Traveling in Paris, Germany... where do I go?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by peacefrog, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. peacefrog

    peacefrog Jet Setter

    I posted this over at B&B, but it looks like you're hanging here at the moment. Since Joe knows what shaving swag is available in every country on the globe, I've been asking him for shopping lists lately when I travel. So I'm leaving tomorrow for a weekend in Paris (taking my wife for the weekend), a day in Bremen, Germany, then a few more days in various parts of France. What should I shop for in those countries
  2. TraderJoe

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    In Paris, You'll want to stop by "Planete Rasoir"




    You should be able to do enough damage in there for you wife to throw you off the Eiffel Tower.

    But if not, while in Germany, I'd be looking for hard to find Speick products...which are a personal favorite of mine. Not to mention, the stuff they have been shipping to the USA of late is a let down. I picked up a new bottle of EDC a short while ago, and they have taken out the Lavendula Augstafoila. It just isn't the same now.

    If you don't have Erasmic Shave cream, you'll want to source some of that as well :happy088

    Hopefully Lyrt will chime in here as well :)
  3. peacefrog

    peacefrog Jet Setter

    Thanks Joe. How you always know this stuff is beyond me. And BTW, I have some Erasmic soap. My secret santa sent me some. ;)
  4. TraderJoe

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    The cream, my friend, is a whole other beast. Make sure to get some....its cheap over there too (plus you won't have to pay shipping) :)
  5. peacefrog

    peacefrog Jet Setter

    And here I am. It's quite an interesting shop. I'll post more about it later along with a few more pictures, but I'm brain dead at the moment. We flew overnight (couldn't sleep on the plane), landed at 6:30 am, and spent the entire day walking around Paris.

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  6. TraderJoe

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    Bob! Excellent pic buddy :D

    Enjoy! :happy088:
  7. Baron

    Baron New Member

    Very nice!

    I gotta go there next time
  8. berzerkeleyan

    berzerkeleyan New Member

    Way to think of us on your trip, Bob! :happy088
  9. Lynchmeister

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    You're just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Merz, right? That is a bummer that certain Speick products are going downhill. I have to go check my bottle of EDC to see what's what. Come to think of it, I would no the difference between the two because I have only ever had the one bottle.

    Ok, just looked at the ingredients and mine must be a newer formulation.
  10. TraderJoe

    TraderJoe Pink Floid

    Yep - that's where I get it from. The first bottle I got, which had probably been sitting there for years, had the lavender in it. New bottle bought recently does not. Just doesn't smell the same. Good, but not AS good :(

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