Things BigD has Learned in the Past Ten Months

Discussion in 'Shave School' started by BigD, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. BigD

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    Things I’ve learned in the past ten months about this little hobby.
    • Prep is key
      • You need to get the whiskers and face clean and ready to run a razor over it
    • Lather building needs to be on game
      • Each soap or cream is created to take a certain amount of water to soap
      • Each soap or cream has a different time it takes to build a great lather
      • Each soap or cream will always benefit from bowl lathering for the best water to soap ratio control
      • You only really need Modern Williams
    • A razor is a razor
      • As long as the razor is not defective and will hold a blade it will shave
    • A blade is a blade
      • As long as the blade is not defective it will cut whiskers
    • Efficiency is subjective
      • There’s always a way to get the razor and the blade to work on your whiskers
      • The feel can “bite” one man, but be “blade feel” for another
    • Nothing wrong with the term Aggressive
      • Aggression is a term of endearment
      • Vendors should not shy away from their products being called aggressive
    • Number of passes means nothing
      • Some days you need a three pass
      • Some days you need only two
      • Some days you can get away with one
    • Always use an Alum Block
      • Never know if you need it or not until you run it over your face
      • Will kill the germs left over on your face if your water supply is iffy
    • Aftershave Splashes First
    • Aftershave Balms always after the Splashes
      • Nothing wrong with white cream on your face to keep it healthy
      • Aftershave is not just for immediately after the shave
      • Applying Aftershave Splashes and Balms throughout the day helps keep the face feeling good
    • Great Aftershaves and Colognes don’t cost that much
      • The stuff that costs is all about the name brand
      • The stuff that costs will usually get you the waiter’s number on your receipt instead of the girl’s
      • If the above is what you want, by all means, have at it. More dudes for you.
      • Most people who claim they have allergies to fragrances are lying
      • Most people who do have allergies to fragrances don’t know it and just blow their nose
      • The few people who do have allergies to fragrances and know it will work with you and not be jerks
    • Body Powder is a lost art that needs to make a come back
    • Everyone in this community wants the best for everyone
    • This list will be picked apart
  2. John Beeman

    John Beeman Little chicken in hot water

    I like the last two lines.

    ...not to pick your list apart, but I do have to say that I can't agree with "you only really need Modern Williams" ;)

    and the line about people who claim to have allergies to fragrances is quite possibly true. It's like smoking; when everybody did it, no one had a problem with it.
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  3. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
    IMO, if you have learned to get a great shave and enjoy the process (which you clearly have), that should have been #1. Everything afterwards is personal.
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  4. BigD

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  5. johnnyflake

    johnnyflake Well-Known Member

    Everyone is different, to some degree. The only thing that really matters, is what works best for you!
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  6. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    Great list of accomplishments! So I'm guessing you won't be switching to electrics any time soon?

    Not sure if face lathering is an Advanced Technique, but I agree about the bowl. Much easier for me to get it right every time when I have it in a container instead of dripping down my neck. As to "need", many have made their peace with Williams. ARKO is a similar product in that it works but not everyone loves it.
    With proper technique a bloody aggressive razor is an efficient razor. I like blade feel from my DE blade holders. No argument against mild, just that they tend to have a smaller window of effective angle.
  7. BigD

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  8. Ksblazer

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    Some good honest info here

    Wish I would have been able to read your original post. Before I started wet shaving 6 1/2 years ago.
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  9. Technium

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    LOL. What a great closing line!
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  10. Chuck Naill

    Chuck Naill Well-Known Member

    I've shaved for half a century, but only thought about a good shave since the Winter of 2018 when I got into vintage shaving chasing a Schick Krona on eBay to re-experience using my grandfather's razor as a first shaver. The most important thing I've learned is beard mapping and shaving with, against, and diagonal strokes as required by the growth direction.

    I've gone from various DE, SE, shavette, and straight razors in that progression. For me, shaving in the moment, a light touch, and slick later is all I need. I usually finish with Sea Breeze and apply Aqua Velva later.
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