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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by huck1680, Mar 5, 2023.

  1. huck1680

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    Good morning
    Well, I received the razor a few days a go and have managed to get in a few shaves. I started with a Nacet that had 3 shaves on it already. Now the razor has been re-designed since I owned the 1.0. Different cap and handle besides the base plates. The original handle was longer and skinnier and not that great for me. This handle is just fine. The original weighed in at 122 gm, the 2.0 according to my kitchen scale is 125gm. The gap and exposure was .95 and .25 respectively. I ordered the III plate and it's .85 and .15 in comparison. The original had a fair amount of blade feel to me and was definitely aggressive. I liked it when I first got it and tended to be a bit cautious for the first few shaves. I got used to it and it was fine. However the balance and long handle didn't work for me and eventually I sold it.
    Then I read about the 2.0 from a few members and how they really enjoyed the razor. I looked and liked the new design, shorter and thicker handle and decided to pull the trigger.
    It arrived fairly quickly and I noticed their packaging actually went backwards a bit in that it used a plastic razor holder/insert in the box. The quality of the razor is top-notch and everything fit beautifully. I like the satin finish and doubt I'll do any polishing unless I'm completely bored one day. Blade clamping is excellent, no chatter etc.
    Now onto the performance. As I said I used a Nacet with a few shaves on it to begin with. First pass WTG and I noticed there's still a good amount of blade feel...less than the 1.0 but still noticeable. Ok then, I proceeded and noticed the shave was, so far, very comfortable with some audio as well.
    As I got into the ATG pass after re-lathering, I was impressed with the efficiency this razor was giving me. I think the GC has a better ATG pass than the OverLander...high praise indeed. Shaving around the chin was without any drama at all. And the resulting shave was truly BBS and lasted well past 12 hours as far as needing another shave was concerned. I'd shaved at 7 pm and at 7 am I did not need to shave for work. Very impressive.
    I understand the price increase but the packaging could be a bit better for what you're spending and no plastic.
    So if there's anyone still wondering whether or not to buy this razor...DO IT! An excellent razor all around.
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    I've heard the Greencult 2.0 is one of the better stainless razors out there for the price.
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  3. huck1680

    huck1680 Great Northern CanUkrainian

    Yes, it is. Not as inexpensive as when it first came out as the 1.0 but to my mind, even better than it started.
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  4. huck1680

    huck1680 Great Northern CanUkrainian

    I feel I have to reiterate this point...this is one of THE BEST DE razors...EVER. To back up my claim...I have owned a lot of razors, from Gillettes to Barbasols, Leresche, Tradere, RazoRock, Timeless, Muhle, EJ...etc, etc, etc. Seriously a great razor. The II plate gets a lot of love, I have the III plate and it's spectacular.
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    Hmmm...yet another razor to consider, even though I said to myself I have plenty already...

    I've heard the name mentioned before, but never looked into it...until now.

    Of course, it is complicated. So there was V1.0, 1.1, and now 2.0. It appears that 1.0 is no longer available, but 1.1 is. The latter is a little more than half the price of 2.0. So right away you need to ask yourself: is 2.0 that much better? Pre-2.0, there was no choice of plates; 2.0 has 4! Decisions, decisions...

    Gap and exposure of 1.1 is the same as 2.0 plate II. But the head design is slightly different. And the handle is way different.

    I've read discussions, and started to wonder why people were referencing the Game Changer? Than I realized that GC stood for GreenCult. At least in the shaving world, there should be a rule that one acronym can't mean 2 different things. ;)

    As for reviews: so many permutations -- really 6 different types of shaves, if you include 1.0 and 1.1. Then people are putting other handles on the heads! I do need to show some self-restraint and not consider buying this razor anytime soon. :signs136:

    But when I hear "BEST EVER"...:signs068:

    But...have you ever used a Feather AS-D2? I swore recently that this would be my RAD killer.

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  6. sidpost

    sidpost Active Member

    For a nearly novice wet shaver, I'd say the Edwin Jagger 3one6 of mine is an awesome buy at $60~$70 delivered out of the UK region.

    While more aggressive than an EJ DE89 or Muhle R89, it isn't bad for cuts or weepers if your technique is a little off for the shave.

    The Muhle Rocca is a nice one for me as well but, it will make me bleed a little if I'm not careful with it. Nothing bad but, a little less forgiving than the EJ 3one6.

    This Green Cult razor gets a lot of "press" but, it is more expensive than either the 3one6 or Rocca in the $60 to $70 range give or take a little.
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  7. ShaversRUs

    ShaversRUs Well-Known Member

    Where can you get Roccas and 3ONE6s for 70 bananas? I see them for sale for over 100 clams.
    And actually, I haven't heard much about the Green Cult, whereas I have about the Rocca and EJ.
  8. huck1680

    huck1680 Great Northern CanUkrainian

    Yep, I had the AS D2 and it was a very mild shaver and for me not particularly efficient. Now, I have a few GREAT razors and the GC 2.0 is right in there. The II plate is really enjoyed by a lot of people...I got the III and it's terrific. It's up to you. I found the GC1.0 to be just a tad too aggressive, which is why I went with the 2.0 and the III plate...I am now down to eight razors...all of which are, to me, great shavers.
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  9. ShaversRUs

    ShaversRUs Well-Known Member

    That's what I've always heard, so I was suprised that from the first stroke I heard the sound of scraping burnt toast, and I found it to be extremely efficient.

    I was curious about the 1.1, not the 1.0, though.

    So, do people consider this razor to now be an "adjustable" since more than one plate is avail? People call the Rockwell 6S an "adjustable."
  10. sidpost

    sidpost Active Member

    Check Shaving.IE and Connaught Shaving. I got mine with a discount sale from Shaving.IE.

    Shaving.IE also airmailed my package for $10US on a relatively large order.
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  11. PLANofMAN

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    "BEST EVER," Is an overused statement. I tried an R41 yesterday for the first time ever (I know, I take my time on trying everything). It gave a really, really good shave, and could easily be someone's #1 razor. And it is, for a lot of people. Does that make it the best razor ever? Yeah, no.

    The GreenCult is an inexpensive (for stainless) razor, from a small mom and pop operation, with a moderately decent finish, and priced accordingly.

    Many of the reviews for the GreenCult are from people early in their wet shaving journey, and of the 5 to 10 razors they've tried thus far, it's the "best razor" ever. You see the same thing with the Henson razors too.

    I've probably had as many "best razor ever" moments as years wet shaving. There's always another razor in the wings waiting to take that best razor ever title.
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  12. sidpost

    sidpost Active Member

    For me, it is generally about "better" for some shaves than others.

    Did I shave last night or, the day before? Did I just return from camping with a few days of whisker growth?

    Which soap or gel am I using? Which razor blade?

    All of these affect which of my razors is "best" at that specific point in time.
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  13. ShaversRUs

    ShaversRUs Well-Known Member

    Well, the OP has been a member here since 2011, and lists his extensive variety of razors he's used. :)

    For the price, I decided to order a V1.1. I couldn't resist at the price. Too much money for a V2.0 for me at this point. And I decided to pass on trying a Yaqi Sentinel or DS Cosmetic WR2 clone.

    So now I wait on the delivery from Spain, for an Australian-made razor. :)

    My logic was: If I got the V2.0, I would get the Level II plate, which has the same specs as V1.1. From what I've read, V1.1 was a big improvement over V1.0, for those that like razors in the mild range, like me. They supposedly had a focus group who chose the plate for the V1.1 from about 4 levels of aggression. Since both versions were successful enough to continue to V2.0, it must have been a pretty decent razor. V2.0 is an attempt to offer 4 levels of agression using 4 different base plates. Yes, they made some tweaks so it is not *exactly* the same geometry as the V1.1. For me, V2.0 could be better, or V1.1 could be better. It's really a dice role. I decided to bet around $60 (shipped) instead of around $100. And a from the few people who have both V1.1 and V2.0 level II, it's seems that they are so close in shaving characteristics that you could probably write it off as blade choice, number of shaves on the blade, pre-shave prep, confirmation bias, etc. And the sample size is extremely small.
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  14. sidpost

    sidpost Active Member

    Greencult are made in Austria.

    I assume you meant it was purchased from a reseller in Spain as opposed to the OEM in Austria.
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  15. ShaversRUs

    ShaversRUs Well-Known Member

    Oops! I added 2 extra letters to Austria: "al".
    Yep, the vendor is in Spain. Not sure if I can mention name, but it was a bit less than Etsy.
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  16. sidpost

    sidpost Active Member

    Innocent comments about buying something from a vendor seems to be reasonable on this site.

    Earlier today, I let a person who asked know where I scored a deal on my razor because he wanted one too! Passing along a good place to buy stuff seems to be part of what forums like this are about!
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  17. ShaversRUs

    ShaversRUs Well-Known Member

    Thanks --
    Pretty easy to find anyway when you google "Green Cult Razor". That's how I found it.
    I paid with Paypal so if they abscond with my money I'm protected.;)
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    We don't censor vendor links here, unless the link was posted by a non-forum participating vendor.

    It's a fine line. Self promotion is not okay, unless the member has a record of participation in the forum. It keeps the forum from degenerating into a slew of advertising posts from every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a new product.

    Other forums take a draconian approach and prohibit vendor links, unless the vendor pays a monthly membership fee. That option is available here as well, but we prefer active membership rather than paid advertising, from what I've seen.
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  19. ShaversRUs

    ShaversRUs Well-Known Member

    "Zis is KAOS. We don't censor here."

    Well, I've been using my Greencult V1.1 for over a week now. It is a great razor for me. Comparing it to other well-known razors, it is much more aggressive than a KCG, and a bit more agressive than a Feather AS-D2. It does have positive exposure, but it is very smooth with no real blade feel except for certain angles on difficult spots on my face.

    Aesthetically, it is nothing to write home about. The side of the head clearly shows that it was cut by a machine, with no polishing. No attempt has been made to make it look nice in terms of rounding edges that would not effect the shave. The handle is better in this respect, but is just about as simple as you can get, except for the tapering in and then out near the head. It is very grippy, and the weight and balance of the assembled razor feels comfortable in the hand.

    One PITA thing, though: it is prone to tea stains because of the way it clamps the blade. After a shave or 2, I could see the stains on the visible part of the blade. If you take a razor apart after each shave, then no problem. I dip the head of mine in alcohol after a shave, and that works, too.

    For about $60 if they are still available, this is a great buy for an all-stainless steel razor. I have not tried any of the stainless steel options from Razorock, so I can't compare. (They are about $10 more, on average.)

    I would rank this and the Feather AS-D2 as my favorite modern razors in my collection. (I have many vintage Gillettes, GEM-types, and Schicks.) For the record, I've never tried a Blackbird, Tatara, Wolfman, Karve, Timeless, Yates, etc. ($100+ razors.)
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  20. ShaversRUs

    ShaversRUs Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm on my 3rd straight week using the GC 1.1. I'm really enjoying this razor. I've used a different blade each week: Dorco Prime Platinum, Silver Star, and now Perma-sharp (gold box). I haven't noticed any difference in the shaves, and I had never used any of these blades before. The combo of these blades and the razor have been smooth and sharp. I use them for 7 shaves (I shave daily.) I notice no difference on the 7th shave from the 1st shave with the next blade. Whether or not this is a function of the razor, I do not know.

    In terms of the shave, there really is nothing "wrong" with this razor, for me. I'm finding that I do not need to do an ATG pass to get into CCS/DFS territory, which is all I aim for. For touch-ups, I only do ATG next to the ears up to my hairline -- which I do for all razors. I do a 3rd pass on most of my face XTG, usually in the opposite direction from the 2nd pass, with the GC 1.1.

    Would the GC 2.0 with Plate II be any better, for me? Who knows? The 1.1 is working out fine, plus I saved some money vs. the GC 2.0. For all I know, the 2.0 Plate II might not have worked out as well, for me.
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