SOS: September 2020.

Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by Boojum1, Aug 31, 2020.

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  1. Droo78

    Droo78 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Gus!
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  2. 120inna55

    120inna55 Well-Known Member

    Looks like the work of Nicole Pangas. She has an Etsy shop. I have this bowl from her. I picked it up back when I bowl lathered. Now, I use it as a knot soaker. Her thumb bowls are nice.
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  3. dmshaver

    dmshaver Well-Known Member

    9/27/20 SOTD

    Timeless Ti .95
    Ethos Lavender
    Heritage Collection w/ Turn N Shave 26mm Quartermoon
    Ethos Lavender Skin Food splash
  4. ram57

    ram57 Don't Open til Christmas

    Menthol Monday SOTD


    Razor: Gillette Black Beauty 1970 P-1
    Blade: Gillette 7 o’clock Black (D8)
    Brush: Jayaruh #62 Synthetic 26mm
    Bowl: The Distinctive Goat Style 10 5½” Walnut
    Pre-Shave Scrub: MRGO Lime
    Pre-Shave Balm: TSD Iced SubZero
    Shave Soap: Yeti Snot
    Balm: Nancy Boy Cooling AS Gel
    Aftershave: Alcolado Glacial

  5. ram57

    ram57 Don't Open til Christmas

    Thanks for the info Matt. :happy088:
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  6. rs_776

    rs_776 Well-Known Member

    HC & C MEETS MR. C
    • Lather: HC & C shave soap w/ "Alpine Forest" scent added
    • Razor: Mr. C. Razor w/ Kai ProTouch blade
    • Brush: HC & C faux-ivory synthetic
    • Post: HC & C Balm w/ "Alpine Forest" scent added
    • 20200925_083313.jpg
  7. brit

    brit in a box

    thank you Gus..:):eatdrink047:
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  8. Tim Spencer

    Tim Spencer Well-Known Member



    Perfumed by:
    Erik Hodges a.k.a. Douglas Smythe

    Razor - Rex Supply Co. "Ambassador" Adjustable Stainless Steel with matching stand
    Blade - PolSilver Super Iridium *5th Shave
    Shave Brush - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - The Solar Flare
    Lather Bowl - Durance de Provence White Ceramic
    Shave Soap - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - Big Shave East
    Mentholated Crystals - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - The Chill Mill
    Aftershave - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - Big Shave East
    Deodorant - Native - Peach & Apricot
    Fragrance - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - Big Shave East
  9. brit

    brit in a box

    fabulous set up and pic Guy..:cool:
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  10. ram57

    ram57 Don't Open til Christmas

    Thanks, Gary!
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  11. Manumik

    Manumik Well-Known Member

    Monday SOTD
    Parker SRX Shavette
    Yaqi Shaving Brush Synthetic Hair


  12. BigD

    BigD Well-Known Member

    Fall is here, so Menthol Monday is put on hold. It is now time for Creamy Mondays;
  13. ilts

    ilts Well-Known Member

    Good Morning Everyone SOTD 09/28/20

    Gillette Ball End Old Type
    Gillette Nacet (1)
    C.O. Bigelow
    Cold Water Rinse, Alum Block
    Aqua Velva Ice Blue A/S

    Have A Great Day! DSCF5033.JPG
  14. James Kleinkauf

    James Kleinkauf Well-Known Member

    Monday‌ ‌09.28.20 ‌SOTD‌

    DSCF0014 - Edited.jpg

    Gillette British Flare-Tip Rocket
    NOS Wlkinson Sword made in England
    Yaqi R1605-S Resin Tuxedo
    RazoRock‌ ‌XXX‌ ‌Italian‌ ‌Shaving‌ ‌Soap‌
    RazoRock‌ ‌XXX‌ ‌After‌ ‌Shaving‌ ‌Splash‌
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  15. shaveman

    shaveman Well-Known Member

    Homelikeshaving OC 1.30 Head
    Timeless Ti Handle and Stand
    Astra SP
    Haslinger Seaweed Soap
    Razorock Silvertip
    Proraso Vitamin E Balm
    Paul Sebastian Aftershave
  16. MrDaniel's

    MrDaniel's Well-Known Member

    IMG_20200928_125435_656.jpg Gillette Tech D2
    Ladas (2)
    Razorock Big Bruce
    Nordic Shaving Company Menthol&Pine SS
    Spanish Aqua Velva AS

    Have a great day!
  17. jluc

    jluc smelling pretty

    SEptember 28th
    Razor: Supply V2 ••
    Blade: Supply SE (2)
    Brush: Stirling Finest
    Pre-shave: PAA Cube
    Soap: Stirling Orange Chill
    Stirling Orange Chill Witch Hazel
    Stirling Glacial Balm
    AS: Stirling Orange Chill

    Stirling SEptember

    Menthol Monday

    Good morning!


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  18. novicz

    novicz Well-Known Member

    Wolfman razor
    LMDB shaving brush
    Gillette silver blue
    Тим бриз shaving cream
    Alpa windsor aftershave
  19. ischiapp

    ischiapp Well-Known Member

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  20. ischiapp

    ischiapp Well-Known Member

    SOTD 20200928 AL13N
    by IschiaPP @ Forio
    Alexander Simpson Trafalgar T3
    Sovereign Synth, 32x53x113mm
    Meissner Tremonia "Natural Bay Rum"
    Rasierpaste | After Shave Balm & Splash Lotion (sample, repack)
    Henson Shaving AL13
    Medium, Dual Tone, BRB
    Astra Green Superior Platinum #6
    #Shave #WetShaving #WetShavers
    #ShaveOfTheDay #ShaveLikeaMan
    #AL13Nshave #Muppets #Grover
    #MuppetRazor #GroverRazor


    Full size:
    Earth, Wind & Fire - September
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