Tactile Turn Pruner Mach3

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    I wanted to share my thoughts on the Tactile Turn Pruner Mach3 razor by Will Hodges of Tactile Turn. I like the Mach3 system but I wanted a nicer handle than the Gillette one, so while browsing the web I came across Tactile Turn, mainly known for their ink pens. The Tactile Turn Mach3 razor, the Pruner is great. I love the weight and feel of the stainless steel version that I ordered. They also have them available in titanium, as well as a fusion line called the Parer.

    Tactile+Turn+Mach+3-1.jpg Tactile+Turn+Mach+3-3.jpg
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    Looks cool!
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    Very nice; do they also make a Trac II handle?
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    No they only sell Fusion & Mach3 handles, but I suggested to them that Atra, Trac II, and double edge handles would probably sell well. They thanked me for the suggestion but they said it depended on how well the Fusion and Mach3 handles sold for them.
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