The US West Coast Bunny Injector Pass-Around

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Rufus T., Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Hirsute

    Hirsute Active Member

    Ok gents, the Bunny has arrived in Portland, Oregon! Let's see if this thing is cool enough to shave the facial hair in this town; down with hipster beards, up with the Bunny!

    I have one more day on a straight passaround box from another forum, and then I'll get started with the Bunny. Looks amazing and I can't wait!

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  2. Rufus T.

    Rufus T. Late for dinner

    Well? Did it happen yet? Did the Bunny win? Pictures?
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  3. Beardbgone

    Beardbgone Active Member

    Bumping this thread for the fun of it.
    Here's a pic I took while I still had the Bunny. Notice the spring lifted on the left side. I'm thinking this may be from the relaxing of the metal after being formed? The razor shaved well so I don't know if it would make a difference in performance if it was fully mating to the blade.

  4. Rufus T.

    Rufus T. Late for dinner

    Hmmm…I'm sure the Creator will be around shortly to consult on that.

    In the meantime…..

    Paging @Hirsute
    Paging @Hirsute
    ….have you eloped with the Bunny? :sexe:

    Come back and all will be forgiven! :angelic013:

    btw…. @Beardbgone - nice razor stand, 1st class!
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  5. Hirsute

    Hirsute Active Member

    LOL @Rufus T. I'm here and was just going to post.

    Went camping this weekend and came home with 3 days of growth to give the Bunny a workout.


    Decided on my standard treatment for a new razor--some MdC, followed by Thayers and then Myrsol Agua Balsamico.

    Decided to go WILD for my first shave. In general, I like lots of blade exposure when I have some extra growth on my face. I'll usually reach for my R41 in these situations. My main complaint with most injectors is that they're a bit too mild for my taste, so excited to try the WILD.

    First thoughts:

    The fit and finish of the Bunny is excellent. Very nicely machined, the heads all fit nice and tight. Loaded a Schick Chick blade in and first thought was its going in crooked.


    From other posters, I know that this doesn't mean the blade is crooked. Just a feature of one side of the copper plate getting bent out more due to the injector loader. Pulled out the key and everything tightened up nicely. Blade is secure, held in the perfect spot against the tabs and ready to go.

    Here she is loaded up and ready to get WILD!


    Started my shave. First thoughts are wow! This is the blade exposure that's been missing from my injector game! Mowed down the hair nicely and got to almost BBS in one pass.

    Finding my grip and balance with the Bunny was a little tricky. I found I was looking for some knurling or grip on it. Usually hold my razors down the handle a bit, but found with the Bunny my grip needed to be closer up toward the head, with some grip near the head.



    Only other minor complaint on the Bunny was that it was a bit unwieldy under the nose and hard to get the hairs closest to the nose, but it's a very minor gripe.

    Second pass with the Bunny on WILD. Normally I would change my adjustable a to a milder shave for the second pass but decided to keep it WILD. second pass was very smooth. Did a little touch up on a partial third pass.

    Got a few nicks but overall, the smoothest closest injector shave I've ever had. And no irritation, which I usually get when I try to go BBD with a milder injector.

    The nicks were dealt with easily with a little Proraso nick gel. Followed with Thayers and then the Myrsol. A little feedback from the alcohol in the Myrsol but no overall irritation.

    What did I learn? I think next time I'll change guards on the second pass and go milder, or be more conscious to use less pressure. Minor adjustments really, but after one shave I'm ready to say when can I buy one?!?!?

    Looking forward to my next shave. Probably won't need to shave tomorrow due to how close I got it this morning. ;)

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  6. Rufus T.

    Rufus T. Late for dinner

    Ah, there you are Micah!

    Nice review, photos and all. :happy088:
    Went straight to the Wild on the first shave and didn't look back. :eek:
    Not a wimp like me starting off with the Mild and tiptoeing my way up. :happy068:

    Enjoy your time and put it through its' paces. The Creator appreciates the feedback.:happy069:

    (sorry to have called you out on your disappearance, hope the camping trip was fun - you probably planned it, just so you'd have a nice growth to challenge the Bunny. Nice strategy!)
  7. Hirsute

    Hirsute Active Member

    No worries man, I know it's all in fun. Part of the joy with the Bunny is watching how everyone handles it and the feedback from the shaves.

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  8. twhite

    twhite Peeping Tom

    That is a bit strange. It might be from loading blades. If the key is twisting the spring. That would make the spring relax over time.

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  9. Hirsute

    Hirsute Active Member

    Took a look at the Bunny to see if the sides of the copper plate are bowed up wth a blade in it, and they look good and straight. I'll check again after I'm done w the bunny and remove the blade.

    For today's shave I used the NOTSO guard. Paired it with Razorock Medico Della Peste soap and AS.


    Lathered up and started the shave. Sideburns down to the jawline was comfortable, and felt just like the WILD: very smooth and comfortable. Adjusted to the grip issues of my first shave and found a better grip pinching the razor below the head, like so:



    Proceeding past the jawline onto the neck, and had some irritation. The razor felt a bit skippy at that point. Which is similar to the feeling I've gotten from milder injectors, like I have to work a little too hard to get a close shave. Focused on no pressure. Changed to a buffing stroke as well which felt more comfortable and gave a closer shave.

    Moved to the nose and chin, and I got a little bite on the nose. Very minor, but with the angle of the Bunny and the size of the head, I found I needed to pull my nose to the side to get close under the nose. Other Razors I have use a smaller head profile above the blade and are a bit easier to get under the nose. Not a big issue at all, but definitely required some adjustment to technique.

    Moved on to the second pass. Used a light stroke, but still felt a bit rough. Ended up with some irritation and razor burn on both sides of the jawline and neck. Did get a close shave though

    I'll say I was hoping the NOTSO would give me a similar experience tot The WILD, but alas no. The experience was similar to my E2 injector--I usually have to choose between no irritation but not super close, or close and a bit of irritation. Same here. Needed a bit of alum after the shave, followed by some Myrsol Emulsion, which I find is my best remedy to razor burn.

    I'll give the MILD a go next, bu I suspect I'm a WILD man. I often find that a more aggressive razor with more blade exposure gives me a better shave and that's holding true to he Bunny too. That's part of the benefit of a system like the Bunny: you can customize the shave to your blade choice and face. Looking forward to trying the MILD and then trying the WILD again to confirm my earlier good experience!

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  10. Karl G

    Karl G Well-Known Member

    You can switch combs mid-shave as well. I found my best shave was with 2 Wild passes and a Mild on the 3rd. :happy036: YMMV of course.
  11. Hirsute

    Hirsute Active Member

    Catching up on yesterday's shave:

    Decided to take @Karl G 's suggestion and swap guards mid shave.

    Lathered up with Razorock Dead Sea (which is fabulous by the way):


    Starts off with the WILD again. Damn, what a wonderful shave again. Glad the results of my first shave with the WILD have been duplicated--confirms for me that this is a great tool for my face. Did a full pass on WILD and could have left it there--that first pass way that close. Decided to go for BBS and changed to the MILD guard.

    Wonderful! Had a very smooth second pass and achieved BBS. No irritation like I experienced with a 2-pass NOTSO shave, and ended with a couple of small nicks, but very minor and got them because I was going for perfection and flying too close to the sun.

    Splashed on the witch hazel followed by Myrsol 1919, and had a little feedback, but not much. Definitely a good combo for me to start WILD and finish MILD.

    Alas my time with the Bunny is coming to an end. I'll get one more shave with t tomorrow before shipping it off. It's been a great experience! Just tell me when and where to buy one and I'm in.

    (Oh, and please PM me the name and address of the next tester so I can move it along).

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  12. Rufus T.

    Rufus T. Late for dinner

    Ha, "flying too close to the sun!"
    Ya can't discover and push the enevelop without pushing the limits.:transport015:


    Paging @MattCB
    Paging @MattCB

    You're time has come...are you ready?!!

    btw Micah...I'm a Myrsol fan. How do you like the 1919?
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  13. MattCB

    MattCB Well-Known Member

    I'm here !!!! PM incoming
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  14. Hirsute

    Hirsute Active Member

    It's good stuff! Performance is on par with the other Myrsol splashes. It has a nice grassy jasmine scent, very similar to jasmine green tea. And the scent lasts about as long as other Myrsol splashes--starts strong and pleasant, fades down pretty quick, and has a nice subtle scent that lingers for a couple of hours. I recommend it!

    Also, the 1919 Colonia is also good, but the scent is a little different. More of a sweet jasmine floral scent with less of the grassy green tea note. Also fades a bit faster.

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  15. Hirsute

    Hirsute Active Member

    Had my last bunny shave this weekend. Went with MdC followed by Myrsol Agua Balsamica. Did the same set up as the previous shave--WILD to MILD. Had another awesome Bunny shave. Close, smooth, and just a tiny bit of bark from the splash, but no nicks and no irritation. This combo is my sweet spot for sure. Nice to get replicable results from the Bunny, and I can't wait for these to hit the market!

    Sending it off tomorrow, and excited to keep following its journey.

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  16. MattCB

    MattCB Well-Known Member

    The bunny has landed safely in Port Orchard, WA. Planning a night shave on 2 days of growth. Pics and report to follow.
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  17. MattCB

    MattCB Well-Known Member

    First shave was a home run! Went into the shave with almost three days growth, one weeper on the neck area (my hard spot) and a great three pass shave.

    First impressions when opening it.

    1) I was a little surprised at how light it was while still being a decent size in the hand. I have been favoring a lighter razor recently as it makes it easier for me to have a lighter touch when shaving. The bunny was very light, but had more substance to it than my normal ball end tech.

    2) Took me a few swipes to find the correct grip on the handle, but once I found it no issues (I held it with my finger tips at the very end of the handle)

    3) Very impressed with the fit and finish of the Bunny, well done through and through.

    The first shave.


    My line up consisted of tried and true products in my modest shave den. I firmly believe that when trying out a new product you should stick with products you have mastered to minimize the factors in play and get a good read on the new product.
    Todays line up was an Omega boar brush, RazoRock XXX, alum block, and B&M Reserve Spice AS with a vintage Personna Blade.

    I changed out the comb and put int he NOTSO comb and had no issues loading the blade. I made sure the blade was correctly against the blade stops and was good to go.

    It took me two passes to find the correct angle, but after that I had no issues. It seemed very intuitive in my hands. Performed a second pass and decided to do a third because the shave was going so well (I rarely ever do a third pass. This should tell you what a nice shave it was).


    Conclusion: I would buy one :) Looking forward to seeing how it goes with a normal amount of stubble, but so far I'm impressed.

    pics incoming, having some issues
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  18. MattCB

    MattCB Well-Known Member

    Second day shave:

    I decided to keep the NOTSO comb in place and used the same lineup as last time.

    I think I may have gotten a little over confident. I did get some knicks on two small scars I have on my face ( old high school acne issues). Due to having only one days growth I believe I was using a little to much pressure. The end result was still a very nice shave. Like most things in life I tend to rush if I don't make a conscious effort to slow down.

    I didn't get the chance to take anymore pics, but have already mailed the Bunny to the next person in line (there were some time constraint issues to work around).

    Great razor and I hope to see it come back as a commercial offering at some point (even if only a limited release). I'm pretty sure it would do VERY well as a Kickstarter campaign.
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  19. The Other Donald

    The Other Donald Well-Known Member

    The Bunny Razor arrived in Seattle yesterday afternoon. I had 2 days of beard growth so I took an afternoon shower and shave.
    I started with the Wild comb but quickly switched to the NotSo, for one of the closest, smoothest 1 pass shaves I've ever had.

    I used a Speick shaving stick (in a bowl) with a Fine Angel Hair brush, and a splash of Tuff (Red) Rasierwasser, for a very satisfying shave.
    This is likely the closest shaving razor I've ever used, as well as one of the most elegantly engineered and beautifully designed.
    I would love to buy this razor.

    I'm not shaving today, but I will try it again tomorrow morning, with Cremo (brushless, no lather) Shave Cream and the Wild comb.
    I will be sending it on next Saturday. Thank you Tom White, for a damn fine razor.

  20. The Other Donald

    The Other Donald Well-Known Member

    Shave number two, better than one;
    Barely got started, and now I'm done.

    I'm singularly impressed with the closeness of the shave that I get from this razor; even more so when not shaving through lather.
    I used the Wild comb from the beginning this time, and felt no need to change combs mid-shave; as I did on shave number one.

    This Cremo shave cream is also very impressive. It's slicker than any lather of my experience, and I can see what I'm shaving.
    I like as well the moisturizing qualities of the Nivea balm, which I also use on my bald head.
    I think I will use this combination for the rest of my shaves with The Bunny.

    My next shave with The Bunny will be with no comb at all; like an injector shavette.
    If that proves successful, I will probably alter one of my old Schicks accordingly.
    (I believe there's an injector shavette made for the veterinary trade, but I've never seen one.)



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