Summertime...Barbeques, Grills & Smokers!

Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by HolyRollah, Jun 11, 2013.

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    Not foiling will give them a little more bite from the bone. I cook on a kamado and haven't had the need to baste ribs or use a water pan. I just use a heavy hand applying rub, set the grill wherever it settles between 250F and 275F and let them do their thing. I like to foil and wrap them for about 45 minutes once it hits the stall just to help them along. It has been so long since I used another cooker, sorry I can't help much.
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    A friend of mine has one and loves it. I have an old large black KJ and a small oval Primo that I inherited. Enjoy.
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    I wouldn’t start basting until after the rub has set. If you baste too soon you run the risk of washing your rub off. Just my opinion, someone else may have a different view. Good luck!
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    Smoked chicken breast Monterey with rice and beans.

    20200712_131838_HDR.jpg 20200712_131720_HDR.jpg
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    Peach\chipotle bbq baby back ribs.
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    Alder smoked salmon. Excellent. I made Cilantro Lime coleslaw and garlic sauteed fresh green beans as the sides. It was great.

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    I had a little family get together today. I made a good fire with Red Oak, and did some cooking. . I cooked Chicken Shish Kabobs, and Prime Rib Shish Kabobs. Also, some hotdogs and big thick hamburgers. Something for everyone. Plus, I can freeze the leftovers and eat good for.a.while.
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    I fired up the kamado yesterday and roasted a spatchcocked turkey breast for Thanksgiving. After a dry brine, I used a touch of cherry wood at 325F and basted with a garlic herb butter a few times through the cook. It was definitely one of my better efforts.

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    Great job! Looks yummy.
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    Thanks. I was impressed with how it turned out this year.

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