The Wabbit 3d printed injector razor pass around.

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by BBS, Jun 10, 2020.


If the designs were made public on thingverse would you have this razor printed for personal use?

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  1. twhite

    twhite Peeping Tom

    You could actually print extra caps. Then not install magnet on the cap side. From there you can sand down a cap to where you like. Something to think about.
  2. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    Excellent review with the new Wabbit injector razor with the personna blade. I use the Personna injector blade and it reminds me a lot of the Gem Personna SS PTFE blade and nicely smooths out over its life cycle. The Schick injector blade might be a better choice, let us know. Thanks Fred @Flintstone65 for your review experiences & your way with words that has put many a smile on this old face. :happy102:
  3. steve207

    steve207 Well-Known Member

    Very nice fred but lets see what it does with a weeks growth
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  4. Jim99

    Jim99 Gold Water Shaver

    Great write up! I’ll be patiently waiting for your next installment.
  5. GAW9576

    GAW9576 Well-Known Member

    I don't think anyone will be using it on a weeks growth in the pass around since we only get it for a week. Unless someone preemptively grows hair out for a week ahead of getting there turn with the razor.
  6. rawfox1

    rawfox1 Active Member

    I was the 1st to get the prototype and I have to say it's hard to really talk about a plastic razor did it shave yes,, was it a bit harsh yes,, I prefer more aggressive razors but smooth this one you could definitely feel the blade. If it was made in metal it would be much easier to know how it truly is

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  7. Flintstone65

    Flintstone65 Well-Known Member

    Alright, I'm back -- and before I go any further, I just want to say: I really, really, REALLY LOVE Chicks!!! And the Chinese Schick injector blades are pretty good too! :rofl:

    Okay, my sophomoric sense of humor aside, today's Wabbit shave with the Chinese Schick injector blade (aka "Chicks") was much better than the last shave....let's get into those details! So the lather produced was with Tabac and a Yaqi 2-band boar knot set in the "Mysterious Space" handle. Right from the start of the first pass I could tell a major difference, the harshness that I thought was "blade feel" was completely gone. I could tell the blade was cutting since the auditory signals were coming through, but the "feel" was just as mild as could be. Now when that happens, and when I'm "testing" out a razor that is just "visiting" my den, I start to "push" the boundaries by altering angles, pressure and just generally "playing" with my technique. It's like borrowing a friends car, ya gotta take it to the local racetrack and see what it'll do, right? Yeah, don't ever let me borrow your car.

    So pass one goes super smooth. For that one, I kept the angle true and little-to-no pressure. Pass #2 I decide to "open her up" a bit and do some stupid things.....going ATG on my lower neck, which absolutely hates that for 99% of my razors...and this one was no exception. I ended up with some irritation that sort of makes my neck look like it spent some time with an amorous girlfriend, or a vacuum cleaner, or both. I also noticed that if I tried whipping the razor around my face with abandon (like a cart), I would actually get a nip from the a couple of those. For the 3rd and final pass, I tried testing the boundaries a bit more carefully, and what I discovered is that I prefer WTG and XTG with this razor, but ATG doesn't feel nearly as comfortable and if I'm not super careful, I end up paying for it with either blood or irritation.

    A couple more "learnings" from this shave: I have a harder time getting the blade in tight spots (i.e., that little place on top lip that's next to the nostrils); and the angle feels very steep (i.e., because of the shape of the head and position of the blade, the handle is almost always close and parallel to the face. I'm still learning about this razor, and I'm still really enjoying using it. It's different than a Schick /Eversharp / PAL Injectomatic to has a different personality. I find most injector-style razors to be super-friendly (almost cart-like to use), but this one takes a bit more focus when I'm shaving. Now that could be because I've shaved with those other razors lots of times and this one only twice, but if I compare my experience with the Wabbit to the TNNSER, I'd say the TNNSER could easily be someone's first razor and they'd love it out of the gate; the Wabbit requires a bit more technique to get that perfect shave. Now it's only been two shaves, but so far I like the Wabbit's personality -- which by the way is a lot like what I remember Bugs Bunny being minute that rascally rabbit was being nice to Elmer Fudd and the next minute he had was tormenting him. But despite my hot-dogging antics and attempts at provoking this Wabbit, I still ended up with a VERY nice shave.

    I'll be back with a 3rd installation of "Shaving with Flintstone" on Saturday....that particular shave will be with the same "Chick" blade, but I'll be doing a focused, mature cutting up (hee hee, get it?). Stay safe, friends...and thanks for tolerating my sense of apologies if any of my campy and/or salacious commentary has caused anyone offense.

  8. Jayaruh

    Jayaruh The Cackalacky House Pet

    Supporting Vendor
    Nice read, Fred. Watch that waskley wabbit.
  9. steve207

    steve207 Well-Known Member

    The thing sounds like a handful dude now I'm nervous.:innocent
  10. Flintstone65

    Flintstone65 Well-Known Member

    Today's shave was with Cella's Extra Extra Bio, Yaqi's Familia Sagrada with a tuxedo knot, and the Wabbit sporting the "Chick" blade on it's 2nd shave. As promised, I set aside any "cowboy testing" antics and as a result the Wabbit showed it's furry soft-side...mostly. I did 3 passes (WTG, XTG, and XTG-ATG). The shave results were a strong DFS, but I did manage to get a nick and a weeper. The weeper just washed away, never to return, and the "nick" was temporary as well, although initially I thought I'd need an alum block on it....but it washed away with some witch hazel. I feel like I'm holding up the parade, so I'm going to get the wabbit on the woad....umm, "road" on Monday. @steve207 and I have exchanged greetings and I have his address, so it'll be hopping to him very soon.

    One thing I haven't mentioned in previous comments is razor weight.....this razor is light, which is my preference . I tend to gravitate towards light razors: lather catchers, bakelite razors (e.g.,. the National, Fasan slants, etc), and both the TNNSER-3D and this one this one both have more than enough mass for my technique. But if you're someone whose preference is more towards the "boat anchor" weights (e.g., full-on stainless steel head sitting on a non-hollow stainless or brass handle), than you're going to definitely notice a difference.

    I guess it's time for a wrap up: the Wabbit is a good razor...I like it, and if I had a 3D printer or access to one, I'd absolutely print one for myself. I will say that I feel like the Wabbit is a touch aggressive. By that I mean it's not a razor where I can let my mind totally is NOT an indiscriminate-biter, but you can (or least I could) get bitten if I stop paying attention. And it should be noted that 99.9% of my mishaps were caused either by me pushing boundaries that most shavers won't do, or by using a new-to-me blade that I'm frankly still on the fence about (I'll try it in an injector one of these days). The not-so-secret secret to a good shave is to pay attention to the angle. The ideal position for me with the Wabbit was concentrating on keeping the top cap touching my face, that it keeps the angle steep enough to cut, but not so steep that you're scraping vs shaving. I had initially said that I didn't think you could make the angle too steep or shallow with this razor...believe me, you can. Where I was bit earlier today is around the throat, which given how my chicken neck bows in, makes it difficult to keep a consistent angle with the razor (I especially have difficulty with straight razors in this area). It can be done, but takes some concentration on my part. Others may not have that issue at all. And speaking of others, I'm sure you guys are ready for me to get off the stage, and I'm certainly anxious to hear others perspectives as well.

    I want to take a moment to thank Tom (@twhite ) -- I'd give anything to have one-tenth of his creativity and ingenuity -- I am grateful that he continues to produce low-cost, (well, really no-cost) innovative razor designs that keep this hobby fresh for me...thank you, Tom. I also want to thank @BBS for kicking off this pass-around and for letting me try the Personna Injector blade.

    And now this chorus boy must say....."Ohhhh!!!! We're the boys of chorus. We hope you liked our show. We know you're root'in for us. But now we have to gooooooo!"

  11. steve207

    steve207 Well-Known Member

    Thanks fred I've been shaving up to how it works with a week of growth.
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  12. jaro

    jaro Well-Known Member

    Is the stl available for this razor ????
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  13. twhite

    twhite Peeping Tom

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  14. jaro

    jaro Well-Known Member

    Thank you but I was meaning the one for the wabbit you guys were talking about.. I printed one of the tnnser razors already but I haven't been able to try it yet as I can't find the nut or bolt and when I looked at 3d printing a nut and bolt I couldn't find the file for them either...
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  15. twhite

    twhite Peeping Tom

    No not yet. That is the purpose of this pass around. To see if it is good enough to be be put out there to be printed. I don’t want to put a bad razor out.

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  16. jaro

    jaro Well-Known Member

    Ah ..ok I guess I will just have to wait until you release it then since I just saw it and didn't sign up to try it.. Thanks and please let me know when you do because I will definitely print one..
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  17. jaro

    jaro Well-Known Member

    Do you know where I could find an stl file for the nut and bolt for the tnnser so I can at least try the print of the razor I made until I can find a SS nut and bolt somewhere?
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  18. twhite

    twhite Peeping Tom

    If you live in the US. I can send them to you.
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  19. BBS

    BBS Well-Known Member

    I think the original used metric threads but you should be able to get a countersunk head machine screw in the closest SAE thread size and nut which should be easy to acquire. If you can't get it in the same length then cut down a longer screw instrad. You could also size up the thread and get the same metric screw from McMaster Carr but you will be buying them in packs of 50 or 100 if you do.
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  20. twhite

    twhite Peeping Tom

    @BBS I did purchase the metric sizes from McMaster so I have plenty. I could not find the half size nuts or also known as jam nuts in standard.
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