The history of Gillette in twelve safety razors

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  1. dangermouse

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    I'm been thinking about doing something with this idea. I really love the history of the Gillette safety razors and I'm compiling my own list and I have some standout razors to place on it. I wondered what iconic Gillette razor you might place on the list and why did you choose it?

    Here's a couple of mine:
    I think, number one in my list has to be the double ring razor; particular those in the first year, for obvious reasons. It started everything! I wonder if there is a double ring that is deemed better than any another.

    The First World War US Military (Kahki) Set is on my list. How could it not be? With Congress declaring war in 1917 and the US mobilising in 1918. That is epic! I don't think there is any doubt it paid a huge role in ending the war.

    The Goodwill has got to be on my list, but which one? You have the whole history of the Wall Street Crash, September 1929, if I remember correctly, which devasted America and the U.K for over ten years. All encapsulated within the Goodwill. Gillette were very shrewd in getting people hooked on the New style razor blade at the time.

    The Toggle has to be on my list. I think Gillette were trying to do something really fantastic with the development of a true adjustable razor. The Toggle, Bottom dial Fatboy and Red Dot Fatboy were all around at about the same time but the Toggle is the one I'd love to own. It looks so great!

    These some of my thoughts. What do you think?
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  2. Chuck Naill

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    Are you aware of this resource? NEW/The NEW.htm
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  3. dangermouse

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  4. mr-razor

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  6. Angelo85

    Angelo85 Well-Known Member

    I’d add the Super Speed. It got started in 1946 and kept on running until 1988; making it quite possibly the longest running brand of Gillette DE razors. Though the handle went through a number of changes the head mostly remained the same; with the exception of the Super Speed Trio line.
  7. brit

    brit in a box

    big fan of brit gillettes,however.i think the finest ,well made,well shaving gillettes were the new series..brits and u.s. versions..
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  8. preidy

    preidy Just call me Dino

    No argument from me except I still luv and add my 54 Super Speed (Gen 1).
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  9. Ron R

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    I think Gillette made some great razors, for keeping a razor clean the easiest the 3pc wins hands down IMO. But the competition were designing 1pc razors (Gem) so the Gillette design team came out with some of the most interesting DE TTO 1 pc razors know to mankind. My $.02 worth.
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  10. razorhead63

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    Techs are awesome no frills razors.
    Mild and efficient, they’re my favorite.
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  11. jgreenepa

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    My favorite shaving razor from Gillette is the New Standard! Second is my 1905 Old Type. I have some Techs, but find the shave too mild for me. YMMV
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