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    Nice...though I've never heard of it.

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    Manual said he was going to send me one of those for testing a year or so ago. He expected to release it last spring, if I recall correctly.

    It's certainly unique looking. I predict it will be one of the more "audible feedback" type razors out there, looking at the baseplate and cap connection. Design-wise, it looks like a Blackland Blackbird and a Tedalus Essence had a love child.

    That's not a bad thing. I'm curious as to whether it will take the crown of King of DE razors as easily as the Essence became the King of Shavettes. Lot more competition in the DE market.
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    Certainly a beautiful-looking razor. The head from the side-view (narrow side) reminds me of a Progress, but with a smooth bar.
    The $64,000 question: How does it shave?
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