The Agony Of Defeat

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Gillette_Man, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Gillette_Man

    Gillette_Man New Member

    But what if the auction of something you really want ends in the middle of the night or while you are at work? I'l stick to my "sniper ways". :D
  2. MTgrayling

    MTgrayling Rocket Man

    Bid the maximum you are willing to pay.
  3. tjgriffin

    tjgriffin Active Member

    That's exactly what I do with the sniper. The difference is that my max bid isn't out there for others to run up. I pick an amount such that if it goes higher, I feel I won by NOT getting at that price! :eek: I don't always win, but I never have buyer's remorse.

    I decided to start sniping after I got into the habit of opening 3-4 windows with various bids and firing them off in the last minute of the auction, i.e. sniping by hand. The problem was that those highest bids were to much. I lost judgement in the rush of the race at the end. Also the software can time the bid much better.

    One thing to keep in mind: If two people bid the same amount, its the guy who bid FIRST that wins. So if you place a tie bid closer to the end you'll lose. If another sniper's bid is higher than yours it doesn't matter that you placed it first. That's why I like to fire MORE than 1 sec before the end.
  4. hoglahoo

    hoglahoo Yesterday's News

    Maybe I misinterpreted the ebay auction page, but it looks like the winner bid before blue monkey bid, meaning a snipe wouldn't have helped. Even if I am misreading the time stamps, how would the winning buyer place a bid of only a penny more? Who knows how high he or she actually placed their bid


    Anyway, I use free sniping services as well from time to time, but I don't bid often so sometimes I use gixen or auctionsniper.
  5. Gillette_Man

    Gillette_Man New Member

    You're right, the times don't make sense. If a higher bid was placed prior to my snipe time, then my sniping service would not even activate. Ah, only at eBay! :whacky011
  6. D.irving79

    D.irving79 Gemocrat

    just do what i do: make your max bid like $4,000.

  7. hoglahoo

    hoglahoo Yesterday's News

    I think the winner bid $20.50 or more and when you put in your bid of $20 then ebay proxy bid him or her up to 20.01

    At least that's how it used to work

    Ah, so you are the source of my bidding war frustrations? Arrrrr!
  8. Gillette_Man

    Gillette_Man New Member

    But you're safe to do that, because you bid on razors nobody else wants! :happy102

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