Stirling and their New 316/L Stainless Razor.....

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Str8on2, Jun 5, 2019.

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    I’ve been using one of the aggressive “heads” that Stirling has been selling for awhile. I’m sure it isn’t anything like these in terms of materials or quality, but I’m curious how it compares to the blade exposure, etc. on these new ones. Does anyone know what razor heads the old Stirling razor heads compare to?
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    @ezlovan any new developments if the new SS razor will be available for wet shavers before the Christmas Holidays? Been saving my pennies and just might opt for the full polished version instead of waiting for the matte finish one.
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    I have a call scheduled with the machinist this afternoon. I should know more then. I'm sadly starting to get pessimistic that they will be done before Christmas.
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  4. Str8on2

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    Thanks for the update! Please keep us posted whether it makes it for Christmas, earlier or even later. Would I like to have it sooner? Absolutely! But, if it's later then so be it. The wet shaving community as a whole is a pretty patient group. Hopefully you get good news today....
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  5. The-Pipe-Smoker

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    Eventually, it did not work out for Christmas.
    Any updates on the schedule?
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    Are we going to be able to buy a package with both base plates?
  7. ezlovan

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    Can't wait.
  9. ezlovan

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    They are in production now, if not already finished. Still have to be polished and laser etched, but I anticipate having them in hand in a matter of weeks.
  10. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    For those that are waiting patiently or impatiently, about a week ago a little birdy on Instagram gave up a nice bit of info. According to the post, the razors should be done by the 16th of this month & the razors should be on the website before months end. This bit coming from the man himself at Stirling.

    I certainly am anxiously awaiting the release of this razor with the positive reactions from those few that have tried the prototype razors. Going to be a good February it seems....

    Also, a sweet looking travel case that will be included with the razor purchase.
  11. The-Pipe-Smoker

    The-Pipe-Smoker Active Member

    These travel cases look great. I like the stamped logo. I would pick a green (Stirling-green) one if made available.
  12. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    Bad news from Stirling. Rod the owner posted on FB that the new SS 316 razors will be delayed. The man was screwed and that is putting it nicely. The link to the post is below and will convey the disappointment and pending actions going forward for those that are interested in reading.....
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    Such a shame. When the real deal comes out I will be there to support Stirling like I have for years. Razor looks nice too.
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  14. Str8on2

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    A write up from another forum where some are participating in the Stirling 316L Stainless Prototype Razors pass around. One in the HA & the other in the ST (HA-Hyper Aggressive Gap, ST-Standard Gap). Used the HA for todays shave....

    Decided to go with the HA razor for the first shave and see what and how this thing delivers. First, the fit is about as good as it gets. The feel in hand is just about right with excellent grip. Balance is nearly spot on with just a bit more weight biased towards the head, which is how I prefer it. The blade alignment tabs are on the base plate which bothers me none. I’m used to installing a blade on the Gamechanger and it’s a breeze. No difference here whatsoever. I love the handle with the knurling halfway down the handle and at the midway point there is that taper then flare again towards the top of the handle. Different and unique from any other handle that I’ve held and experienced.

    I’m not going to tell you anything different from what everyone else before has stated about the razor. Yes, it offers plenty of blade feel and cutting prowess to put it alongside the likes of the Ikon Tech, Muhle R41, Asylum RX, PAA EVO DOC, El Jefe and a few others that fail to come to mind. But, here’s the thing. Since going in I knew the razor was going to be a blade feeler and a super efficient performer, I’ve already used all those that I’ve mentioned. Light touch, good technique and let the razor do its thing. I installed a new blade, a Gillette Black Ninja which is quite sharp but, not Feather like and offers an abundance more smoothness and a less harsh feeling during a shave. Like those razors that I mentioned before, the Stirling HA delivers a super close shave in 2 passes with a slight buff on my chin. Rinsing this razor is a breeze and it can do a full pass without having to take a dip in the Agua to rinse. I had soap slopped all over my hand and handle and not once did I feel nervous about slippage or lose of grip. BBS of the highest order. 2 small weepers on my chin from the minor buff and the slightest of irritation around Sir Adam once I passed the alum block in the area. Weepers and burn are gone in about 10 minutes and I’m just faceturbating as I write this. This razor can shave, no doubt about it. Yet, it’s not intimidating. It cuts with authority and extreme prejudice. Whiskers don’t stand a chance with this razor regardless of hair thickness, growth or coarseness. I’m very impressed with my first go. The Stirling Hyper - Aggressive razor is a baller as we say here in the east coast. It’s got shave performance in spades. Looking forward to another shave with the HA then onto the Standard version in a couple of days.

  15. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    Yesterday’s shave was so close that even though I had stubble this evening, it wasn’t the usual 5 O’clock shadow as usual. But, I wanted to get a shave in and figured with the HA set up I can probably get a quick one in. Used the same Gillette SP from the day prior and got set up. Like I said, the whiskers were barely there and I decided to do just a single ATG pass and see if it would suffice. Sure enough that was all it required to get me back to a smooth BBS finish. I rode the cap for the whole shave and not a thing to complain about. But, there was a bit of irritation on each side of my Adam’s Apple as I kind of J-hooked that particular area. Nothing fierce but, the alum pass plus the after shave did tell me there was some heat in there. I probably could have gone without a shave but, since time is limited I just want to get some shaves in with both razors and move them along in a timely manner. Besides, once the after shave took effect, irritation was gone within 30 minutes. Not a bad trade off for a smooth as glass finish.

    Next up, the Standard plate razor.

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    Tonight’s shave was with the ST or Standard Gap razor with roughly about 24 hours worth of stubble. As I mentioned previously with those shaves, they were extremely long lasting. Today was almost the same as yesterday’s stubble but, I gave it a couple more hours and there is just a bit more stubble to work with for the evening shave. Took the same Gillette SP (Black Ninja) from the previous two shaves with the Stirling HA and just dropped it into the Stirling ST. The handle here has the knurling just about in the middle but, leaning slightly towards the top half of the handle. Surprisingly, it still felt good in the hands and I never needed to readjust or look for an area that I felt comfortable with. Two fingers & thumb on the knurled area and my pinky towards the bottom for guiding balance. Felt just as comfortable and balanced as the HA’s handle set up. Truthfully though. I like the HA handle just a bit more. Anyways, the shave was really an excellent 2 pass affair. I’ll add that the Gillette SP is still feeling sharp & smooth and in the ST version it was really a great combo. I like efficient and yet smooth and I don’t mind a bit of blade feel. What the HA offers is leaps and bounds over the ST in blade feel yet, the ST delivers a very good efficient shave with the blade feel toned down quite a bit. I was able to really move this razor quickly and comfortably all around my face and neck with little to no fear of putting red dots all over my face. This is not a mild shaver but, it is very smooth with just the right amount of blade exposure to get the job done really well. An uneventful shave that left me with another BBS finish. 3 down and 1 more shave to go before I get these ready to make a trip across the country.

    I’ll tell you now. I’m really liking these 2 offerings from Stirling....


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    Apologies for the delay. I couldn’t post last night as I had a job issue that I had to attend too. Without further ado, my final thoughts on the Stirling razors....

    Though my stay was short with the razors and I would have loved to have shaven with each razor for a week, those two shaves with each one of them gave me more than enough feedback for a solid feel and a definite direction on where I would be heading in acquiring one or both of these Stirling creations. The fit and finish is excellent on both of them from the handle screwing into the top cap thread, to the cap and base squeezing down on the blade locking it into place giving both solid support and rigidity. The feel in the hands is of a top notch tool that feels both luxurious & purposeful with a tactile presence that they both mean business. The knurling that is offered by both handles is superb and though they are both offered differently on the length of each handle, they present one with more than sufficient grip to allow some adjustability on how one would like to hold these tools.

    The HA is exactly what Rod at Stirling says that it is. It’s a whisker whacking beast that has some manners to it. Think Ikon Tech blade feel with near Timeless vice-like clamping on the blade, properly supported. Make no mistake about it, this razor was designed & built to give the user more blade feel and be the de facto 1-2 pass razor in one’s arsenal. You like blade feel? Check. You want to get done in 2 passes or less with NO touch ups required? Double Check. You like your Ikon Tech but, you want better construction or a hommina-hommina exotic alloy? Check. Do you like to oogle & aah your shiny new facial hair terrorist? Again, Check. Yet, this thing has some manners because even though it is a forward feeling blade razor, it’s smoother than the I-Tech and just as efficient. That was my only two issues with the I-Tech. The make up in alloy and the blade flex because I feel it’s not as properly supported as it could have been. The HA solves that very, very nicely. If you do not like blade feel on your face, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.... If you do, get your charge card ready, pay down your debt, send the wife and kids on a vacation when this razor becomes available. You will want to be alone when you get this razor in your hands and get your first shave in as you will giggle uncontrollably in sheer delight. Like a 3rd grade school girl sitting next to her crush at recess. It’s totally worth it in my estimation. It will give you one of the finest, closest shaves you’ve experienced. You’ll get some nice skin exfoliation as an added bonus if you treat it with disrespect. I’d recommend it to anyone except for the newbie that just got his/her first DE and is still sporting their Huggies. If you know your razor and have a good foundation on shave technique, a 6 month private to a grizzled battle tested razor vet of many years will find success with the HA.

    The ST is an excellent performer as well. And to be truthful and blatantly honest, I liked the ST more. I know, I just pulled all the manly hairs out from my chest and waxed out my bikini line after going all out, full testosterone mode on the HA. Hear me out on this one. I love blade feel as I still do straight shave on occasion and will always do so. I have plenty of blade forward razors that give me nearly the same shave feel as the HA, just not as beautifully made or constructed of a premium alloy. The PAA EVO SS, Ikon El Jefe, I-Tech, Asylum RX and a couple of others as well. The EVO & RX are both constructed of premium alloy but, not as beautiful to look at (in my eyes) as the Stirling razors. These two razors almost have a Timeless like look to them though they are quite different in design and head geometry. The ST cemented itself into my mind as a go to everyday shaver that cuts hair with nearly that same efficiency of it’s bigger brother, the HA but, does it with substantially less blade feel. Sort of like somewhere in between a Gamechanger .84 SB & a Timeless .95 SB. Nearly in the middle but, tuned more toward the Timeless .95 side. It felt so good on the face that I nearly had it racing across my face after the first stroke. It was fantastic on the ATG strokes with nice audible feedback from the razor. The HA shows it as well, perhaps more so but, you need to pay more attention with it as well or it can be well, you know, distressing. The ST gave me solid 12-13 hours of shaved skin smoothness losing only by 3-4 hours to the HA in total longevity. Nevertheless, the quality of shaves (2 only) were superb and never ever did I feel it would try to turn on me and bite. It was love at first shave, seriously.

    So, where would I go? Both if you asked me and my manly compulsive side. Truthfully though, the Misses knows I’m onto these and she’s already conceded on me getting one. I’ve tried on two for quite some time. Every time I bring it up and mention the release is coming soon with a limited number of razors, she asks me one question. “Honey, do you like sleeping in our bed or, would you prefer the couch indefinitely?” I always cringe and bow my head slowly walking away and mumbling “You, Dear”.

    It’s the ST for me. Besides, I like sleeping with my Old Lady....

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