Stropping is King

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    Often overlooked because all the attention is given to hones and honing
    Honestly proper stropping can do more to make or break a finely honed edge then most realize

    The three stages of SR stropping:

    #1 Trying to do no harm, Actually during this stage a bench/paddle strop or placing the hanging strop along the edge of a table or counter can help teach the "Flip"

    #2 Doing no harm, This is when the new guy finally manages to stop rolling edges and nicking the strop, the "flip" is pretty smooth and the actual stropping pattern is realized rather than going straight up and down the strop

    #3 Actually improving the edge, Finally you have a smooth light stroke with a pattern that moves the spine and therefore the edge evenly and equally across the strop... You can now take a Meh edge and strop it back in to peak performance... It is also at this point when you begin to realize the importance of a Hanging strop being able to adjust tension to match the razor

    Yes is is very true "Stropping is Often Underrated"
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    I've been nicking my new strop lately. Haven't rolled an edge in forever though.
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    I rolled some edges early in my day. Glen was more than gracious as he took them back and got 'em right for no charge (he did, and still does, all the sharpening for me).
    Since then I've been good.
    The flip seemed to come easy enough for me; I think there's only one or two nicks on my strop.

    Folks, if you're having problems getting the muscle-memory down for stropping, why not practice with a butter knife?
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    Great post!

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