The "what is" and " how to" thread for the Rolls Razor

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by gregindallas, Mar 10, 2011.

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    Yes. Forgot to mention that! I was going to see what I could get from am ebay seller, save on shipping to the US. I saw there weren't any sellers of the size we needed when you originally posted, but there appears to be some sellers of the 05mm sheets now. Was going to attempt when I get a "to work on" Rolls.
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    This just occurred to me: has anyone made a template yet we could download so we have the exact size to cut out for the friction pad? If not, I’ll see what I can do after I am all set up in the attempt.
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    Just got one of the Populars I bought. I put up some comparison photos in a different thread. Thought it might be easier for people to find if they want to look at differences between the common Rolls and the pre-Imperials. The thread with pics is here.
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    I'm still here..
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    So pleased to hear from you and to see you are still around. I want to thank you for starting something that sent me on a roller coaster of collecting!!!

    I now have my second Popular, a Deluxe set, a 3 blade kit, a 4, and of course the usual ones that are out there! Glad you are still here. If you have any new nuggets of wisdom to share after all this time, I’m sure we would love to hear it.
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    AH HA!! I have finally figured the American equivalent name for "red vulcanized fibre!" It is called "fish paper" here. Who knew?
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    Is this a photo of the stainless steel Model 3 Imperial? Did this model come with the Model 1 handle (extendable)? I have found a very similar one for sale in this case with spare for an extra blade with paperwork stating its the stainless Model 3 with the same handle and want to know if it's likely got the bits it would originally have come with, or if it's been mixed up later in life. I can see some cases say "Stainless Steel Metal" or "Stainless Steel Case" but the one up for sale just has the logo in its ornate font.

    Any help would be appreciated! I've just finished professionally honing an Imperial Model 2's blades after seeing one for sale and am certifiably hooked..! I wish I came across this forum before, as this thread is absolutely fascinating. I can never get over how cheap the Rolls' can be considering their history, and yet how little information there is out there - this is by far the largest resource I've come across, so thank you!

    I'm in Staffordshire, UK for those nearby..!
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    Looks Like an Imperial 3 Model..Some Handles Extended to Come Apart..The Ones I have Seen Anyway..My Handle is Alloy..The Later Handles were Better..Here is a Few Threads on Em..They are Great Shavers..:)
    And a Thread I Wrote Years Ago..;)

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    Just got my Rolls Razor a few minutes ago. Lubed up the strop, and tried it on my cheek I had a few days of growth because I cut my thumb open. I'm in love with this razor. Dfs on my cheek first pass. This is my new daily driver for sure.
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    I came across this 1951 dated (assuming that it's the original blade) Imperial in the usual blue case, the razor is in reasonable condition, but he case is a bit battered, nothing unusual, until you look at the serial number.
    The razor doesn't have the usual embossed number on the frame, instead, it has a hand engraved / etched number 'K2253' on the frame, this number is also written in black ink inside the bottom of the case, this is something peculiar as the serial number formal doesn't follow the usual Rolls format such as 'A182971' or'CS273147', also, the stropping handle is stamped 'SR' on the side of the handle frame, other than that, the razor is the standard nickel plated brass construction.
    Has anyone else seen evidence of this odd serial numbering? I wonder if this was some type of prototype / development model?

    20210501_125110.jpg 20210501_125118.jpg 20210501_124833.jpg

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    I'll refresh the topic.

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    Here's a couple of pictures of a complete 'De Luxe "G" Model' set I've recently picked up
    20220619_111211~2.jpg De Luxe G Model.jpg

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    Nice. I recently made a video of my Rolls shave. A very satisfying shave.

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    Hello. While I finished work and went to make a purchase, you bought it. :) Congratulations
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