stainless vs carbon - how do you tell?

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by RocketMan, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Yes I know those guys well especially Richard/Geezer and Smythe

    I really think you are misinterpreting the info, and are now locked into proving yourself "Right"

    Not really sure how many razors you have Honed /Restored but plated razors are simply not common in the least, in fact, they are rather rare, now that could be because it wasn't a good idea in the first place and most haven't lasted the test of time..
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    Please, keep the argumentation

    What has the amount of razors i restored or honed has to do with the existence of plated razors?

    You tell me several times i am misinterpreting but you keep beating around the bush with coating and a picture of a gun?

    What am i interpreting wrong?

    And if they are rare, i have at least 5 in my den, probably more, i ll test them on nickel. For the appropriate price, them being rare, i am willing to ship them worldwide
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    What argumentation ???

    I have tried to explain it multiple times that you are mistaken in your interpretation of the info and I have been more than polite ...

    But you are convinced, so be it they are your razors...

    The amount of razors has to do with Stats, the more razors that go through your hands the more the stats adjust and become more realistic..

    Them being rare doesn't make them valuable, the plating when present usually denotes a low-quality blade /steel
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    So just for the record, there are plated straight razors, dovo stopped nickel plating straigths around 2006 but the astrale for instance is still sold new. Other manufactureres still have them in production.

    If you stumble upon a used shiny vintage razor on a flea market or garage sale that is not mentioning it's stainless, big chance it is plated.

    Plating can be done chemical, with current or heat, but a manufacturer tends to keep his knowledge for himself, but the processes are the same or comparable as those used to plate a handgun.

    They are not rare, at least not in western Europe. An explanation might be that plating often protects the blade from oxidation so these shiny razors are the razors that looked like they were worth keeping after grandpa died, the rusted, gray and black ones were disposed ?

    If one is interested, patents are usually a good but time-consuming way to find out more.
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    Once again I feel you are mistaken

    What you are trying to convince yourself of here is that you are right in this misinterpretation of "Plating" think it through and take it logically it makes zero sense...

    "plating" that you are describing simply isn't represented hardly at all in the SR world.

    In fact I just finished talking with one of the guys you quoted, and he found one or two over his rather large number of razors that have gone through his hands, same here with me and more razors than I care to brag about

    You have now invested yourself in this and can't see the forest for the trees

    You have simply misinterpreted what is meant on this entire topic
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    It did say in the article @Arnout shared that it was more common on blades made of inferior metal, and once the plating was removed the metal underneath would be subjected to the environment which could cause damage.

    So even if these razors are rare, they are surely not very desirable?
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    Was inferior steel not referring to hard?
    A while back hard steel was considered brittlze, resulting easily in an agressive blade. Today hard steel is a necessity for most straigth users,...

    Now, the ones i have are pretty descent shaves, they hone well, they shave welk considering the grind and size,...

    But i prefer a 7/8 or bigger singing blade and i dont think i have a plated one?
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    I don't really know. The article used the word inferior but I wouldn't like to guess at what that meant with tree regard to razors. The only thing I can think is more prone to rusting?

    I am intrigued now as I have one possible candidate for a plated straight - very shiny, despite being old, and no mention of stainless.
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    If the razor was made by a reputable name or in a reputable region the risk of buying a bad razor is small, it.might not be the best ever, but depending on the price,...
    If the plating is still in good shape it is really hard to recognise plating.

    It s not a restoration?
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    You do like to be subtle eh?
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    Sorry but you are wrong.The Dovo Astrale is a carbon steel razor,definitely not nickel plated as Dovo do not plate any of their razors and only produce stainless and carbon blades.The sellers in the link have the wrong information.Also the Portland is not plated either,the strop in the link has nickel plated hardware.
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    The astrale is sold, if one shows up for honing i ll test it for lickel.

    At least an answer instead of you are misinterpreting !!
  15. gssixgun

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    But you are misinterpreting it

    The Ni Hardware you misinterpreted in the link you posted
    The Astrale you only posted the one seller that went along with your narrative and not the other 15 that didn't

    Many tool steels which is what are used for Carbon Steel razors have about a 1% Ni content

    Now I was nice and said you are misintepeting it rather than just calling you out as being wrong like you are here too

    "Was inferior steel not referring to hard?
    A while back hard steel was considered brittlze, resulting easily in an agressive blade. Today hard steel is a necessity for most straigth users,..."

    Not sure where you picked up that little tidbit of Misinformation but I am going to be nice and say "Ummmm I think you are misinterpreting that"

    But the hardness of SR steel has pretty much centered around the #60 on the RHC scale for hundreds of years now, there have been oddities out there like the "Claimed" 66RHC of some of the TI's and the stupid hardness of the newer Boker PW razor a few years ago

    But pretty much they have ranged from 58-62 when tested

    So I will continue to be polite and give you the benefit of the doubt and say you are misinterpreting the info..
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    When I fly I always try to tell the Captain how the plane works you know.
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    Well, it is hard to get your attention, i wanted to see where misinterpreting stopped, apparently nowhere.

    The astrale, well, that is a bummer for the guy allergic to nickel, but his swapping test for nickel doesnt react to other carbonsteel blades, it might be interesting for him to find out what happened.
    The other links, they are the first that show op in google,...

    The hardness,
    I honed another plated razor today, no makerstamp, just solingen, poor geometry, but the steel is hard and rather brittle, the steel requires frequent rehoning,but the shave is nice. The pic
    The biedermeyer and the ern feel more like the typical solingen steel.

    At the moment i have around 100 restorations in my den, 3 are certainly plated, 2 probably, but they are in good shape.
    On local flea markets there are quite a few blades that i avoid as they are probably plated.
    But, on the other side of the atlantic
    they might be rare?
  18. gssixgun

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    Yes you are convinced
    Yes you are trying really hard to look right
    Yes you are posting pics of razors and calling them Plated

    I have noted that you went from saying "Many Razors and Makers" to maybe 3% so perhaps a few more years from now you will realize how misinformed you actually are right now...

    Keep at it
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    That is not a plated razor.If it was there would be a definitive separation line between the edge and the (imagined) plating. It has been mentioned that if a razor was plated then it would be an example sales model.Probably used for display only as it would reduce the chances of rusting by a large margin,therefore no maintenance required,and it could sit,in the display,for years.
    The Dovo Astrale does have nickel plating,but only on the small "nickel plate",attached to the scale, for engraving. There is no way a nickel (or chrome) plated straight razor would be a functional shaving tool without inherent sharpening and maintenance issues,and the extra expense of plating would not be feasible or justifiable when carbon steel and stainless steel serve the purpose fully and as intended.
    Why coat/plate a perfectly fine carbon/stainless blade that will last for well over a century with maintenance and care?
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    ^^^^ @Arnout

    He is right you know, think it through logically, he just laid it out for you..

    I tried but you have locked up and refused to listen.

    I still honestly believe you are simply misinterpreting the info that you have received and found
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