS finish. No touch-ups, and no nicks, cuts, or weepers. Another fantastic shave, from other "Spike" razor.

    Razor- Union Cutlery "Spike". Wedge razor. Olean NY.
    Brush- Omega 10098 Boar
    Soap- Arko/Rose scented
    Aftershave- Vintage Shulton Old Spice. It use to be a Ships Wheel, $4.99, but now it just looks Phallic. Do you have one of those, @Douglas Carey ??
  6. 120inna55

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    Viking Soap & Cosmetic - Ragnar
    BSB-Ti | HMW Extra Dense
    Ever-Ready SE | Gem PTFE


    Ever since Christopher Bailey started singing the praises of Viking Soaps in January, I have had them on my radar. I've been waiting on "Ragnar" to be restocked because, of the offerings, a Creed Aventus homage seemed appealing. I can't speak to the accuracy because I've never knowingly experienced Aventus, but the fragrance notes seemed harmless.

    Unlike CDB, I don't factor in cost when I evaluate a soap, but it's hard to miss the fact that this 5 ounces of soap only cost me $11.50. The labels are expertly applied without a single bubble and perfectly straight. They're also waterproof. The label design, however, is amateurish. I like the logo, but the rest looks like it was done with WordArt 97. I don't mean to be brutal, but have a look at artisan offerings right now. Label art is top notch, and much of the time worthy of the product it adorns. In this respect, Viking is a sleeper. If not for Bailey's comments, I would have expected a freshman mediocre product---because, well, I judge a book by its cover. After a single use, I feel like this tallow base just makes it into the top-performer club.

    I started with a barely damp knot, but I struggled to get a decent load. I added a touch more water to the knot such that it was a little more moist, but not dripping. That seemed to pull in the soap and it loaded nicely as a result. I face-lathered starting with painting, then scrubbing, then back to painting which yielded a rather fluffy lather. In many cases "fluffy" is not ideal, but this was quality---not airy---lather. It provided nice protection with middle-of-the-road slickness. However, residual slickness was higher up on the scale. As I rinsed after the first pass, I noticed my skin felt very soft already. This is usually the effect I get after prolonged (2-3 applications/passes) of my favorite soaps. Viking excels in post-shave feel and skin nourishment. I proceeded with 2 more passes for an overall luxurious shower head and face shave. As per my usual pattern when evaluating a soap, I smeared the pulled lather on my face and scalp and let it remain while I cleaned my gear. There were no ill effects.

    As with many of my preferred artisan soaps, a post product was unnecessary, but I wanted to use the paired balm. I anticipated it would be a rich balm, so I dispensed a single pump, and it was sufficient to cover my damp head and face. It felt completely absorbed after about 5 minutes, leaving my skin feeling silky. The performance is reminiscent of Soap Commander's.

    Viking obviously has a very nice performing base, but they don't get much exposure. Have you guys ever heard of Wholly Kaw? Sri was making outstanding soaps for some time, but it wasn't until he stepped up the label design that his business really took off. I feel like Viking may possibly be at this impasse. Let's face it, if the product isn't attractive, most of us are not going to feature it in our SOTD pics regardless of performance <cough>LASSC<cough>. I don't mean to suggest that the Viking labels are terrible, but rather they're simply not up to the professional level the product deserves.
  7. Paul Turner

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    Were you careful how you used it?(The Hai Karate ending message in the famous ad) :).
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  8. Jayaruh

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    Supporting Vendor
    Sunday's SE Shave

    Proraso Pre Shave
    Arko Extra Performance
    Jayaruh #216
    Gem 1911 Lather Catcher
    Original Gem Cutlery SE
    Thayer's Lemon WH

    I started off with Proraso Pre Shave. The Arko Extra Performance Shaving Cream face-lathered well with the Jayaruh #216 synthetic brush. I did the two passes with the Gem 1911 Lather Catcher and vintage Gem Jr. blade and ended up with a close, comfortable shave. After a cold water rinse, I finished off with Thayer's Lemon WH and then Clubman Vegetal AS. I am clean, smooth, and refreshed...
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  9. EnglishChannel

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    RAZOR: Gold Dollar 100 - Parker SR1
    BLADE: Derby Professional blade
    BRUSH: Shea Moisture Badger Brush - produces an excellent rich lather - even with this beauty soap
    PRESHAVE: Hot water rinse
    SOAP: Nourish - Cool Moisturizing Beauty Bar
    AFTER SHAVE: Pinaud Clubman
    POST SHAVE: Clubman Jumbo Styptic Pencil (substitute for an alum bar - to see how I did)
    I will admit it. Unlike many of you, I almost NEVER plan my shaves ahead of time - let alone the day before.
    And though I really enjoy the shave I get from my straight razors, sometimes I don't make the time to prepare them for a shave.
    That is why the shavette is so convenient and satisfying.
    So this morning, I decided to experiment. I know that I can pick up my Parker SR1, hand strop it (5 passes) and know that it is shave ready.
    I have not tried that with my straight razors before. So this day, I decided to do just that. I started with the Gold Dollar - with NO STROPPING
    Other than the 5 passes of palm stropping that I would normally only use between passes with that razor, I put this razor to the task of a shave.

    RESULT: I didn't even finish the 1st WTG pass on my left cheek (being left handed, I start on the left side). Just too much pulling and discomfort.
    I immediately switched to the Parker, and what a big difference. I am guessing that I have used this Derby blade for at least 5 shaves.

    I achieved an extremely smooth, comfortable, luxurious 2 pass BBS with touchups. The only blade prep was minor palm stropping.
    And even that may not be a requirement.

    Now, I recognize that I "shortchanged" the face preparation for this shave. After all, this beauty bar is NOT a premium shave product.
    I intentionally had not showered immediately before the shave, I used no pre-shave, and no shave balm after.

    AND YET, as I type this hours later, I am still enjoying the smooth face feel and almost stubble free touch of this close and effective shave.
    All of this proves nothing. It is just my experience. But I do always try to learn something from my experiences. YMMV!

    Have a great weekend.
  10. EzraCobb

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  11. Bama Samurai

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    SOTD - 23 September 2017 [​IMG]

    Have a great evening!
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    Great composition on your picture. Nice review of the soap as well. Your comment on Wholly Kaw is spot on.
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :greet002:

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    Thank you Doug . It was a great shave!
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  15. ram57

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    Cool decanter Doug!
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  16. ram57

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    Sunday SOTD


    Razor: Supply Provision The Single Edge
    Blade: Schick Injector (D01)
    Brush Zen Crossbones 24mm Romera Manchurian
    Bowl: HoneycombCopper 4 ½”
    Pre-Shave Scrub: Lisa's Citrus
    Pre-Shave Oil: Homemade Iced Mojito
    Shave Soap: Beaver WoodWright Ghost Ship
    Post: Monster Block Alum
    Aftershave: Beaver WoodWright Ghost Ship

  17. NCoxSTL


    I first saw him in concert when I was a Sophomore in High School. Then, a few months later my band director took a few of us to another show of his only we got to spend a couple of hours meeting the band and Maynard himself where he spent some really quality time working with us on techniques but mostly telling stories. LOL I'm pretty sure he was drunk or near it most of the time. Saw him one more time in High School, then three more times after during my college and early marriage years. One of the best. And MacArthur Park....well.......can't say more than.........

    Alright, back to shaving.​
  18. jtspartan

    jtspartan appropriately stimulated, via Netflix

    SEptember 23rd SOTWeekend
    Schick I1 w Personna Twin
    WD HM Badger/ Cypress
    Proraso Green
    Aqua Velva Ice Sport
  19. NCoxSTL


    Smells like the Drug Store SEptember!!!! (Stirling Booster)

    September 23

    Razor - E2 Schick Adjustable Injector
    Blade - [​IMG] (4)
    Pre - Stirling Mentholated Pre-shave soap
    Soap - Stirling Bay Rum
    Brush - 30DC LE
    ASOD - Aqua Velva Ice Blue

    Still staying with the pre-shave routine. Still liking the effect/result. Surprised at myself? Yes. Yes I am. Will I continue to do it? Well, probably for now if only because I still have the pre-shave soap sample. Will I buy a full bar? Jury is still debating.

    Went to the E2 Injector today and I guess I need to open up the M2 to compare it wide open to the E2. The E is definitely a more aggressive shave at this point. Nothing wrong with that, just have to remember and not leave any weepers along the way like I did tonight. Still, two passes to a near-BBS and the Bay Rum with a little light Menthol was delightful. The LE brush - perfection. And the AV in the morning will be the perfect way to head out. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  20. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    I'm a little confused about your experiment. You treated your straight razor the way you would a shavette. The straight razor was never designed to be used like that(only 5 passes of palm stropping), to sharpen and keep an edge keen. To make the experiment fair, see if you can get a couple hundred shaves from a single blade in a shavette, with only stropping on leather. The straight razor should kick the shavettes butt during that twist.
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