SoS: September 18, 2017 - September 24, 2017

Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by Yehuda D, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Yehuda D

    Yehuda D Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Euxaristo file - epeisis!
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  2. jimjo1031

    jimjo1031 never bloomed myself

    Gillette Fatboy (G3) Razor
    Bolzano Superinox Super Stainless Blue Blade
    Frank Shaving Badger Brush
    DIY Orange Menthol/Dirty Deeds Soap
    Dickinson's Witch Hazel
    Pinaud Clubman After Shave

    Second time with this razor/blade combo and it was an excellent shave. Thanks to @Morman Bridge for sending me these blades. It was a very smooth and comfortable BBS shave. It's one of those blades that you think nothing is in the razor, but today it really took care of three days worth of growth without a hitch. It came close to being a two pass shave, but with just a hint of touch up, it was excellent. Also with the soap mix and with the brush, it whipped up to a very luxurious and thick lather with great slickness.

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  3. ChiefShaver

    ChiefShaver Well-Known Member

    Das solltest Du mein Lieber @Yehuda D . Tolle Produkte. Gerade jetzt, wenn es draußen kälter wird, ist dieser Duft einfach fabelhaft.

    Liebe Grüße
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  4. Douglas Carey

    Douglas Carey Wildman

    Great setup and picture of fine gear Thorsten. :happy096:
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  5. Douglas Carey

    Douglas Carey Wildman

    Razor: Mongoose B2 w/ iKon Bamboo
    Blade: Feather Professional (3)
    Brush: El Druida Red Heart Chakte Kok/African Blackwood 2 Band Badger
    Soap: Oleo Montrose Beach
    A/S: Old Spice
    Decanter: Old Spice Admiral's Flask 1986-1991 ID #33440

    24 09 17a.jpg

    24 09 17.jpg
  6. Jorvaljr

    Jorvaljr Operation Daytona 8000

    My sotd

    Great shave. The hone razor is still not as smooth as I think it should be but it's so light and mild it's ok. Bbs smooth
  7. Douglas Carey

    Douglas Carey Wildman

    Good looking shave.
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  8. EzraCobb

    EzraCobb Well-Known Member

    9/23/2017 - Jamie's Sunday Night Shave..... Stirling Peach Soap and Splash. Thayers Peach. Stirling Orange Pre Shave Oil. Stirling unscented glacial balm.... Semogue 610.. Wilkie DE w/green 7 o'clock from India.

  9. Douglas Carey

    Douglas Carey Wildman

    Very nice picture. :happy096:
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  10. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus Staff Member

    SOTD - 24 September 2017
    Sheep Sunday Edition!


    Have a great evening!
  11. Karl G

    Karl G Well-Known Member

    No SEptember would be complete without a shave with the PAL Adjustable. Another razor with stunning good looks and a great shave. It has a very narrow sweet spot but sweet it is when you find it - or "catch the shy girl" as @Billyfergie would say. I kept it on 3/4 for the first two passes and dropped to 1/2 for the final pass. This is one silent and smooth shaver. Nothing but face rubbing goodness to make the dolphins jealous. :happy036:

    Hot water preparation
    AOS Lavender PSO
    Mike's Natural Soaps Hungarian Lavender
    Savile Row 3824 Silvertip Badger
    PAL Adjustable
    Unknown blade (Oops - I forgot to change it out after the passaround last year... :happy102:)
    AOS Lavender After Shave Balm


    Happy shaving - Karl
  12. Douglas Carey

    Douglas Carey Wildman

    Beautiful brush! :happy096:
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  13. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    Tonight's shave was with a really old Stubtail. I had a very nice 2 pass shave, that left me near BBS, without any issues.

    Razor- W. Greaves & Sons. Stubtail Wedge, Cast Steel. Original horn scales.
    Brush- Omega 10098 Boar
    Soap- Arko/Rose Scented
    Aftershave- Shulton Old Spice. NOS Ships Lantern.

    W Greaves & Sons.jpg
  14. EnglishChannel

    EnglishChannel Well-Known Member

    RAZOR: Family Dollar TwinBlade Pivot Razor (disposable) - BARGAIN - 10 for $1
    BLADE: twin (*compare to Gillette Good News Plus)
    PRESHAVE: Tree Hut Shea Body Butter - Coconut Lime
    CREAM: Personal CARE Extra Thick SENSITIVE Shave Cream
    POST SHAVE: Clubman Jumbo Styptic Pencil (substitute for an alum bar - to see how I did)
    AFTER SHAVE: Barber Shop Classics Booster Iced Lime
    Got a very fine 4 pass BBS with touch ups this morning. These light plastic razors work well for a few shaves.
    It helps if you have a good shave from the day before to build on.
    Four passes goes quickly because of the limited blade exposure. Just requires more effort on my part to get it close enough.
    Tree Hut Lime Shea Butter pre-shave added just enough protection and moisture to round out the slickness and cushion of the cheap shave cream.
    No issues, no cuts, no burn from the styptic. Very comfortable shave.
    Booster Iced Lime makes a great finish. Just right for a busy Sunday!
  15. EnglishChannel

    EnglishChannel Well-Known Member

    Dalton, sorry for the confusion.

    This experiment was designed to test the limits of blade prep on one of my best shaving Straight Razors.
    The last time I used the Gold Dollar 100, I got a great 2-pass, perfectly smooth BBS shave from this very economical razor.
    So... I was wondering if I could get away with shaving again without stropping the blade. That would REALLY be cool (for me).
    I really just don't enjoy the stropping. I don't hate it...
    It's just not something that I look forward to - especially if I feel "strOpped for time" (pun intended).
    I had never tried this, and figured I would never really know unless I did it. I half thought I could get away with it.
    Obviously, it did not work, at least for THIS razor. Maybe another would have faired better, but I don't know that.

    Having tried it, I figured that I would share my experience with the fine folks on this forum.
    I have learned a great deal here, from others sharing their experiences.

    So, let me be clear.
    I was not creating a competition between Straight Razors and Shavettes, just highlighting one of the main differences.
    I would not try to start a debate about which is a better shave system.
    They are both good systems, requiring different skills and demanding different levels of attention, money, and time.

    It would have really been cool though, if I was able to get 2 good shaves from one stropping session.
    If anyone else has done so, I would love to hear about it.

    Thanks for the comments!
    It's good to know that folks are reading what we spend time posting on this forum.
    TSD is a great community of supportive, considerate enthusiasts! Good stuff!
  16. RyX

    RyX DoH!

    SOTD 09242017.gif
    TSS S.E. London Morning
    B-400 with a Tuxedo knot
    Suribachi bowl, cool water
    Schick Type J-1, Chick blade
    Pinaud Clubman AS Lotion
  17. NCoxSTL


    Smells like the Drug Store SEptember!!!! (Stirling Booster)

    September 24
    Razor - Gem 1912
    Blade - [​IMG] (4)
    Soap - Stirling Ozark Mountain
    Brush - Wolf Whiskers Custom Silvertip
    ASOD - Aqua Velva Musk

    Switching things up again and going back to the Gem 1912 with PTFE Gem blade. Also skipped the pre-shave tonight and went to the Silvertip brush with the Ozark Mountain soap. Been awhile since I lathered with anything but a synthetic. Got a good load in the brush and enjoyed the luxurious splay and feel of the Silvertip. Great lather for the first pass and the feel of the SE blade was fantastic. Lather was slick. Not as slick as when using the pre-shave soap, but still Stirling slick so no issues. Two full passes and some neck touch up and the baby decided to show up. Awesome way to finish a Sunday and a work week. Two days off awaits! I'll start it off tomorrow with the AV Musk my wife loves so much. Have a great Monday everyone!

  18. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    You are right, it would be nice, if the straights required less work, but unfortunately, they don't. Don't give up on straights, just yet. My straight razor shave times can be about the same as with the DE shave time, even with the stropping included. I only need 2 passes with a straight vs 3 with a DE, to get the same results. Shavettes, on the other hand, just bloody me up. I guess I need to give Shavettes another try.
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  19. Douglas Carey

    Douglas Carey Wildman

    Excellent Old Spice decanter. :happy096:
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  20. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    Thanks Doug. Just trying to keep up with your Old Spice stash. I bought most of mine years ago, when they were cheaper. I knew that the pickings would just get slimmer, and more expensive. Now Shulton Old Spice is costly, but, I'm always on the lookout.
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