the slant?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by x_z_1, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. x_z_1

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    Hi everyone,
    I was looking at the slant but I hear how horrible it is and not for newbies. I am wondering if it is really that bad? What makes it such a blood letting tool?

  2. Will

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  3. Queen of Blades

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    Horrible? No, it's not horrible.

    The slant has a lot of blade exposure. So, I guess that's why some consider it a blood-letting tool.

    But if you know what you're doing, there's nothing to it.
  4. AsylumGuido

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    I have a '56 Gillette Super Speed that could be a very nice starter. Very face friendly. I was about to post it for sale. Give me a PM and I'll tell you about what I can do.
  5. VetsJetsnGuns

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    Slants are just like guns and airplanes. Takes skill and experience to use, and you don't always get the option of a u-turn. But the rewards are worth it.
  6. moviemaniac

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    I can't see myself NOT recommending a slant to a starter. While they can be aggressive (with the wrong blade) they're not THAT much harder to use than "normal" DEs. If you want one, go for one!
  7. Scorpio

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    I will begin by saying that some advise although it is well intended may be improper. A Slant is not for beginners. That is not to say you could not use it with a good forgiving blade other than a Feather Blade. I would suggest you start using another style of DE until you get use to shaving with one then you can experiment to see if the Slant is for you. Even for some experience shavers the Slant is not to their liking. Can you have a bad experience with a Slant? you bet your a$$ you can. Then again you can have a bad experience with any shaving implement, but the probability that it will happen is increased if you use a Slant and you are not experienced. Get your technique right and then try it. You might just think it is the greatest...then again you might look like Van Gogh:D


  8. msandoval858

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    Honestly, the slant for a new shaver is not a good idea. I really think you should learn a good standard DE (Merkur 34c or 23c) before you venture out in to slant territory. If you are still working with the pressure/angle mechanics of learning DE and you put a slant to your face, you might not get in the whole "blood letting" or suffer major cuts but there is a definate increased possibility you will leave your face feeling really raw and uncomfortable.

    In addition to that, if you are having lather problems as you described in the other thread, even more reason to hold off on the slant.
  9. ColbyPants

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    This is something I definitely want to try out at some point, but I am a smidge intimidated with it right now. More practice with the 34C first, I suppose ;).
  10. mastermute

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  11. Padron

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    Welcome ColbyPants,

    My 1st Merkur was a Slant......I think after you get your technique down with normal / adjustable would be fine to try a Slant....I would certainly take it slow until you get used to the angles and blade exposure.....;)

    I love my Slant, but still can get knicks if I rush things too much with it :o
  12. 808Chaney

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    I just got my new slant for Fathers Day and I love it. In my eyes I'm still a noob to the wet shaving thing but if you're careful you'll be O.K. For the first week I used a Merkur blade but then I got my Feather Razor with 2 Feather blades (plus the other goodies he included) from Bronco. First thing I did was grab a Feather blade and put it into my slant and BAM!!! BBS with 2 passes and a little cleanup. I love my slant even more now that I have Feather blades for it. I can see how a little carelessness could end up being a blood bath though. I would say if you want the slant go for it. If you are a noob you are going to bleed anyway and I don't feel that you will bleed any more using a slant that any other DE. My first DE's were a Merkur open comb and an old Gillette adjustable. I learned on the Gillette on the 1 setting and hacked myself up pretty bad my first couple shaves. I still get cut every now and then but when I do cut myself it's always due to my own stupidity. I either get in a hurry or something breaks my concentration. If you are always careful and take your time you can keep the bleeding down to a minimum even with the Slant.
  13. Scorpio

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    Good for you. But don't get too confident, the slant will remind you if you do. Remember that the idea is not to keep the bleeding to a minimum but not to bleed at all.

  14. ColbyPants

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    Thanks! Anybody whose screename is PADRON must be cool, got a favorite vitola?

    But yeah, as exited as I am to get all the toys right away, I have a 34C that seems to be doing me well to "train" with, so I will stick to that for now until I am a bit more confident. Gives me something to shoot for, though.

  15. Hi there TY,
    Hehe, that slant calling to you? Yeah, they are kinda unusual, although I've yet to try one myself. Of course you'll be putting a feather in that razor........right?
    Excuse me having a little gentle fun with you......that may not be the best starting combo. Actually, some members think it's fine, and others don't. Hah, get used to the YMMV thingy popping up a LOT.
    To me, starting off using a SE or DE razor is enough of a challenge without adding other factors to the mix. Sure, you can start with whatever razor/blade combo you like, but why make it tougher than it needs to be? New shavers have enough to worry about, like getting the lather right, blade angle, etc. Why set yourself up for a tougher road?
    Sadly, I learned on a razor that was WAY too aggressive for me, plus the blades weren't right either. Not only that, I really didn't know what the heck good lather was supposed to feel and act like. Those are some nasty obstacles, but I was motivated.........heh. My problem, as is all new shavers, was the lack of any reference point.......I just didn't have anything else to compare the razor/blade combo to. I kinda figured my technique was still screwed up, even after a few weeks. Man........if only I knew then.......
    Anyway, my suggestion would be to pick up something a bit less imposing than a slant to begin your journey with. Grab some blades that have a rep as forgiving. Do NOT start with a feather (although I bet they sound pretty fun tho.........heh). I use those and enjoy em, but they are a blade best used after some experience. However,Chaney was able to get a nice shave with those pretty quickly, so who knows.
    So, let me congratulate you in advance on the purchase of your new slant.........hehe. Just a tiny bit more good natured chain pulling......couldn't resist. You might like to start with one of the many other types first for a month or so, and then try the slant.
    Just my thoughts,
  16. Welcome Colbypants !

    The slant was my first DE and I didn't have any issues. I think the advise to go with gentle kinder DE is sound. I have a very worn Superspeed that I use on travels when I am in a hurry and dont want to be cut. You might as well get the Slant and several more others. That way you are covered.

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