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    Just wanted to pass along 3 items I am very pleasantly surprised that I recently purchased. And please pass along things you fell the same.

    Dapper Dragon Scale polish- Plenty of scents and it has a nice cool feeling for a long time. Plus they sale samples on there ESTY sight for 2 bucks and it last a longs time. also 3.66 shipping.

    Oleo polar after shave-Wow what a menthol punch!! And if you are into menthol like I am you must try it. 11 bucks a bottle and if you go West coast shaving free shipping!!

    Ghost town barber after shave- OMG it has the most unique smell and I love it.

    Just something different to talk about. I love to hear other suggestions of finds. And yes I am on a 25 buck a month budget (strongly suggest a monthly budget) that is why I look for good prices.
    Take care all.
    GO BUCKS!!!
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