The US West Coast Bunny Injector Pass-Around

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Rufus T., Feb 20, 2016.

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    It's easier and safer to heat a pin or needle up, then burn through the nail. Smaller hole, quicker, and less dangerous.
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    Bah! He'll never use his insurance premiums that way!

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    You could always do it that way. I prefer power tools

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    We never doubted your manhood Tom, you're my hero! :love055:
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    Bunny Round 2
    Razor: Bunny V3, Chick blade (2), mild comb
    Brush: Shave Revolution Synthetic
    Lather: Viking Opium Den (soon to be released vegan formula)
    Post: Clubman Bay Rum and Nivea Sensitive
    Had a much better shave today with the Bunny than yesterday. WTG, XTG both directions and only WTG on the neck. Used the lightest pressure possible and it turned out great. Not as close as yesterday but the alum today was silent so I'm a happy camper. Have a great day everyone
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    Thank you!
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  11. whiteboy_cannon

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    Bunny Round 4 (round 3 was yesterday, just didn't post about it)
    The Bunny V3 mild comb, Chick blade (4)
    Vie Long Horse Hair
    Viking Soap Opium Den (vegan edition)
    Post: Clubman Original

    Had an excellent 3 pass shave for my 4th go around with the Bunny. WTG, then XTG in both directions and only WTG on the neck. It was a DFS for sure with no irritation. Alum was silent for over a small mole that I mowed over. It was the first bunny shave where the chin and jaw were not irritated, still not very close there but I call this a win. I think what I have the biggest trouble with the Bunny is maintaining the proper angle while shaving the chin in a EtoW or WtoE manner or the jawline with vertical strokes. But for this shave I finally got the hang of it. I'll be able to speak more on pros and cons after a couple more shaves.
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  12. whiteboy_cannon

    whiteboy_cannon Well-Known Member

    Razor: Bunny V3 (round 8), fresh Chick blade, and no comb (SEvette style)
    Brush: Shave Revolution Synthetic
    Lather: TSD London Type
    Post: Proraso Green
    Haven't been posting my shaves lately, just been enjoying the time with the Bunny. Now that I have everything for the most part figured out, the shaves have been consistent.
    I tried it without a comb, and had a great shave. I can't really tell any difference between the combs, or even between the mild comb and no comb. I think that with this razor most efficient shave angle keeps the comb completely off your face. I only see the combs helping in case you increase the angle too much.
    Very nice 3 pass shave this morning. Ended in a DFS and no irritation. Have a great day all
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  13. whiteboy_cannon

    whiteboy_cannon Well-Known Member

    Excellent 3 pass shave this morning
    Razor: Bunny v3/no comb/Chick blade (2)
    Brush: Vie Long Horse Hair
    Lather: Stirling Barbershop
    Post: Nivea Cooling Balm
    This razor shaves better every time I use it. Technique is very solid with it now
    The shave angle for the bunny has become much more natural to me after my ~9 shaves with it. Where as before it did feel a little awkward, but I actually quite like it now because the angle makes it easier to shave with light pressure and makes for easy going ATG passes on the upper lip and other tighter areas. Have a good day everyone!

    Here are my pros and cons
    Pros: Just about everything
    The look
    The shave angle makes it easy to shave with light pressure and getting ATG under the lip
    Great quality work by Tom
    Very efficient even with the mild comb

    Only con i can think of is that loading blades is not as smooth as my vintage injectors. Often times the previous blade will just fall down past the stops and out of the spring while loading the new one, and since they are meant to be loaded empty I fear it could potentially damage the new blade. I'm sure this could be resolved. That is the only gripe I have with it after 9 shaves.
    Thanks Tom for the opportunity to try your awesome creation, every time I shave with it or even look at the craftsmanship impresses me greatly. I'll have a few more shaves with it then get it in the mail on Thursday.
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  14. lloydrm

    lloydrm Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone.

    Yesterday I got my hands on the Bunny V3. The razor is a beauty, it cleans up very nicely and it is obvious that it was built with attention to details and great level of craftsmanship.

    2016-07-17 15.54.04 copy.jpg 2016-07-17 15.54.59copy.jpg

    A little bit of background about me: I prefer efficient razors with blade feel, own and use 4 injectors (two Schicks and two Pals) that compete for use with other razors and razor types, 4+ years into wet shaving, facelather mostly tallow soaps and soap+creams with a rotation of boar, badger and synthetic hair brushes and use cold water exclusively.

    The razor was loaded with a Personna blade and I already shaved twice with the razor. Its quite interesting. The first shave was not so great and am thinking it can be attributed to the close-to-the-head grip I used. Luckily I found a thread where Tom shows a lower recommended grip and Today the results and shaving experience were much better.

    By separating the shaving experience from the results I try to better explain my initial impressions: the shaving experience is very different from anything I've used before but the results are as great as with any of the injectors in my den, which I very much like. Unlike most other razors I use, the Bunny tends to leave more lather on the face and I have to resist the temptation to clean it all up with more passes. Also it has very little skin-to-razor contact area and since I've been using GEM-style SE last couple of weeks it felt a little awkward. That is not to say this is good or bad, am only describing my impressions.

    Like I said, the results feel great and I think they will only get better as I figure out the razor and how I prefer to use it. The only thing that I don't think will get much better is the ATG pass. Normally I make an ATG pass to get the results I like but I've not felt confortable since very early in the ATG pass and got a couple of small nicks (those that go away with a cold water rinse) so I decided to go with another XTG pass and the results are almost as good as a ATG pass, which speaks very highly of the Bunny and, as the saying goes (sort of): "It doesn't matter whether a bunny is white or black, as long as it catches all the stubble."

    2016-07-18 19.10.37copy.jpg
  15. twhite

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    Great write up. I am glad you are enjoying it so far. What comb are you using?

    Edit: just looked at the rinse picture stupid me
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    Notso observant
  17. twhite

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    Very good

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  18. lloydrm

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    I enjoy figuring out a razor so I've been having tons of fun with The Bunny.
    The razor is now loaded with a Chick and, IMO there is no significant difference in performance. No problems loading a new blade, but the retiring blade tends to move around more than I would like; just to feel safe/confident when replacing a blade on the go.

    To me the razor works best when I do not go ATG. The good news is I do not have to because XTG is enough. Its not just perfect yet just because if I go ATG even on a small section it tends to put up and cut, but am pretty sure I could improve my technique to get the results I like. I've been trying to think of modification I would explore to make that better but haven't found a good one yet. For example playing with the angle did not work (either no shaving or pulling and cutting).

    2016-07-21 20.39.24copy.jpg 2016-07-21 20.41.31copy.jpg

    While its true that the razor does not "hold" a lot of lather, I found that lather tends to move around and does not stand in the middle of the shave.

    I have only tried the NOTSO and no comb :) Didn't find a big difference. To me the razor works best with very short strokes rather than a longer glide.

    Sorry I did not organize the ideas at all; I did not plan to make a long post.
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    I tend to be rambler when trying to write. Come to think of it my mind rambles all the time.:D

    Oh yah nice write up
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