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  1. vinny g

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    has any one been watching this fellow on you tube he calls himself sugar daddy shaves okay this guy is all about technique and takes it to a scientific level he is currently doing austere august a 30 day run with the dart-williams soap wd boar brush and going to try for a 30 shave on the nacet blade. he can be longer on his video but serious about what he does no showmanship he explains every step and why. Great for newbies and veterans of the DE. check it out
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  2. vinny g

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    his link is
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    I didn't stick around for the 45 minutes of video on his 1st.

    Skipping through it, he does share info that would be helpful to a new wet shaver. He does well at not making the mistake of assumed knowledge - that your audience knows what you know.

    Sticking with a set up for 30 days is a great exercise to improve your technique. There's a group here at TSD that does much the same. The 30 Day Rule / Focus Discussion thread welcomes newbies and veterans alike.
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    I'll give the average YouTuber about 10 minutes of my time on a topic that interesting to me, I've seen so many Gents stand in front of a camera and shave in 6 years I'm practically burned out.
  5. brit

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    i have watched a couple of his austere august vids. really good. i watch paul h films most of the time.i watch them for the new products and tips mainly. i like the dart razor....

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