Stirling Scots Pine Sheep (Bath Soap)

Discussion in 'Skincare' started by Michael_W, Jun 21, 2018.

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    Okay, so, when I first ordered and received my Autumn Glory post-shave balm, I got a sample bath bar of the Scots Pine Sheep soap. Alas, I only got to use it once before one of my new roommates made it disappear into thin air. When I got the shave soap version, I received a sample bath bar of the Glastonbury and that so far has not disappeared, but being a sample bar its longevity is quite obviously limited.

    Well, having loved how the shave soap felt on my skin when using it, and remembering the one use of the sample bar, I sent away for the full-sized version, and I expect it to arrive today as USPS tracking informs me it's out for delivery.

    So, if you've never tried this excellent soap, let me tell you about it. The mutton tallow gives the lather an extra creaminess and slickness that I've not quite experienced with beef. Don't get me wrong; I've gotten terrific results from soaps made using bovine fat, such as Tabac. But the mutton tallow just seems to give it an extra richness.

    What's been your experience?
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    I have been using the bath soap for five years now.................kinda like it! :D
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    As I wrote in a previous post, all "bath soaps" I get I use as simple sink hand soaps....I've done this with a few Stoylins.
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    That's long enough for a pattern :)
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