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    The Dutch Shaving Shop is run by Paul Kox, the owner of Kox Barbershop, a family owned business in since 1904.

    This place has everything you can think of. Classic soaps, creams, straight and DE razors, blades, brushes, aftershaves, hair and skin products etc. etc. Even barberpoles...
    He also sells vintage DE and straight razors. The straights are hand honed and cleaned by Paul before shipping.
    Other vintage items include atomisers and shaving boxes.

    On the down side, shopping there might be a little expensive for our cousins on the other side of the Atlantic.
    The english translation of the site may leave you :confused: sometimes, but you are welcome to ask the vendor questions about the products.
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    Wow! Looks awesome!
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    Takes a personal interest in customer satisfaction

    Mr. Paul Kox is the owner. His product range is probably the best you'll find on either side of the ocean. It's not a click and pay process, being continents apart, but Paul makes it easy through personal contact. I have learned that all I should do when I get ready to purchase something he has listed, is to send him an email at the address listed, then he calculates the shipping from Holland to my front door, I pay through Paypal, even though that is not listed as an option on the website, at least not lately. Paul notifies me that payment has been received and that my product will go out the next day, then it arrives in about 8 days every time. He is fair, honest, and dependable. As is the case with one other vendor I prefer to use regularly, I do not hesitate to recommend The Dutch Shaving Shop to anyone, because Paul cares about his customers.

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