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Discussion in 'The Brush' started by blaireau, Dec 28, 2008.

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    Coon, OMG, please, no more, I'm a latin, we just can't take stuff like this!!!;)
  2. MTgrayling

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    Here's a buddies dog that I think looks like a Badger.


    By the way I think the last 24mm knot I got from the Golden Nib must have been from a Stink Badger. It took half a dozen washes to get that stench out! :sick007 Smells like Proraso now.
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    You know if it wasn't for my pint of SmuttyNose Old Brown Dog I would get get annoyed when people continually call themselves latin, bur right now it cracks me up. I mean linguistically latin is Italian(Roman), and the basis for all romance languages, and many roots of the English tongue as well, but I don't run around calling myself latin, niether do the French, either so give the latin thing a rest already unless your going to recite 'Introbio ad alteri dei" ;)

    I digress....oooh back on topic....

    Check out this link and read page 22 at the very top. hehe

    it appears someone else doesn't think badger's are sheered either lol.

    Although, Id pay a pretty penny to see a cage match between two shearers and a few badgers. That's what I call Friday Night Fights!

  4. roboboticus

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    I realize this is an old thread, but my curiosity sucked me in. I found a couple interesting tidbits.

    Concerning the Hog Badger (East Asian)...
    Major threats to the hog badger are hunting by dogs as well as snaring, primarily for human consumption and as bycatch. In Lao, the palatability of hog badger varies among ethnic groups, with some groups disliking the taste, whereas groups in parts of the Nam Theun basin (and perhaps widely elsewhere) seek the species specifically for food (J. Baker pers. comm. and J. Chamberlain per. comm. in Duckworth et al. 1999). This species is also eaten by some groups in India, and is hunted as well as farmed for food in China (M.W.N. Lao pers. comm.).
    Retrieved from:

    And the Eurasian Badger (Europe)...
    Badgers are heavily hunted in Finland, the annual harvest has increased in recent years, being about 10,000 badgers now (Kauhala in litt. 2006). The hunting season in Finland is the whole year, with the exception of females with young being protected in May, June, and July (Kauhala in litt. 2006).
    Retrieved from:

    I wonder what those Finns are doing with all those badgers?

    Interestingly, the page on the Hog Badger contains some very detailed information concerning threats to the species, and it makes no mention of the badger hair trade.
    I'm inclined to believe the hair trade is more a byproduct of the meat trade than the other way round. Then again, who knows?

  5. battle.munky

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    I was just wondering, if you shave a badger what kind of brush do you use? :happy102
  6. Pureslab

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    Some sure interesting reading, theories and assumptions on this thread.
  7. roboboticus

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    another badger:D
  8. Dewaine

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    I actually do badger shaving as a side business. Just Fed-Ex me your badger and I will send you a batch of hair every 16 months or so. :whacky098
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