The Barrister and Mann Latha Series

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    I agree, Lavanille is a strange scent for sure. Wasn't too fond of it at first, but you can grow to like it over time. Similar to Tabac or other polarizing scents, given enough time it may turn into a favorite scent.
  2. Col C

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    The B&M Taiga and Bay Rum are my favorites right now. I'm attending a wet shaving event in May and B&M is one of the attending vendors. I hope I'll have an opportunity to smell the various scents and then make my selection.
  3. PilotMike

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    The Latha Figgy Pudding is easily one of my favorite scents!
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  4. Straight razor dandy

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    I have all the latha scents. They are all incredible.
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  5. Legend In My Spare Time

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    Went back to my Latha tonight. Another fantastic shave with superb slickness and protection. A cross between yogurt and meringue with a perfect sheen. I wish B&M sold it by the Kilo, it would be my new go to soap. I'm seriously tempted on just exclusively using this soap from now on. It hits all the major points so perfectly and the price is amazing too.

    Love this soap!
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  6. brit

    brit in a box

    i am waiting on the sandalwood .should receive it on friday from ib. my first b and m soap.will use it on the weekend/monday night shave.stay tuned...g
  7. jmsodpc

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    I'm looking at some latha lemon aftershave splash...anyone try it?
    Is it mostly alcohol or witch hazel?
  8. Col C

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  9. jmsodpc

    jmsodpc Active Member

    looks like its on sale too...had to pull the trigger.

    $10.30 shipped to my door.
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  10. Fly2High

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    Since this thread is largely about Latha line of B&M, I figured I would indicate what many already know, the Latha line has been discontinued. Grab it while you can. Will has decided to shut it down.
  11. DentonMajik

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    I just used the sample of the black label; oakmoss, lavender, heliotrope, and the scent is amazing!

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