The Decline and Resurgence of Wet Shaving

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Johnny, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Johnny

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    The Decline and Resurgence of Wet Shaving

    A few weeks ago, I found myself in the position of trying to explain my interest in traditional wet shaving to my 27 and 34-year old sons. They are thoroughly modern men and they use modern shaving tools because,'s what modern guys do.

    As I described the process to them, the paraphernalia, the pleasure, and the advantages.... one item provoked the strongest reaction. They were dismayed that I took 20 minutes to shave in the morning and that's really when it hit me. When you look at the rise of technology and the decline of manly rituals, inevitably the clock is to blame. We have sacrificed a whole host of pleasures on the altar of time and we are ultimately the poorer for it.

    The pipe gives way to the cigarette. The ocean liner gives way to the airplane. The restaurant becomes the drive-through and the conversation becomes the text message...and all because we, as men, continue to believe that if we could just save a bit more time in our day we'd be able to really get to the things we wanted to do. Ironically, in the pursuit of having enough time to do what we want we are forced to dilute or discard the very things we wanted in the first place...and so our vitality dwindles away with every tick of the relentless clock.

    Perhaps that is why in some sense we're all here at TSD. We want to recapture a forgotten pleasure. We want to revel in the luxury of choosing what we do with our morning routine and most of all, we want to remember the simple joy of not taking the quickest or most expedient road, but the sweet meandering path of our own curiosity.

    This weekend as I was rushing through a morning shave I thought about all of this. I took a breath, and remembered that there was nothing on the agenda that couldn't wait just a few minutes more. In the moment of that realization, I became once again the master of the clock instead of its servant and my little daily ritual took on an added sweetness that hadn't been there just a moment before.

    I wish for everyone here a similar moment of timeless indulgence. In the day-to-day flow of obligation and expectation, I encourage you to find a moment to ignore the demands of the clock and take pleasure in this mutual interest we all share. Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish for you all a truly excellent shave.
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  2. FortWayneShaver

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  3. Conrad1959

    Conrad1959 Well-Known Member

    Well said, Johnny. Most of us have pledged many times to "live for the day", and then adhere to that commitment as if it were a New Year's resolution.
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  4. fishcrow

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    :signs107: Great article. I agree we would all benefit in slowing down a bit in the mad race of life.
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  5. Hanzo

    Hanzo Well-Known Member

    Great article Johnny. A deep thought beyond just shaving.:)
  6. GDCarrington

    GDCarrington Burma Shave

    Well as they say, speed kills! The clock is a tyrant to us all!

    Great article Johnny.
  7. battle.munky

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    Good read Johnny.
  8. wknicholas

    wknicholas Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Johnny - the older I get the faster the time goes by. However, a nice shave seems to slow it down a bit. :)
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  9. ShortStrokes

    ShortStrokes Well-Known Member

    Very nicely said Johnny. I am always in a hurry to get things done and always try and remeber to slow down and live. This article sure helps.
  10. RockHolger

    RockHolger New Member

    Well written Johnny.
    Can anyone say where all the time we save all the time goes?
  11. macaronus

    macaronus Sir Nice-a-Lot Staff Member

    That is SO true, Johnny! Great read!

    I spoke with my brother last sunday on getting up and ready in the morning. Within 20 minutes after his clock starts ringing he is shaved and fully clothed, has had breakfast and is out of the door! Then I told him I take the same 20 minutes just for a leisurely shave. He didn't get it.

    But to me it is the highlight of the day. At work one is ruled by the clock, but for a shave, I like to take the time. Guess that if we all took the time to enjoy the simple things in life -like a shave- it would be for the better! Thanx!
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  12. Slivovitz

    Slivovitz Well-Known Member

    This definitely strikes a chord with me. The opportunity to take my time is one of my most precious luxuries. Good article.:happy096:
  13. supe

    supe Active Member

    Well done Johnny!
  14. ridgerunner

    ridgerunner Active Member

    Insightful and very well written. Thank you.
    Some say that time spent wet shaving does not count against one's allotted time on earth.
  15. Johnny

    Johnny Little Boy Blue

    On a positive note, my 34 year old son decided he wanted to try this, so I gave him one of my Schick G1's and some Schick blades and he informs me it's the best shave he's ever had. Now if I could just get him off the Barbasol canned shave cream.
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  16. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    Every journey starts with a single step. Get a brush and some soap or cream for his birthday.

    I set my brother up with a kit and he loves the razor but wasn't a fan of the brush and soap. I find the brush and soap to be my favorite part of the shave.
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  17. Johnny

    Johnny Little Boy Blue

    I agree 100%. The prep (brush and soap) are everything.

    His birthday is in April and he will be getting a Omega 10005 brush, Proraso soap, and a bottle of Floid Blue. :)
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  18. truegreen

    truegreen New Member

    Wow, nicely done. We are always rushing, running... in the process we forget that the its the little things that makes moment count. Thanks for reminding us this very eloquently
  19. SharpSpine

    SharpSpine Well-Known Member

    "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference." -- Robert Frost

    Great article Johnny. With my 34th b'day coming up soon I understand exactly what your sons are thinking. I just didn't know about this style of shaving until I was completely fed up with irritation from carts & electrics. Your points also hit home with me because the clock controlling life was a big reason I wanted to get out of Atlanta & to raise a family in a smaller & "slower" town. Thanks again for an enjoyable read.
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  20. huck1680

    huck1680 Well-Known Member

    Bang on pal. I take at least 15 minutes to shave and don't care what else is happening. This is "me" time and yeah, every now & then, we all have to hurry, rush or whatever but I always make sure to "slow" it right back down again.

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