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  1. Was on the shave nook several times over the years.. only when i actually needed a place to ask a question.

    Yes, the whole situation is laughable but bullgoose shaving somewhat deserved to suffer for the shenanigans that were pulled on the shave nook website.

    It wasnt funny when bullgoose shaving would post a sale on a particular shaving soap, that their inventory counter said "we have 2,000 in stock". And then every negative comment/thread/review of that item would dissapear from the shave nook. And it was not very subtle when the moderators/bullgoose employees would spend a week or so talking about how great that particular item was before they put it on a clearance sale to get rid of it.

    I remember Darkbulb from several other shaving websites.. from what I can remember he was only tolerated because he somehow had pre release access to the latest stainless steel razors when they came out. That was i think 2011-13

    On a friendly note i remember a tv show from the 90s, it might have been the outer limits, but in the episode they hung lawyers with clients who got convicted of nasty things like murder.
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  2. Bax

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    I don't think anybody deserves to suffer underhanded crap from sleazy lawyers who have no ethics and should be disbarred.

    Unfortunately, that describes a lot of attorney generals in various States right now, too.

    - Bax
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  3. yes yes yes.. let teh lawyers police themselves..... sheesh.... talk about convicts running the prison
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    TSD is not a shaving site that approves of Schadenfreude. Take this stuff over to Reddit.
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    I had to look that up. Tried to find an English word that was the equivalent. The word is “epicaricacy” which means rejoicing at, taking fun in, or getting pleasure from the misfortune of others.

    It's the shave den "Vocabulary Word of the Day!"
    - Bax
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  6. Its well deserved.. and enjoyable. When a person owning an internet store starts a website forum for the express reason of selling more items... they deserve a special level of review. And when said owner creates false positive reviews and "articles" on his over stock items, while deleting or locking access to forum threads that are negative on said over stock item..

    One must laugh in a special manner at their misfortune. Just as one must roll their eyes and laugh at Badger and Blade moderators who re wrote all of my positive product reviews and thread comments for Erasmic Shave Stick.
    Its not exactly funny to have a 3 paragraph product review edited down to the following three words

    "it just sucks"
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    You are very short term member. As Joseph mention rejoicing at someone’s misfortune for any reason is something that does not belong on this forum. There are venues for this sort of thing and TSD is not it.

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    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

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    The community may not approve, but it's not against the rules.

    Now, please stop reporting the post, folks.

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