Super Speeds US/English Part 2

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Bronco, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Bronco

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    My continuing saga of Super Speed comparison. On the left in a Gillette 1947 SS, in the middle, a Gillette 1949 SS and on the right from the same era an English made Superspeed or Rocket. The 1947 weighs in at 1.95 oz., the 1949 weighs 1.95 oz. and the English model weighs in at a hefty 2.25 oz. Notice that the 1947 has the older type blade bar with no notch, the 1949 has the sandwich bar with a large notch and the English appears to have a solid center bar with a very little notch.
    The heads (as with the Red Tips) are just a little different. Notice the side bar cover on the English model sits just a little lower. I believe that this gives the blade just a little different angle and just a hair more exposure.
    The handle length of the English SS is about 3/16" shorter than the other two and the bottom is enclosed just as with the Red Tip. This has something to do with the mechanisms different internal designs for opening and closing.
    Hands down winner as far as shaving goes is the English model, followed by the 1947 and then the 1949. YMMV
    I think the extra weight and the blade angle of the English model contribute to a smooth shave. That said, they are all good shavers, not too aggressive but just right. A good razor for a noob or an old hand.
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    Nice job Steve. Keep them coming. ::
  3. sparky5693

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    Very good info.
  4. TraderJoe

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    Excellent photos, Steve.....thanks for postin 'em up :happy088 ::
  5. jbcohen

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    When you change models of Super Speeds and Rockets do you find that your observations change based on the models that you are comparing? Have you ever compared a Welshi in these comparisions? Have you compared other TTOs as well?
  6. Bronco

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    jb, I've found variences in Gillette SS's from the 40's, 50's, 60's and the 70's. Sometimes in the same model from the same year. They are mechanical, they are built with tolerences, they are old, some have been used as a hammer, they vary. I enjoy using the late 40's or early 50's model, sometimes my 58 TV Special, these are my favorites, YMMV :D I have used the Welshi, Seagull and the Parker razors and found them close but not my favorites. Blade angles and exposures and beard prep contribute to a fine shave. Ya really don't know how razors work until ya try em.
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    now who would do something like that :D
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  9. Bronco

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    Thanks Will, it takes brillyanse to recognize brillyanse..........:D
  10. jfrancisco

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    I have found the same when comparing these razors. My English Rocket provides a comfortable, close shave and is a razor get much more use than my Superspeeds. I used to own an Aristocrat #66, but I found the head geometry to be the same as the Rocket and so I sold the 66 (to buy a textbook.) So if you are wanting to try an English Aristocrat and don't feel like spending $200+ on a razor, you might consider one of these Rockets which can be had for one-fifth the price.

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