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Discussion in 'The Brush' started by scotte, Jun 6, 2018.

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    CSI New York!!! :happy096:
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    I missed out on the joys of using a badger brush for about five years because my first badger was a vintage Trumper's brush that was floppy as hell (most vintage badgers are floppy). I just assumed I was a boar guy until I picked up a New Forest two-band badger. It really opened my eyes to how a proper badger brush is set up (For my taste).
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    My pleasure @Sara-s. :happy088:
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    it is Dscosmetic brand shaving brush,other manufacturer .
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    I have received DSCOSMETIC shaving brush.I tried it in the morning .Everything from softness, to backbone and denseness of hairs, to release of lather, to the comfort of handle is amazing.And the shipping is very fast.It is worth of recommend .
    Very perfect!!!

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    So now that you have it, do you still say that it is comparable with M&F and Paladin knots?

    Sorry, I might be confusing you with ZYM from DFS who is apparently copy pasting the exact same posts over there. Or maybe from the other Scotte on TSN.
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    My badger experience is limited- I like big Italian boars- but out of the half dozen or so badgers I have, I prefer the small, densely packed knots. The Classic 1, the Chubby 1, both in Best, & the Eagle 3 in Pure, which is the same size knot as a Duke 3 but which feels much more dense. Funny that I enjoy huge boars and tiny badgers, but the small, dense ones really give me that full, plush feeling. Even the Duke 3 in Best feels too floppy to me.
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    I prefer synthetic hair brush.have no smell,and dry fast.
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