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Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by Mama Bear, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. Mama Bear

    Mama Bear New Member

    This one is really throwing me for a loop..

    I started A Smile a Day thread in jokes.. there have been a total of 3 posters, myself, Dragon Boy and PalmettoB.

    Sometimes I go look there and all 3 posts are there... Sometimes it is just mine and PalmettoB's and yet another time I will go there and it will be only mine and Dragon Boys posts that are there....

    This is downright weird.. Combined with the fact that Jo lost all of her posts, I am really wondering if something is wrong. :eek:
  2. Baron

    Baron New Member

    I'd just check with Bobby... if he's changing stuff in the admin section or on the database server it can have an affect on what goes on out here...

    It's probably not a big deal or something that will keep happening, mostly just a setup thing
  3. sparky5693

    sparky5693 Administrator Staff Member

    Baron is exactly right. It's a side affect of us opening early. Unfortunately it may continue until we smooth out. We've been making pretty drastic changes for a live board. To help with this problem, i'm disabling my local server, we will not just be running from the ones at our host. It will have to be chalked up as growing pains.
  4. SSLSTudio...

    SSLSTudio... Forum Debugger

    So You think it would be a bad idea to get half of the people of all the other shave boards come over here in one go ?

    Just say so and ill grab them all by the ears.........:eek:

    Impressive work , I think its awesome another shave forum def. need that around more people need to be converted to the better ways of shaving then just the best a man can get I dont care by which forum it gets done just as it gets done ! so the more forums on DE/Straight shaving the better . will also mean less bandwidth /server stress on the others.
    Will also mean if one of the other forums is doing their maintenance you can still get your kicks from the other forum(s).

    we can only go up from here...........
  5. sparky5693

    sparky5693 Administrator Staff Member

    Nice to see you rene.

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