Super Speed evolution....a bunch of useless info you probably don't need to know

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by MTgrayling, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. D.irving79

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    my normal DE shaving is with gillette old types from 1905-1920 if that helps.
  2. Padron

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    Great info, thanks Chris! :D Sweet photos too :signs154
  3. moviemaniac

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    GREAT information, Chris! :: :: ::
  4. harry

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    Great post very interesting, by the way does any use the old blades that came with razor ? if so what are like v modern blades ?
  5. Aaron622

    Aaron622 New Member

    This is a great, informative post, as is the one on Rockets. I recently acquired a no-notch 1947 Super Speed, and I'm not sure if it is the regular version or the Ranger Tech hybrid. The handle looks like the middle one in your picture, but it has a creased blade tray. Do the hybrid ones always have uncreased blade trays? Either way, it is an amazing shaver.

  6. scottydoint

    scottydoint Member

    I just got one yesterday like the one in the middle. It even has the cardboard box. It is identical to the one on the right except for one part on the neck. All of those have the same blade tray. It also comes in the same box as the one on the right. they are both from 1947.
  7. scottydoint

    scottydoint Member

    What is the uncreased blade tray? IDK what that means.

    Edit: NVM, I see what the creased and uncreased is about. Okay, from left to right, my ranger tech has an uncreased blade tray, the 47's SS with the different neck design DOES have a creased blade tray, and the normal 47' SS does NOT have the crease blade tray. Interesting.

    Chris, the 47' SS did come with a "Speed Pack". It says so on the box and it shows the 47' SS in the picture.
  8. Aaron622

    Aaron622 New Member


    Mine (with the different neck) is the same as you describe, although unfortunately I don't have the box. Which is considered the standard 1947, the one with the regular neck or the different one.

  9. scottydoint

    scottydoint Member

    I think the one on the far right is the normal 47'. Before this thread I can only remember seeing one of the middle razor with the diff neck, in a thread asking about it. So your 47' is the one pictured in the middle and does or doen't have the crease in the blade tray?

    After typing that, I went on and Achim has two cased 47' SS. They are both the ones that we have with the strange neck. One is in the same case as mine and the other is in a case marked as an Aristocrat Jr.

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  10. Aaron622

    Aaron622 New Member

    From the sounds of it, I think we have the same razor. I can't tell from the pictures if Achim's have the crease or not.

    I had assumed that the 47 SS was the same as the regular late 40s early 50s model except that it didn't have the notch. Then I got mine and the handle is different than the ones I had seen (not that I paid that close attention). I've been getting really good shaves with it, and I want to make sure I get the same model if I find one that's in better condition.

    Since this thread is already "useless crap" I figured it would be a good place to ask about blade trays, etc. I guess I don't really understand what the "hybrid Ranger Tech/SS" is. Is a hybrid because of the blade tray? Are there different variations of the different neck design that have creased trays and others that don't?
  11. scottydoint

    scottydoint Member

    I think Chris must have coined the term "hybrid Ranger Tech/SS". I've never heard of that until this thread.

    Here is my assessment: 47' hybrid has the diff. neck design and a creased tray. The regular 47' has the normal neck design and an uncreased blade tray. The 48-54 SS have the normal neck and creased blade tray and also are notched.
  12. MTgrayling

    MTgrayling Rocket Man

    Wow you guys were busy last evening. First of all welcome Aaron622!

    As for the term Ranger Tech/Super Speed hybrid, it was the first term that popped in my head while trying to define what I was seeing. I used it to describe the razor that looks like a 1947 Super Speed but has the Ranger Tech uncreased blade tray. I don't think the handle has much to do with defining those as I have one hybrid with the "shoulder" and another without.

    The 1947 RT/SS hybrid has the uncreased blade tray and no notch
    The 1947 SS has the creased blade tray and no notch
    The 1948 SS has the creased blade tray and a notch

    I also think the 1947 came with the plastic Speed Pak and the 1948ish on until 1959 or so came with the Blue Blade dispenser. I can't say for sure whether mine pictured above is original although I did receive it that way from another collector, logically there would have been some overlap IMO.

    Honestly I forgot much of this information when I wrote the Rocket piece, had to make some room in my head apparently, so don't chastise me too much if I screw up. :o
  13. Aaron622

    Aaron622 New Member

    Thanks, Chris. I've always enjoyed your posts over at another forum (don't think you visit there anymore), and I found this thread (and and the amazing on on Rockets) while searching for info on my '47 SS.

    So I think you answered my question. What I have is a 47 (no notch) Super Speed that happens to have the "shoulder" handle.
  14. tsenfw

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    hmmm didn't know all this about super speeds. Looks like I have the ranger hybrid because of the neck slightly diff design and the lack of notch. Wow, surprising, I feel special lol
  15. colinmono

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    Fantastic article!

    I have a tiny bit of extra info you may like. I have recently acquired a C4 Red Tip with the + /low band / spring clip retainer / rattle, so I think they must have starting producing these in 1957.
  16. MTgrayling

    MTgrayling Rocket Man

    Welcome to TSD and thanks for the additional information colinmono! Sometimes I think Gillette did things just to mess with collectors! :D
  17. Tinkerputzer

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    Very nice write up Chris. Thanks for putting this together.

    I'm shocked that not even you have the elusive tan tip :happy102
  18. melyus

    melyus Well-Known Member

    What is the main differences between Gilette Rocket and Gilette Superspeed ?

  19. MTgrayling

    MTgrayling Rocket Man

    The main difference is Rockets were made in England and Super Speeds were made in the USA. There are some differences in the way they operate and are manufactured.
  20. newmikemac

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    I feel like I am in school

    Wow am I learning a lot. Thanks for your work putting this together.

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