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    [Review] RazoRock Hawk V2 AL Hulk Green

    My SE champion is the Colonial Razors The General V1 AL.
    Since I bought it I have tried various others.
    But in the end, every confrontation was to its advantage.

    In addition to the technical characteristics, it had a great price.
    Especially for those who bought it during the launch phase.
    Unfortunately, the model quickly went out of production.

    At the time, the RazoRock Hawk V1 had just been released.
    But it had little to offer compared to the CR.
    After a while the aluminum V2 arrived.
    Which over time has been enriched with very beautiful anodized liveries.
    This green, as well as the Electric Blue, have always attracted me.

    The RR offers today many advantages:
    • performance
    • colors
    • aluminum
    • price

    To date I am sure to recommend this razor.
    For those who want to try an SE razor for the first time.
    But also for those who already love the superior capabilities of Artist Club (AC) blades, and are looking for a light or colored razor.
    Given the very advantageous price, compared to direct contenders, some I have read choose it as a backup / travel razor.

    Performance is related to the blade.
    But the manufacture is of value.

    Weight and balance are optimal.
    In the hand it is absolutely accurate.
    I find it very pleasant.

    Basically the weights and balances are similar:
    • Total ............ RR 36g | CR 44g
    • Head ............. RR 13g | CR 18g
    • Handle ........... RR 23g | CR 26g
    • Balance Head ..... RR 36% | CR 40%
    • Balance Handle ... RR 64% | CR 60%

    But the feeling is different.
    The elongated teardrop shape of the CR handle, combined with the slightly better balance, makes the feeling more natural.
    Especially considering my back grip technique.

    However these are minor differences. Finding a (in my opinion) beautiful razor, at the right price, in aluminum, with a long but light handle and therefore better balanced (greater efficiency of the material) today is not easy. This I believe is. Definitely !!!

    And looks very nice in SOTD.
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    Different conception of the same geometry.
    Exposure is similar, with differet angle, gap and reveal.
    IMHO a shallower angle, with a little more gap but less reveal is the best way.
    So The General V1 AL is a better daily shaver.
    Anyway the Hawk V2 AL is a good one too.
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