The British Gillette Razor.

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    I don't know. I am pretty sure the case though the same style is not from a pocket edition. The pocket editions had engraving on the back of the case saying pocket edition with this style case far as I know. This one has no engraving at all on the back of the case.
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    Here is the back and inside of the case. I have no idea if they used this case style outside of the pocket editions in the US. The only red flag I see is it doesn't say made in the USA or England. I am pretty sure all the cases from the new and improved razors up would have that distinction so there is a possibility this is a case for an old type US or British or Canadian or etc.
    gw2.jpg gw6.jpg
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    Thanks for the extra pictures. It's an interesting one. To be honest, until recently I was only aware of the US Goodwill, that came in a cardboard box. My recent explorations, since buying a Canadian Goodwill is what led me to discover the British options. You might be correct about the 'New' cases. I shall keep an eye out. Now all I need is a #162 or #164. I have become quite enamoured by the humble Goodwill.
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    I have a British razor too. Perhaps more than one...
    just look at my avatar! :D

    Or the gold version of the set here?:

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