The Haul: October 2021

Discussion in 'Show and tell' started by IAmTheJody, Sep 30, 2021.

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  1. IAmTheJody

    IAmTheJody Gillette-i Master Staff Member

    Fall is here! Hello October! Spooky spooky! Another month to show off those newly acquired acquisitions! Polish your keyboards, stretch your fingers, replace your smoke detector batteries too! Huh? Yeah, might as well do everything!

    Ready? Set? Camera!
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  2. Jrdelgado

    Jrdelgado Well-Known Member

    Got some goodies today


    The brush is an ever ready 100 @Enrico is going to be receiving soon to give a reknot.

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  3. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    The Burma Shave brushes are very similar to the EverReady.
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  4. Jrdelgado

    Jrdelgado Well-Known Member

    I have wanted to get a Burma shave brush. I’ll have to look out for one. Thank you! I like the size of this one. It’s bigger than I thought.
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  5. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    I got mine at a local drug store that just happened to have some. Lucky indeed. Good luck in getting one.
  6. Jrdelgado

    Jrdelgado Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I’ll look. I have a drugstore close that has some wet shaving things. I’ll look!
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  7. Eeyore

    Eeyore Well-Known Member

    In addition to the puck I got last week (old formula):
    - 300ml aftershave (sale price, too good to pass)
    - 3 pucks of old formula soap (tallow, old ladies purse)

    I think I am close to a lifetime supply now (5 pucks, 2 sticks, two bottles of aftershave).

  8. IAmTheJody

    IAmTheJody Gillette-i Master Staff Member

    Arrived yesterday thanks to a great lot buy and replating deal from @jay_gatz ! These Gem Junior razors were NOS but time and environment took a little toll on the original plating - but Jay got them replated at Back Roads Gold and these are gorgeous! Here's mine...











    Also my "FedEx lost it" replacement shaving cream order arrived from Maggard Razors yesterday. Italian version of Palmolive Classic and Ach Brito Lavanda creams...

  9. brit

    brit in a box

    cool scores JD..
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  10. jay_gatz

    jay_gatz Well-Known Member

    Glad it made it there safely. I’m taking mine out for its first spin on Sunday.
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  11. Jrdelgado

    Jrdelgado Well-Known Member

    Thank you Gary!
  12. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    WOW, very nice. When I first was scrolling down I was thinking who was the lucky person who found the NOS. That is nice to see it better than a new one, I think most Gems were given a quick gold wash and sent out the door if that. The professional re-plating is a lot nicer a job & richer looking eye candy.
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  13. IAmTheJody

    IAmTheJody Gillette-i Master Staff Member

    Thanks Ron! It is a stunner for sure!

    As I understand it, before it is plated in gold, it is supposed to be plated in nickel first and ASR skipped the nickel. Just went straight up gold plated over the brass. Don't know if that is true or not but I've seen that said in several different places. I doubt anyone really knows unless they worked there. But it does say gold-plated right on the box. And it could explain why many of their gold plated razors look like brass, worn spots being the actual brass but hard to differentiate between the brass and the surrounding gold plate. The Gem Junior "Parade" was made 1938-1942, yes? Seems about the time they would be trying to cut costs in their competition against Gillette?
  14. Dave in KY

    Dave in KY On second thought, Buttercup

    Same colors but VERY different shapes
  15. MoAllen

    MoAllen King of Unscented

    I recently found a 1956 (birth year) Gillette red tip on the auction site for a good price. The photos were not very clear, but I thought it looked ok. When I got it, I could see that it was badly out of alignment. See the before pictures.

    So I sent it to Razor Emporium for their tune up service. It only took about a week. I am delighted with the results!

    I had an excellent first shave with it this morning.








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  16. IAmTheJody

    IAmTheJody Gillette-i Master Staff Member

    Excellent revamp! Even the red paint!
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  17. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

    Kind of a montage


    Craig's list and Ebay hauls.

    Beyond the tools I acquired there were a bunch of shave related items:

    -Ascot by Palmer airline travel kit containing a shaving stick (in a wooden tube) and a container of talc.
    -A Japanese Aida travel razor
    -Gem 17 tooth Clog Pruf razor in case
    -Wiss One Thousand barber siccors
    -Travel razor with case (I believe Russian)
    -Lady's Gillette T2
    -150 Gem blades
    -10 pack Gem blades
    -Two Yardley shaving soap wooden bowls
    -Simpson #4 Keyhole
    -Red and butterscotch shaving brush (I believe German)

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  18. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    Just received these in the mail today, Speick is getting away from Tallow based in their formula because of Europe is herding soap manufactures in this direction from my limited understanding. Speick is good stuff with a nice mild spicy scent with excellent lather qualities IMO.
    Speick stick stash.jpg
    Have some great shaves!
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  19. Dave in KY

    Dave in KY On second thought, Buttercup

    I bought a jar of tabac, I refuse to get backup sticks of Speick. It's good but not going there every time they change an oldie but goodie. Congrats
  20. jay_gatz

    jay_gatz Well-Known Member

    A jar of Tabac. I tried this a long time ago, but never found it to be satisfactory. Thought I would revisit it to see if it was me or the soap. Since I heard they had changed the formula, I made sure I got the Tallow version. Surprised it was still around:
    IMG_0416.jpg IMG_0417.jpg
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