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    Shimmed V2 0 vs. twin blade v1.0. The v2.0 so equipped is still giving a lot more audible feedback/noise which I interpret as chatter as the v1.0 with the two blades is noticeably more effective going ATG on my head. Indeed I switched back to the v1.0 for final touch ups on the v2 0 side where there was noticeable stubble left.[​IMG]

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    There's a very perceptible difference between the 1.0 and 1.5 using stacked blades . Immediately noticeable is reduction in audible feedback with the 1.0. And consistent with previous recollection it's a smoother shave. Whether the apparent increase in rigidity is attributable to slight differences in the cap, interface with the bottom supporting hone, or the (taller?) posts which secure the second blade I really don't know. Still a win for the 1.0 however it's done.

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    First some history behind these razors. If this information is elsewhere in the thread consider this and the following post a consolidation of it into 2 posts. This post will consist of the history and the other details on the 3 makes.

    First instance on this razor appears Christmas of 1945 as seen here.

    Based on this we can say the mk1 version was still available as of Nov. of 1946.

    Sometime between then and the 2nd quarter of 1947 the mk2 version was introduced and disappeared fairly quickly.
    This ad showing how deeply discounted the razor was priced and it is not only this retailer indicates the bakelite handle versions of this razor were discontinued.

    Later in 1947 is when we see the introduction of the mk3 version with the redesigned head and metal handles.
    These were not G.E. Jones branded versions.

    In 1951 around Christmas time is when they become new again G.E. Jones branded Shake Sharps.

    Sometime 1952/53 the razor becomes permanently discontinued though you'll see retailers selling off excess stock at deep discounts up to 1955 before they disappear from the ad space.
    The razor is listed under the Drug and Smoke Shop section.
    See attachment for ad.

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    Now for the 3 versions of the Shake Sharp.
    Approximate production dates

    Mk1 - Christmas season of 1945 through late 1946 possibly 1st quarter of 1947
    Mk2 - either Christmas of 1946 or 1st quarter 1947 through 2nd quarter of 1947
    Mk3 - 2nd or 3rd quarter of 1947 through later 1952 or sometime 1953

    The key difference between the Mk1 and Mk2 is the razor cap is redesigned from being removable on the Mk1 to hinged on the Mk2.
    The Mk3 came in 2 plating options, nickel or gold.

    Mk1 is on the left in all pictures.
    Mk2 is in the middle in all pictures.
    Mk3 is on the right in all pictures.
    ssa.jpg ssb.jpg ssc.jpg ssd.jpg
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    This was my most systematic comparison of my Model 1.0 and 2.0 Shake Sharp . The Model 1.0 I loaded with second use Kai (bottom) and Treet Plat (top). The Model 2.0 I loaded in three different configurations, same twin blades as loaded in the 1.0, single blade Treet, and Treet with a top shim. I made XTG and ATG passes on the side , crown, and back of my head. In no configuration was the 2.0 as smooth or as effective as the Model 1.0, and it wasn't really close.

    I have another Model 2.0 on the way to test to see whether results differ.[​IMG]

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    Apologies for any naming convention confusion, I've always called what BBS calls the model 2 the 1.5 and his model 3 the model 2.0.

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  8. Dave in KY

    Dave in KY On second thought, Buttercup

    I'm so confused now as to what to name my MK2.......... I mean MK3........ I'll be stressing over my SOTD's from now on......:D
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    Yep life can be rough that way :)

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    I've either missed it or forgotten but what does the MK stand for ?
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    MK = Mark, often abbreviated MK or M, indicating a product designation or model says the wiki.

    On the subject of the different models, maybe @BBS can clarify where he finds his model 3 (the metal razor) before 1951 as I don't find anything indicating production between 1948-50. Only Adverts in 1948-49 I find appear to be for heavily discounted, presumably old stock bakelite razors and none mention GE Jones.

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    Article Team
    I've always considered the original bakelite model to be V1, the bakelite with hinged top cap to be V1.5, and the gold and silver models V2.
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    I believe I adopted that designation as making sense to me.

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